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Battlestar Galactica: Halo: Prologue
Posted By: (ENS) Rabid_Gallagher&DF-Pliskin<rabid_masterchief@hotmail.com>
Date: 16 November 2004, 6:21 PM

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By (ENS) Rabid_Gallagher and DF-Pliskin
The Covenant vessel moved through space like a hawk in the air, impassively and with grace. The destroyer made no sound, the dampers working perfectly. It flew across the moon of Titan, the Covenant already attacking Earth. The captain of the vessel already heard of the Hierarchs perfidy and he already ejected the Brutes and the Jackals into deep space, away from the ship.
They thought all of the Earth ships left and protecting the unproblematic world of Earth. That was all of the hope the Covenant in that vessel had left. Their weapon pods demolished, the plasma cannons disabled, and the engine exercising on 25% percent power. Their esprit de corps was low, but didn't go down because of the captain, Kuala Heriantba ' maa, a young but brilliant Elite tactician, bearing the elite Special Ops armor.
The ship aviated through space, trying to get to a repair ship in ambit nearby Earth. "Sir?" a Grunt radio detection and ranging man asked the captain. "Yes?" the Elite responded back, ectomorphic back in his chair. The Grunt quaffed, then retrospected back at the elite commander. "Uh...we found a ship...not human....not Covenant..." It gulped, pointing to the blip on the screen.
The elite frowned, not assured of the ship. He pressed a few buttons, and the view screen came up. It slowly ascended to the top, the plasma available for viewing. The stars were in their natural state, but not the huge ship that was in the far right of the screen....

Galactica halted it's engines, going from speed to nothing in a second. "Captain, what is that?" asked a young officer, staring at the Covenant destroyer. Adama sighed. "I read about the Earth Vessels, and they don't look like this...." He told the officer, massaging his head. He looked at the map of Earth from telemetry of space, and saw what was happening.
"Earth is in danger....but not from Cyclones....." he said to himself, misconstrued by the ship of the Covenant. He never witnessed or heard of the Covenant, since they were about two hundred thousand light-years away from the Covenant homeworld. He never thought of Earth being attacked by a race of extraterrestrial beings he never heard of.
"Apollo, Starbuck. Earth is being attack. Send all of the fighters to assist Earth's defensives, now!" he yelled into the intercom, hoping that Earth isn't designated yet.

"To finish this fight, sir." the Chief said, over the intercom. The admiral sighed with rilievo, then pointed to a ensign. "Don't engage it! The Chief's onboard!" he yelled, endeavoring to get the ensign's attention. The ensign, scantily, stopped the MAC gun from terminating that ship from destruction.
"Whew...." said the admiral, breathing a sigh of relief. He snaffled the intercom. "Chief, you must disabled the ship, de-brief me later." he ordered, the auditory sensation of falling debris around the Admiral was heard over the radio. He looked over at the radar-man.
"Anything new, Lieutenant?" he asked, marveling if anymore Covenant ships were on the way. The lieutenant's eyes darted, befuddled. "Uh...Yea, there is a ship. But's its not using standard UNSC responsive ICR signals, so it's either damaged, Covenant, or something. Whatever it is, I'm pretty ineluctable it ain't human...". The admiral frowned, not cognizing what to do. He began to restitute hope, thinking that Cairo station was gone and his military career cut short by a incursive Covenant fleet. He turned around, retrospecting at the ensigns around him. "May God help us." he said. Another ensign, an Indian, responded "May Allah help all of us."

"Man, I never thought Earth could be under attack.." said Apollo, flying his fighter. Blue Squadron flew in a V formation, consisting of six fighters. "Hush. Keep radio silence until we began our attack. Covenant vessels coming up in 5 parsecs." Starbuck said over the radio.
The Covenant Seraph fighters noticed the strange retrospecting fighters first, but didn't engaged. The squadron leader, Haroldai Chalumnae ' amee, scanned them while his fighters engaged the ships and Longsword bombers in orbit around Earth.
"YEEEEEHHAAAAWWW!" was heard on all frequencies, radio and deep-space communications. The young elite covered his ears, the sound virulently indelicate. He looked to the starboard side of his fighter, then he saw only blackness....

The Seraph fighter exploded in a ball of flame, the laser blast from Apollo's craft blew it out of space. The V formation broke off, the fighters moving in to defend the last few ships being bombarded by the Covenant ships in circumference of Earth's atmosphere.
Needless to say, the Covenant were take by surprise and stupor by the fierceness of the assaults and the firepower of the avant-garde human fighters. Truth quietly thought to himself about this new human scourge against the ambrosian Covenant.
Where did they come from? And these fighters. . .No. . .it can't be. The Forerunners were wiped out. This is just a small stria of new human ships. . . He thought, though his facial manifestation was unclutter to everyone on-board the Arc.
A Brute guard perambulated up to the Prophet of Truth. He prostrated in the standard tradition of the Covenant. The Prophet didn't observe the Brute, and let the Brute evoke up. "Truth, Tartarus is dead. So is the rest of the Brute High Guard, but that's not the worst thing." he began, un-sure to go further in his speech.
Truth strabismus his left eye, rheumatic about the news. He slammed the seat of his hover-chair and took out a chivalric Plasma Rifle and shot the Brute in the head, killing it. The Brute slowly slipped to the travail on his knees, then his head hit the ground, blood exuding from his deplumate head.
"Start the countdown, I want nothing to brook in the way of the Great Journey, not even that Arbiter, that maledict Arbiter. . ." he vociferated out loud, then got quiet in his articulates near the end. He looked out to the small plasma viewport, staring at the monolithic human vessel.
That will not stop the Great Journey. . .No, it shall not! Not even the demon can stop us now, the Halos are receding to fire, I know that for a fact. This human ship will not stop us. . .But. . .That might be the playing carte for the humans. . . They're contriving something, and it won't avail in the end. Not even the effectuating of the Flood on their macrocosm can halt the Great Journey. Let the Gods be heard!