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Assassination Attempt
Posted By: fezgod<ahmjolnir@yahoo.com>
Date: 25 August 2008, 10:59 pm

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From: Veras Combinee, Field Master
To: Admiral Xytan Wattinree, Commander of the Fleet of Victorious Descent
I have heard of your coming promotion and I am very proud of you. Your ascent to Imperial Admiral is a sure sign of the rise of our race. But be careful. In recent years politics are the new battleground. I fear that your promotion may upset the Jiralhanae leadership and your opponents on the Council. It's a shame that our Covenant has fallen this low, that we have let the politicians control us. But never mind that, it is amazing how far you've advanced in a few short years. You are a living testimony to the glory of the Sanghelli race.
Glory to our Forefathers and our Sanghelli brothers!

Sanghelios-The Manor of the Wattinree family

Xytan's sharp eyes caught sight of the phantom sailing down to the landing pad. A small smile reached his face, after so many generations of shame; his family would have its honor back. His hands stroked the energy sword that hung from his side, he couldn't imagine the power that an Imperial Admiral would wield, the respect and auth-
"Excuse me, your Excellency," a harsh voice interrupted Xytan's thoughts, "Your transport has arrived."
Xytan began to step forward, but he noticed that all five of the Sanghelli which had left the phantom were heavily armed. The Sanghelli opened fire; Xytan leaped out of the way, his shields absorbing the shots.
"Find him and kill him!" a large Sanghelli in jet-black armor snarled, "Bring me his head!"
Xytan's blade flashed to life, he leaped up and decapitated one of his attackers. His hand reached out and grabbed a plasma grenade and he hurled it and his aggressors. The grenade fused to the chest of another Sanghelli before exploding. The remaining assassins scattered, two of them fled completely, but the one in jet-black armor snarled and charged at Xytan. Xytan swung his blade at his foe, only to discover that the other had his own sword ready. Both blades clashed, showering sparks all over the two combatants. Xytan leaped back, he knew he was at a serious disadvantage. The Admiral had been an experienced sword-master, but after so many years of ship combat, his skills with the blade had become rusty. The assassin, on the other hand, was younger and was well-trained. Both fighters roared and continued their lethal dance.

High above the landing pad, a second phantom approached. Veras Combinee looked at the view screen, the Field Master was proud that he, of all the other warriors of the Sanghelli, he was chosen to escort Xytan Wattinree to High Charity.
"By the prophets, look!" The pilot jabbed his finger at the corner of the view screen. Two miniscule figures were fighting; one of them was obviously Xytan, but the other…
"Fire a single shot," Veras ordered, "Take care that the Admiral is not wounded."

A massive bolt of plasma flared from the sky, Xytan's shields took the brunt of the plasma, but his opponent howled in pain. Gasping for breath, Xytan leaned against a nearby column, barely registering the fact that friendly forces had arrived.
"Your Excellency, are you unharmed?"
Xytan glanced up, "Yes, but my opponent isn't," he gestured towards the burned and unconscious assassin. "Send a beacon to High Charity; inform them that I have been assassinated."
Veras Combinee shook his head, "Why?"
Xytan turned to his old friend, "I do not if the Council can be trusted, and I've always had enemies in their ranks. Send word to The Final Journey, we'll meet them on the moon of Suban." Xytan looked at his defeated foe, "Also, tell them I'll be bringing a guest onboard."

High Charity-The Office of The Minister of Elevation

"Truth has pulled his protection from me, and your assassins failed." The Minister leaned forward, "how do you expect do kill Xytan now?"
The Sanghelli assassin smiled, "Everything is going the way I planned. One of the assassins was taken alive. I have a beacon on Xytan's location. I will depart at once."
The Minister scowled, "But Xytan has a fleet under his control and-"
"Xytan has only one ship, The Final Journey." The assassin's voice dropped, now it seemed as if he was talking more to himself, "My revenge is nearly complete. I will release my hatred upon him, and take back what was mine." The sanghelli stood up, "Xytan is walking into a trap, his fate will be worse then death."