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Service Records
Posted By: fezgod<ahmjolnir@yahoo.com>
Date: 18 August 2008, 4:39 pm

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From: The Minister of Elevation, Head of the Council of Masters
To: Admiral Xytan Wattinree, Commander of the Fleet of Victorious Descent
Congratulations on your victory against the Human forces. As a result of your many years of service, coupled with your impeccable service record, The Council of Masters has seen fit to promote you. While this promotion has not gone through all of the official channels, be assured this promotion will come soon. For now, consider yourself the proud Commander of one of the most largest fleets in all of the Covenant, the Combined Fleet of Righteous Purpose. Once again, I congratulate you on your victory against the Humans.
Glory to our Forefathers!

High Charity-The Prophets' Inner Sanctum

"He is too dangerous," The Minister of Elevation spoke quickly and quietly to the Prophet of Truth, "We must get rid of him."
Truth leaned forward, "Why?" he asked, "Admiral Xytan Wattinree is a living symbol to the military strength of our Covenant. He is much loved by the entire Sanghelli and most of the lesser species."
"That's exactly why he's a threat! He is revered, more so than the Prophets. He may encourage the Sanghelli to revolt against us. His military records are impeccable, but his loyalty..." The Minister's voice trailed away.
"I'm aware he was opposed to the war from the start. And I'm also aware he was close friends to the my predecessors in the High Council. But how do you intend to 'get rid of him'?"
"It's simple. An assassination, a rival, jealous of this 'Admiral' will send assassins to kill him. I'm sure the jiralhanae will be more than happy to..."
"NO!" Truth interrupted, "That would ruin everything. There can be no bad blood between the Sanghelli and the Jiralhanae. I give you the authority to kill Xytan, but use other sanghelli."
Truth turned his away from the Minister, "And do not forget that, if you fail. There is no way this can be connected to any of us."
The Minister bowed his head, "I understand, your holiness."

Unknown System (Part of the Human Outer Colonies)-3 years earlier

"Shipmaster, we have received extensive damage to our shields, the humans are closing in!"
For the first time in his life, Shipmaster Xytan Wattinree felt a cold chill run down his spine. He had been part of a small battle group from the Fleet of Victorious Descent. Two destroyers had been escorting his Frigate, The Final Journey, into Covenant space. The Final Journey had taken damage to its Slipspace engines and its two escorts did not have the equipment to repair it. When the small battle group was nearing the main fleet, it had been ambushed by no less than 12 human vessels. After a brief battle, his two destroyers and around 7 of the human vessels were destroyed.
Xytan glanced at the view screen, weighing his options. There were very little.
"Fire our plasma cannons at the ships on the far right and left of the human fleet."
The Gunner frowned, "Shouldn't we concentrate on the main bulk of our foe's fleet?"
"Don't worry we will." The plasma cannons fired, destroying the 2 ships on the far ends of the wide-spread human fleet. The humans retaliated, firing small missiles and massive depleted-uranium shells. The shells missed, but one of them grazed the shields of The Final Journey, destroying them.
"Damn primates!" The Maintenance officer looked up from his console, "Shields are gone, human missiles have breached holes in sections 6-1 and C-9."
Xytan barely heard the damage reports, his plan had worked. The Human fleet was now bunched up in a tight circle. "Open fire, all batteries."
The plasma burned through 2 of the human ships, pieces of molten metal burned through the hull of the final ship, destroying it. The 2 crippled ships shuddered and stopped, dead in space.
Xytan nodded towards the Communications officer, "Send a message to the fleet, tell them we need urgent repairs."
"What of the humans?"
Xytan glanced at the burned hulks of the dead and crippled human ships. "Leave them, they are no threat to us."

High Charity

"So will you take the job?"
The sanghelli looked at the Minister, "Of course, providing of course, you keep your end of the bargain. I've been waiting for this day for 2 years."
The Minister nodded, "You want Xytan dead, for personal reasons, correct?"
The sanghelli looked up, meeting the Minister's eyes for the first time. The Minister noted immediately the scars that covered the assassin's face, scars which appeared to have come from an energy blade.
"Personal reasons? You have no idea..."