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Halo: Reunion from Destruction Part 1 of 5
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 10 February 2003, 2:14 am

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Location: Forerunner Research Monitoring Station 205
Year: 2552

The eerily lit station hung in space, only visible by the glow of its inner workings. No stars, or planets were visible anywhere. Small hues of light were barely seen in certain areas, casting the only reminder to the occupants, that they were still existent.
Within the station, humanoid creatures, known only as "The Forerunners" continued to monitor their assigned area of space, which contained five galaxies, each with their own 8 Rings. To them, it was a dreary life, trillions of light years from their own galaxy, their families. But they knew that what they were doing, was not only keeping an eye on 40 large rings, but on the fate of the Universe.
Each of the 20 inhabitants was lectured uncountable times on the importance of their job. If any of the Rings were to become unstable, it would be up to them to secure the situation, and order the activation of the Rings, killing countless civilizations in the process.
For one of the occupants, known only as Captain Kan, the morality of that killing was pulled to the back of his mind, hidden and forgotten. He had become almost an automaton, giving repetitive orders, sleeping, and eating. His mind had been hollowed by the hundreds of years of work. He knew only of his service to the empire, to the research... to the victory to come.

"Uh, Captain..." Said the comm. officer. Kan didn't care about knowing his name.
"Yes, yes, what is it this time, another glitch in the system?" He asked with a fatigued frown.

The comm. officer only shook his head and tapped a few panels, bringing down a large view screen in front of Kan's head. "No sir, a message from 343 Guilty Spark. He's the Research Monitor of Instillation 06 of Galaxy one."

Kan rose from his raised seat, which was alone atop a small raised platform in the center of the circular bridge, with his minions working below. "Put him on!" He said sternly.
The view screen activated, fuzzy at first, but then became clearer, showing the small blue dot of 343, surrounded only by space. Shards of metal were missing from the small robot, who seemed in fatigue himself.
"343 Guilty Spark, why are you not at your post!?!" He yelled to the Monitor.
He did not say anything, but only turned the view towards the left, showing Threshold in the back-round, while in front, small pieces of a full circle drifted in all directions. While glowing plasma streamed from the center of the broken Ring. "I regret to inform that there's been, a problem." He said in his usual British accent. His voice also carried the stress he had been under, crackling and sparking as he spoke.
Kan referred back into the day before, "343, the order to cleanse Galaxy one had been given 36 hours ago, it should have fired by now. How was it destroyed!?! Do you realize the Flood can now spread! The other rings cannot fire if your Instillation is not in sync, which I'm guessing it's not, seeing as it's destroyed!" He yelled, spitting at the screen throughout. "It says here," He said, pointing at a panel, "... that the leak did in fact come FROM your ring."

His mind was racing with the possibilities. Could the "project" have survived the seemingly impossible destruction of the Ring. Ring 6-1 was a key facility, doing the most important of test on the "project" in which he dare not speak.
"Sir," 343 said, "...if I may explain. The destruction of the Ring was not of my doing. The Reclaimer you had sent to the Ring had become rogue, helping an Alien AI in destroying it. I would have stopped the construct, but it had taken the index. The AI hid in the Reclaimer with the index and escaped. Apparently the AI's home ship had crash-landed on the Ring. With the help of the Reclaimer they had overloaded the engines, and that's what destroyed the Instillation."
Kan took a moment to let it all sink in. He sighed to himself and sat back down, trying to think of a course of action to follow.
"343, if you're able, your orders are to follow the rogue reclaimer's vessel. Try and find out where this Alien species came from." He said.
"Actually sir," 343 said happily, "... I already have the required knowledge. Before the Ring was destroyed, I downloaded their entire library! I'm sending the information on the "Human" race now.

Ah I am a genius..."