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Tribunal By Fire: Prologue: The Beginning of the Inter-Dimension Alliance
Posted By: (ENS) Rabid(The Shizzle)Gallagher<rabid_masterchief@hotmail.com>
Date: 11 April 2005, 2:32 PM

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AN: I know about not using ANs, but I have to dedicate this fanfic to a few people. One, to the people of HBOFF who listened to me and actually responded when noone would. Two, to te deceased pope Karl Yomeizeh(forgive my spelling) or by his pope name John Paul II. He, like in this fanfic, united people by different ethicncys, different religion. This is dedicated mostly to him. Thank you.

      "I don't approve of missions along the parameters of this one." Teal'c quietly said to O'Neill. O'Neill gave him a half sigh, half smile. Actually, he really didn't care what Teal'c thought, just what he would do later. But then again, he's always held a soft spot after a close death to him, but then again it also made him stronger. He was always strong, always willing, always full of life.
      "So, Jack, we're ready?" Asked the young scientist, Daniel Jackson, as he packed up his bag. O'Neill almost chuckled in his head, Daniel always calling him Jack. But, Jack thought, he is a civilian. And civilians get some special rights. Daniel picked up his M4-A1 off the ground, then inserted a new clip by pressing a button on the side of the gun, the clip in the M-4A1 fell to the ground. He cocked a small lever on the side back, then he clicked the safety on. He smiled at the two.
      "Okay, Daniel, stop showing off. Okay, let's go." O'Neill said as he looked over to the window, where he could easily see Carter giving O'Neill a thumbs up. O'Neill replied with the same thumbs-up, then the Stargate powered up. The chevrons turned and locked, and after a minute, it was powered up. The blue-ish color of the Stargate's portal was oddly peaceful, but that was usually interrupted by energy blasts.
      O'Neill walked forward, his own M8 at his side as he walked forward into the blue liquid, he saw the wormhole as he walked forward, not stopping, and when he reached the other side, he ducked under plasma fire.

Tribunal By Fire: Prologue: The Beginning of the Inter-Dimension Alliance
A new fan fiction series by (ENS) Rabid_Gallagher

New Atratus
Atratus IV system
Outer Colonies
Border on Human/Covenant space.
$#% ERROR: DATA CORRUPTED%#$... lightyears away from Earth

      Lieutenant Colonel William Feathertop was a young officer, but that was mainly because his father was on the Joint Chiefs. By his standard, he should still be a Major in his mind, but his dad would rather have him be higher up than he should be at. Still, it was only a couple of ranks up, and General Hank Feathertop would want to serve alongside his son than give orders to a man to give orders to his son.
      On Atratus, the battle was going well. So far, he's been meeting light resistance from the Covenant, and his armor divisions have been rolling through the area he was located in. William's father, General Hank Feathertop, was commander of the 145th Fighter Squadron, a large squadron with a mix of Longsword bombers and Type-IV SkyHammer attack fighters(The true number designation for the Skyhammers was "F-45"), was also on the planet.
      But Lieutenant Colonel William Feathertop was actually a commander of the highly honored 3rd Army, a large force consisting of Scorpion Battle Tanks and HAR-12s, a large military artillery cannon. He also commanded a large number of troops, both battle-harden and ready to sacrifice their life for their fellow soldier.
      He was in the high observation Pelican, also known by the troops as "Echo Five", above the battlefield. He was watching one of the video screens as it showed him his troops engaging the last remnants of the Covenant troops in this area. If he can take this planet, he would be known as the man who saved the outer colonies.
      "Sir, Six Two did a light recon run through the lightly defended Covenant flank. Apparently there is a Covenant artifact there that they want, and apparently humans exited from it." Said one of the technicians working on a computer station. William looked at the man, then he thought for a second.
      "Okay...send a small group of Scorpions down there. If they can, save the men there. If not, well we can blast that to hell and score another one to the human race! Huha!" He yelled. The men inside let out a whoop with him, the 3rd Army's pride cheer.
      The Pelican went into a lower altitude, firing it's small machine gun on the bottom of the nose of the aircraft. It took a tight turn and continued forward, avoiding Covenant plasma fire and plasma anti-air batteries. It then made a strafing run onto the area near the Covenant artifact, a large half-ring that connected into the ground. Three men were hiding behind a piece of cover as the Pelican's computer made firing adjustments and fired onto the Covenant side. Suddenly, plasma hit the cockpit's plexiglass, melting points of it and hitting the pilot and co-pilot.
      The Pelican seemed to glide before it smashed into the ground around the Covenant artifact. Dust picked up everywhere as it slid on the ground, turning and hitting the Covenant artifact, the tail smacked into the Gate-equse structure, breaking the tail but doing no damage to the thing. The techs went on the floor, then they immediately got up and armed themselves. They knew they crashed into enemy territory, but their first priority was to secure the other humans. That's how his Army worked, for William's at least. His motto was to save your man, or give him comfort.
      They opened the door, and lucky they did too or else they would of missed the show. Five F-45s, in the Flying Wing formation, came in low and dropped bombs onto the Covenant side, almost completely wiping them out. The humans, including William Feathertop, ran out of the Pelican and jumped over the Covenant trench. Now, here's why the 3rd Army is so good. The Covenant were better trained, better prepared, and were better armed, but the 3rd Army was not like other Marine divisions. They would rush when the Covenant were retreating. They would fire onto the enemy until they would die or the human shooting would die. That's the life of the 3rd Army, the army William changed.
      The sonic boom heard was the F-45s gaining speed as they turned, heading back to base. The techs and William rushed into the trenches, firing their automatic MA5Bs and SMGs onto the remaining Covenant. Two Jackals fell to the bullets that were un-expected by the techs. William yelled out a victory cry, then he fired his SMG, killing any Covenant that got into their way....

      "Okay....what the hell just happened, Daniel?" O'Neill asked as he leaned against a log. Daniel gave this look of question while Teal'c looked like he was pondering something. O'Neill scratched his head as he made a statement.
      "Okay. Lemme explain it through my eyes. We landed on a hostile world where weird aliens with weird weapons were shooting at us, then some future human transport crashes right there. What the hell happened?"
      "Maybe we're in the future..." Daniel suggested.
      "Right, right. A solar flare wouldn't be able to send us maybe this far into the future, Daniel!"
      "Not quite. Maybe this planet was having a solar flare also."
      O'Neill stayed silent for a little bit, his facial expression gave out that he was thinking. Daniel was arming his weapon, just in case that more of those....things wasn't the correct term, but he knew it would go.
      "Glad to see you guys made it." A voice said. O'Neill and Daniel turned around, Teal'c just turned his head.
      "Well you better explain....oh...you're not 3rd Army....I am Lieutenant Colonel William Feathertop, commander of the 3rd Army."
      "What year is it?" O'Neill asked.
      "Soldier, it's 2558. Everyone damn Marine knows that, and you better explain."
      "You're Lieutenant Colonel? I'm Colonel O'Neill."
      "Colo....co....The Colonel O'Neill?"
      "Yea. We came here through this Stargate."
      William had a look of dread on his face. O' Neill really didn't know what to make of it, but he just went along with it. Daniel, though, was confused.
      "How do you know him? According to the time-line, he's long dead." Daniel asked.
      "You guys need to stay here. You took out the Gou'ld in the year 2006 after a long war. Trust me, you have to stay here."
      "Why? You just said we needed to stop the Gou'ld after a long..."
      "Oh...you need to be filled in. We're fighting a Alien menace. Covenant. They can be referred as 'Holy Fuckers' or 'God's Shit Piles'. Now we need allies, and the Gould might be one..."
      "More aliens? What about the Azgarth?"
      "We don't know. We only recently heard of your exploits after when Colonel Ackerson took over that mountain base. Still, it's pretty impressive to hear about you. Of course, we need your help."
      "You can stop the Covenant. We need you to secure some Naquqia for us."

Covenant Base Camp
New Atratus
Atratus IV system
Outer Colonies
Border Between Covenant and Humans

      Hades, the new High Marshall for the Covenant race, silently strode through the hallways of his base, the purple color of it seemed to calm him down once in a while. Unlike the majority of his race, the Brutes, his attitude was somewhat of a nice demeanor, but it can be worse than the major of his race when he is angry.
      "Hades, the humans are advancing towards the rear of the front. They're about to break through the perimeter in a few minutes. We have to evacuate, else we will be overrun!" Yelled a Brute as it walked up to the commander. Hades himself as he stood still and thought.
      "Have the Temperance's Flare begin to evacuate the planet with the remaining Covenant. As for the humans...We're gonna have to have the Honor Vigilance destroy the human capital ship."
      "Sir, the Honor Vigilance was destroyed by a unknown ship. It exited through a odd wormhole. But the Temperance's Flare is planet side and wasn't destroyed when the human ship entered the exosphere of the planet."
      "Good....I am afraid that we are going to have to enter Slipspace in orbit...."
      "Sir! That is against the Prophet of Honor's rule! You will be breaking..."
      "What Code? The Code that was made by the Elites? Honor is a Elite supporter, and he will be killed once he can be found."
      The other Brute growled and was scratching the floor, apparently angry. Hades took a blade from a pouch in his fur and stabbed it in the Brute's head. The other Brute fell onto the floor, purple blood oozing onto the floor.
      "You two! Clean this mess up, then report to the Temperance's Flare. Tell the Prophet of Temperance that I sent you."
      Two Jackals nodded, then in a blood-rage ran up to the fallen Brute and began to feast upon his corpse. Hades made a low chuckle as he continued down the hallway and out into the grounds around the base. He walked over to a Spectre and jumped into the left side seat, while two other Brutes bearing the mark of a elite warrior, a Star with a Sword in the middle of it, got in as well. The Spectre took off the ground and hovered, then it moved onto a country road as it zoomed off, hoping to make it to safety as it did....