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A Series of Poems: Death
Posted By: (ENS) Rabid_Gallagher<rabid_masterchief@hotmail.com>
Date: 27 November 2004, 9:30 AM

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Death. . the eversweet sorrow
The call that beckons the old and young
It waits and waits, circling you like a vulture
Until your life slips from your grasp

Plasma explodes everywhere around you
Death has thrown his card
He waits and waits for you to die
But Death shall not come tonight

You flee from the battle, afraid for your life
He follows you, waiting for your imminent death
The Grim Reaper takes the shape of an Elite
His scythe is now a Plasma Sword

You slip into Death's world
He greets you with open arms
But then you realize that Death can be beat
And fight to go back

The Elite swings his sword, it apparent that it cut you
You stand tall, the blade went through
You take the Sword from the surprised Elite's hand
And push it into his stomach, the blood oh sweet nectar

A green warrior stands over the horizon
His BR55 in one hand, Shotgun in other
He runs towards you, firing his weapons.
He takes the shape of Michael, the glorious Archangel

The angel rushes into the pack of Covenant
Guns blazing, Elites dying
He stands in the middle of the pack
His hands a bloody crimson

"Run!" He yells, trying to fall back
You run, scared and afraid
He stands in the middle, waving his finger
He would kill many today

You run faster and faster
God have taken his mercy upon you
You look back, to see if Michael made it
Nothing was behind him, only Death

The Covenant look up, hearing a large noise
Wings fluttering was the sound of Death
The Archangels flew towards Earth
The Humans have found a ally. . .

The Covenant scream in pain and agony
The Angels showed no mercy
The Covenant were taken back by the ferocity of the attacks
The Angels showed no mercy

A squad of Elites cowered in fear
The Angels ran into them, killing them
You run, afraid that you might die in the battle
You stop, then run back

You stand in the middle of the battlefield, with open arms
Death has come for you
You scream, getting the Covenant's attention
Death has taken you

You stand at the Gates To God's Kingdom
He lets you in
He hands you your wings and a sword
"Go back son. And Finish your fight!"

You fly back down
The Angels are winning
You stand tall, with Michael
You would kill many today. . .

(AN: The reference to Michael is from the New Testament, in the Book Of Revelations. If you haven't read it, Michael is the angel who commands God's Archangels, and defeats the dragon, who is following the woman. If you want to see the dragon, watch "Red Dragon", the movie with Hannibal Lecter. They shows the picture many times.)