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SPECTRE: ONI's Answer To The Spartan Program: Chapter 1, Part 1
Posted By: (ENS) Rabid_Gallagher<rabid_masterchief@hotmail.com>
Date: 25 February 2005, 3:31 PM

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AN: I have made date changes, and another backstory. Enjoy.

(Former New York State)
North America
Earth, Sol System
July 26nd, 2621
Two Months After The End of The Covenant Wars

      Donald Feathertop dropped his duffel bag on the front porch, the house in front of him was painted a dull white color with green trimmings. He adjusted his uniform and breathed out a small gasp of air, then bent down and grabbed the key under a pot. He stuck it inside the key hole and turned it, the click of the key opening the door was heard as Don pulled back the door, picking up his duffel bag off the ground.
      He wanted to surprised his wife, if at all she was home. Don was one of the few UNSC Marines who joined without being drafted. He was considered suicidal because of it, but Donald had one thing in his head when he joined, Liberty. He walked up the stairs and entered the upper hallway. Five doors were there up in the hallway. Three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a closet. He entered the closest door, his and his wife bedroom.
      He silently entered the room and dropped his duffel bag on the floor. He took off his uniform shirt and dropped it to the ground next to his duffel bag as his wife awoke.
      "Who the hell are you?!" She half yelled, half whispered to Don. Donald smiled as he let off a funny looking grin, sort of like a inside joke between the two of them. Linda, his wife, titled her head as she saw this.
      "Don?......Don, is that you?" She asked, her eyes the bluest they ever been. Don nodded, a soft tone of happiness in his voice.
      "Yes Linda, I'm home."

SPECTRE: Chapter 1: Donald Feathertop and The SEALS: Part 1

      Don opened his eyes, then quickly closed them as light flooded the room. He got up and opened his eyes, eyeing the clock on the desk in the corner of the room. Seven Hundred Hours, huh? Jeez, I keep forgetting this is civilian life..... Don thought to himself as he sat on the bed, realizing that Linda wasn't awake yet. Don didn't mine actually, he got grown to the silence. He got up and opened the closet in his room, got his old civilian clothes, and got dressed.
      He walked down the stairs and entered the kitchen. He stopped and remember all the subtle ways he used to live with his wife and children. He sat down in a stool in front of the counter and picked up a newspaper. He chuckled as he read the headline. "MASTER CHIEF ACCUSED OF KILLING PRIVATES" and realized that the newspaper was one of those fake newspapers, like "World Weekly News" or "The National Examiner". He put it down and got up, heading for the bread cupboard. He took out a piece of sliced bread and popped it in the toaster.
      His kids came running down the stairs, ready to have Mom cook them breakfast. Chris, Don's little boy, was fourteen and wanted to join the United Nations Space Command when he grew older. Alex, Don's little daughter, was sixteen and looking into private spacelining. Basically, driving space cruise ships.
      "Dad?!" Yelled Alex as she dropped her shoes on the kitchen floor. Don put on his glasses and read the real newspaper, only saying "You better pick those up, else your Mom will have my ass."
      "Dad!" They both yelled as they ran over to him and hugged him. Don dropped the newspaper and hugged them back, himself feeling two pairs of tears rolling down his shirt. He tugged harder as his kids hugged tighter.
      "Uh...Dad....I can't breathe." Chris said as Don realized that himself. He let go as the toaster popped the burnt piece of bread up. He looked at his watch and realized that he was about to be late for his new job.
      "I gotta go, I'll see you later." He said as he grabbed his glasses and ran out of the house. He jumped into the M12LRV Civilian Version "Warthog", turned it on, and backed out of his driveway and into the street...

Cruiser "United States"
Via Orbit
Aerates Prime, Aerates V System
July 26nd, 2621
Two Months After The Covenant Wars
7:12 pm, Pacific Time Zone

      Lord Hood slammed his fist onto his desk, pieces of wood crumbling under his swift strike. He seemed to be trying to slow his breathing down as his face got redder by the couple of seconds. The man standing in front of him, Commodore Gallagher, kept his stance as Lord Hood began his screaming match again.
      "Why did you do that?! Without the god damn High Echelon's approval either! You're so lucky that we and the Covenants are tired of fighting, and that Prophet just happened....just happened....to be the Council Leader also. God damn Gallagher, what were you thinking?" Hood yelled as he glared into Gallagher's eyes.
      "Truthfully, sir, I was only thinking in mankind's best interest. Besides, it gave me two good reasons. One, because I wanted to be one of the few men in a history book that will be remembered all the way down history. And second, well I really wanted to see Ackerson's face when he finds out that his little black op scheme will be in violation.....sir."
      Lord seemed to form a grin on his face, but was interrupted when a buzzing was heard, the sound of the intercom.
      "What?!" He yelled into the intercom, his finger almost breaking the button.
      "Sir, a soldier wants to see you," There was a soft mutter, then the secretary spoke again, her voice sounded with excitement.
      "John 117, sir."
      "Send the bastard in!" Hood yelled at the top of his lungs as Gallagher, ever understanding, moved away from the door and was only given a second of silence until the door opened fast, carefully though. Who stepped in wasn't what either of them expected. True, they never really seen the face of John 117, but they at least expected him to be a little less.......handsome.
      John 117 had this figure of a Adonis, his hazelnut hair glistened in the light of Hood's office. Gallagher didn't look at him, he only kept his stance. John stood at attention, his Naval uniform cut and crisp. In with him came Master Chiefs Fred and Linda, both former Spartans and new last names inside of their number designations.
      "Excuse me if I pardon our introductions, but I've got a serious problem on our hands. ONI has been messing with some hybrid-creatures. I've just intercepted communiques from Chief Robert Gallagh.....no, not your brother, James." John said to the worried Commodore standing next to him.
      "Gallagher has told us that Operation Prometheus has gone badly, and we also have a mad case of AI corrupt syndrom. Heinrich, advanced Weapons Software ID Forty Two AI, has data corruption. Apparently, it took control of Gallagher's robotic arm and gain control of him. He tried to kill ONI Mercenary turned Agent Adrian Tillian. Rex Renyolds has already infiltrated the area. The Excelsior and the Freedom Heavy Battlecruisers are already in route to New Alexandra, but we've hit a snag." Fred Lancaster told Hood and Gallagher.
      "The Covenant in that area are members of the "Prophet's Arm", a band of rebels from all of the Covenant races. They engaged the Second Defense Fleet there and decimated them. Only one ship survived on the Covenant side, but it had to land planet-side. Over fifty pods landed on the planet, and we are doing orbital scans from the ONI Prowler "HEL Lancaster", but they only found the largest amount of troops near or in the ONI Science Center, which also is a ancient Forerunner building." Linda Meyers finished.
      "Alright, but who's gonna fill in this operation for us? No serviceman or officer is." Commodore James Frances Gallagher asked.
      "Only one person. A ex-Navy SEALS Operative. Specialist with Covenant Equipment and marksman with all weapons. Required Demolitions status after Basic Weapons Training. He is also ready to risk his life above his men."
      "Who is he?" Asked Hood as he twilled with a pencil in his index finger and his middle finger, wondering.
      "A ex-Colonel named Donald Feathertop."

      High Marshal Kuala ' Kliuanmee seemed like he was a disgraced Elite among their caste, his name and family dishonored. He was one of the only Elites who sided with the Brutes in the beginning, and became a friend with them, including the new Brute Commander, Elysian. Elysian was a soft but smart and tactical Brute, who was responsible for the attack on Reach.
      Kuala stood next to Elysian during a peculiar briefing, which involved the new Brutes to be entered into the Covenant. They seemed eager and such, but when they entered the briefing room on the ship "Wave of Death"; which recently crashed on the surface of New Alexandria, they were quiet and weary because their leader stood next to a warrior of disgraced honor, who could be a spy.
      "Welcome, my brothers. I am Elysian, High Judicature of the Covenant. Here is how you are going to perform in our glorious Covenant. We..."
      "Bah! I will not serve with a Elite! He is a disgraced warrior, nothing compared to our Brutes! He is nothing to me!"
      "Maybe you should face him in combat, see how good he really is, Brute." Elysian replied to this new Brute. He growled in agreement as the rest of the Brutes made a big enough circle for them to battle. Elysian nodded, and as soon as Kuala saw this, he broke into a run. Not towards the Brute, but to a wall. He jumped up and pushed himself off the wall, turned in mid-air so he was facing the Brute as he flew towards him like a bullet.
      The Elite waited for himself to get closer as he flew. The Brute didn't really know what to do, except try to get out of the way. Kuala landed a few feet away from the Brute. In one quick motion, he took out his Energy Sword and activated it when it was directly in the Brute's face. The sword easily cut through the Brute's head skin and into the brain. It pasted into the back of the head and into the space behind the Brute. Kuala de-activated his sword; the Brute's body slammed on the ground and spasm on the floor.
      The Brutes, unlike them, backed away from the blood-soaked Elite, who's own armor a dark purple. He stuffed the sword handle into his combat pouch and stood tall. He walked back over to Elysian's side and slouched down. He seemed taller than the other Elites that Elysian has fought with, and Elysian always respected him for two reasons. One, because he was tall; two, because he stuck by his friend's side even before the Withdrawal Of The Elites.
      "Well down, my friend."
      "I only serve, my leader. I will never fight against you."

      Jillybean and Wolf quietly waited in a small room, their smokes the only other light besides the wall lights barely hanging from the ceiling. Wolf took one last puff, and stuck the butt into a ashtray; rubbing it into the glass surface and burning it out. Finally, a Section IV briefer walked out of a door and entered. He stood in front of the blackboard and got the others attention.
      "Good morning. Your mission, SPECTRES, was chosen by Commodore Gallagher and Lord Hood personally picked you to lead the mission. You are going to enter a compound near New Alexandria, it's a ONI Complex, so be prepared for anything. You are going to kill a Brute by the name of Elysian, the new Judicature for the Covenant Empire. He must be killed. Of course you will be helped on this mission, also. Three men from the Navy SPARTAN equalize project, the SEALS. Sea, land, Air, and Space.
      "Also, you are three objectives. One, to exterminate that Brute. Two, to rescue civilians being readied for being eaten. And Three, to rescue a Elite who is feeding us information. His name is Kuala ' Kliuanmee, a very respected Elite among their caste. Good luck, gentlemen. Now go!"