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SPECTRE: Chapter 1: Donald Feathertop and The SEALS: Part two
Posted By: (ENS) Rabid_Gallagher<rabid_masterchief@hotmail.com>
Date: 27 February 2005, 10:15 PM

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SPECTRE: Chapter 1: Donald Feathertop and The SEALS: Part two

New Alexandria
Omega Otaria V System
25.3896739 Light-years away from Sol
2:04am, Pacific Time

      The Pelican slowly turned through the dark sky, the clouds enveloping the Pelican then spitting it out like chewing tobacco. It flew around, silent as the night yet majestic like a bird. Of course, it is only a piece of metal, and shouldn't be treated with poetic license, but it is a faithful bird, at least to the eyes of Wraith.
       Team Leader Dimitri Wolf rubbed his hand through his hair, but the rest of the team slept through the voyage, all except him and Jillybean. Jilly brushed off Ark Night off her shoulder and smacked his helmet, waking him up from his slumber. Wolf slightly smiled, then began to try to get his own little rest.
       MCC, the team's stealth expert, awoke himself as he shook his head. He checked his outfit as he realized he didn't lose anything, and he took off his helmet. Nick Kang, a extremely powerful close range expert, got up and walked to the cockpit of the Pelican.
      "Hey Wraith, how far are we to the ground site? I mean, something might of happened, and if Gallagher finds out his cousin was killed, he'll have to send a..."
      "I know, I know! Shut up! We're almost there, get everyone to pull their lines." Wraith replied to Nick's remark. Nick nodded, and walked to the cabin.
      "Alright! Wraith says we're close, but it seems he wants us to do a HALO jump. Alright, everyone attached?" grunts of confirmation was heard. "...Alright, get ready."
       A green light activated, and everyone got up. CCR's "Stuck In Lodi" played as the SPECTRES jumped out of the Pelican. Jilly was the last, her jump a little less than crap as she tripped at the last second and sent into a continuous roll out of the Pelican....

       She awoke on the grass, the night sky covering her position. She was moving, but it was like a hover over the grass, it just didn't seem right to her. She tried to move to her right, but couldn't. She looked down her body and noticed she was secured in by plasma cuffs on a hover-strecher. She looked to her right and left to noticed that she was being driven by two Elites, but they seemed like rebels from the their own caste. It seemed they sided with the Brutes, by the looks of their symbols on their armor.
      "Look Oana! The human female is awake! Elysian shall..." At this moment, Jilly didn't care what they were saying. She only concentrated on one thing, that name one of the Elites spoke. Elysian....Elysian....where have I.....Oh! Mission objective! Yeah.... Her mind blinked as she realized this must of been Kuala's work, or the Elites took orders from Elysian. Either way, she was coming closer to her target.
       She blacked out again, this time it seemed like forever....

       Wolf, BlasTech, MCC, and Caleb the Jackal were on light recon, their footsteps silent and their weapons deadly. Colonel Dimitri Wolf's blondish hair was let down into a light shag as he carried a Silenced BR55. Lieutenant Colonel BlasTech carried a Support Man's modified Shotgun. This shotgun was painted Woodland Camouflage and have a small scope, along with specially made 7.62 rounds for the Shotgun, turning it into a short Shotgun/Rifle.
       Air Force Lieutenant Colonel MCC served in the Air Force's Spec Ops program, and was dressed in a black jump-suit, reminiscent of Sam Fisher. He carried a BR55 himself, but it was not silenced. Instead, it had a longer barrel and he had it remove some of it's mechanical workings and replaced them with electronic components, turning it into a quiet gun of death without muzzle flash.
       Air Force Major Caleb the Jackal was carrying a MAC6, a variation of the MA57. It had a silencer, longer clip and a longer barrel. It was added a Bulldog 245643-00 Laser Scope, along with a M903 Grenade Launcher. Some of the SPECTRES called it a "Boom Rifle" while others just laughed at how many stuff was added to it.
       Suddenly, Wolf raised his arm in a fist, a sign for "Hold Position" while he got on his left knee, his weapon resting on his leg as Wolf checked his G.P.S. Device. He saw three red dots heading for his position. He made a couple of hand signals to Caleb; Caleb nodded and took aim with his MAC6.
       Two Grunts and a Jackal walked along a trail, their weapons kept at their side as they walked. Caleb smiled as he turned on the laser scope. A small red dot appeared on the Jackal's head, but he and the Grunts didn't noticed. Caleb pulled the trigger, a small splash of blood hit the Jackal's face. The Jackal flipped in the air and landed on it's stomach, dead. The bullet found his target.
       The Grunts panicked, running around in circles and running back the way they came. Two silenced shots later, and both were dead.
      "Come on, men. Let's go, we gotta find our SPECTRE teammates!"

       Jilly awoke, this time without cuffs and a cell. A old human one, it looked like. Bars and a small holder for the key. Jilly got up and placed her hands around the bars, then she violently shook them. A Elite guarding the cell walked up, opened it, and with his four finger hand, punched her in the face. Jilly collapsed on the floor, her energy drained. For the love of her life, she didn't know why.
       The Elite got on his knees and repeated to punch her in her stomach. "There are more worse ways I could do to you!" The Elite said in English as it walked out and closed the door, locking it and scuffling the key into one of it's armor pockets. Jilly laid on the floor, her mouth bloodly. She spat out and yelled "Next time, you alien bastard!"
      "Jilly? Commander Jillybean, is that you?" Said a voice. Jilly winced at the voice, she knew who it exactly belonged to. She thought for a second. No....it can't be him....no, no, no! She yelled in her head. The voice belonged to Colonel William Tanner, a member of 4th Marine Recon. He had one special quality with Jilly, though. He was her husband!

       Donald Feathertop moved with the jungle, acted like it was his own skin. He walked when he had to, and kept still when he wanted to. His weapon, a S2 AM, was securely placed on his back as he carried his M6C pistol in his left hand. He stood still, his camouflage perfectly blending in with the tree. Three Grunts walked right past him as he stood still. He waited until the last one pasted him, then he took the last Grunt's methane gas breather and ripped it off, then covered the Grunt's mouth. The Grunt tried to scream, but couldn't due to Donald's hand. The Grunt died a horrible death before it could even scream.
       Feathertop picked up the Grunt's Plasma Rifle, then walked down the path a bit more before he saw a squad of Marines. But they used strange body armor and used Special Forces Weapons. He only had one choice. He grabbed a small box, the size of a toe-clicker, and clicked it twice. One of the Marines grabbed a clicker and clicked four times. Donald knew they were Special Forces right there, they used the Spec Ops Clicker.
       He got out, and was surprised at what exactly he saw. He saw members of SPECTRE, a elite organization of ONI. He waved, trying to get the team leader's attention....

       Jilly silently laid on her bed as she tried to forget she was in a prison. She tried to pull in some happy memories from the deepest part of her brain. The first time she drove a car...the first time she used her dad's gun to go hunting with him, and the time when she was married...these memories somehow managed to put a smile on the face of Jilly as she laid down.
       She then saw two Elites head straight for her cell. One of them, instead of opening it, crushed the hinges, while the other grabbed Jilly by her legs. She tried to get away, but the Elite just held tighter. She was thrown into a room, where a human-made wooden chair was just sitting there. She was grabbed and forced on the chair. A Brute was standing in front of the chair, his back turned.
      "Well human, looks like you will answer my questions...." The Brute, Elysian, said. Jilly spat in his presence, and didn't answer. Elysian smiled again, then let out a laugh. He creped his face really close to Jilly's.
      "My Elites need some....services. If you don't answer, then I will...heh..."
      "Do your worse, traitor!" Jilly retorted. That suck a stab in the Brute's mind. He was a traitor in the Prophets' and Elites' mind. He looked angry as he left the room. The two Elites formed a grin.
      "No....no, please don't...."

       The rest of the night was followed by screams from Jilly. The compound was kept up from the Elites and the young Commander. But meanwhile, something else was happening....

Above The Planet..

      "...And let them sweep the killzone?! That's insanity!" Hood yelled from his flagship, the UNSC Victory as it fired its MAC cannons at the Brute Ships. Another voice, Donald Feathertop, boomed.
      "Well, your little Spec Ops unit is going to get killed. A huge army is advancing upon us. If you don't get one of those ships up there to fire on the approaching enemy, we will die along with the data. Do you want that, Admiral Hood?" Donald's voice crackled on the radio.
      "Alright....send the Excelsior....but if you screw this up, Don..."
      "I know, it's my ass..."