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SPECTRE: ONI's Answer to the Spartan Program: Prologue
Posted By: (ENS) Rabid_Gallagher<rabid_masterchief@hotmail.com>
Date: 15 January 2005, 10:50 PM

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AN: This is to all my hommies on the East Siiiiiide!

JULY 12th, 2557
3.252 Light-years away from Sol

      The thick tree-line moved with the wind, and a heavily bushed area wasn't seen by the Banshee patrols. Silently, the person inside the bush area wasn't seen or heard by anyone, the wind howling out any noise. And it offered perfect protection, the dusk hid the area also. The perfect spot for the perfect mission.
      Jillybean silently waited, her breath smelt bad as she let one breath out, but it did wore off bugs and such. Moss and leaves were taped and glued onto her BDU as she waited in the darkness, waiting for the chance to strike, just...waiting.
      An Field Marshal walked out of a small human building, the wait was over. Carefully, Jillybean stuck the butt of the S2 into her shoulder as she slowed her breathing. She peered into the scope with her right eye, the cross-hairs seemed to easily center on the Elite's head.
      She gave out a small chuckle as she slowly squeezed the trigger. There was no follow-up sound, thanks to the home-made silencer she put on her S2. The bullet seemed to slow down time as Jilly followed the bullet trail.
      The Elite's head seemed to erupt with blood, the body silently dropped to the floor, blood oozing out of the head wound. Jilly let out a small laugh as she let go of the S2, then relax. Nothing could go wrong now...
      "Jilly, this is Wolf. Inbound Phantoms on your trail, someone tipped them off..."
      Jilly seemed to sigh and growl at the same time as she got up and picked up her S2 AM, then she seemed to step into every mud puddle as she ran down the trail.
      "Same extraction point?"
      "No, Colonel Darklighter had to lace the extraction point. Major Kyp Durron is coming to pick you up at the ridge."
      Jilly sighed as she continue to run down the old, mud trail, leaping over logs and such as she push herself to the limits as she galloped as fast as she could. She panted as she leaped over a huge puddle of water and mud as she sprinted even faster.
      Three Phantoms flew over her, but didn't noticed, thanks to the thick trees hid the ground with their bushes, giving Jilly the perfect cover.
      "Jilly, this is Wolf. New extraction point. Just get rear the south entrance of the Ridge and Kyp will be there to pick you up."
      "Roger...that..." Jilly managed to say as she ran, finally seeing the tree-line end. She sighed as she slowly stopped herself from running anymore and broke into a light jog. She exited the tree-line and looked to her left.
      The Ridge. A code-name for a canyon that was small in a case but big enough to hide a Pelican. Jilly then walked over to the edge of the canyon wall, and looked down.
      She fell back as a Pelican zoomed up, the Pelican almost smacking her as it flew into a position. The Pelican slowly turned around and the troop bay was seen. She nodded left and right really fast, yelling out "Oh hell no!" as she stepped back.
      "Come on!" Yelled Nick as he held onto the railing, MCC using the Heavy Repeating Turret at the back of the Pelican, then MCC shot at the tree-line, trying to make Jilly jump on the damn Pelican.
      Jilly closed her eyes and prayed, then broke into a run. She seemed to miscalculate the distance when she jumped a little too early. She flew across the short amount of air, her legs still in the run. She reached out and grabbed the railing, sighing with relief.
      But the railing broke off, and Jilly slipped. She grabbed the closest thing she could grab, and held onto it. She, unfortunately, grabbed the left railing on the starboard side of the Pelican, on the outside.
      Nick grabbed her arm and pulled in her. He struggled under her weight, but pulled himself and Jilly into the cabin.
      The troop bay's doors closed and the cabin pressurized. Jilly closed her nose nostrils and breathed through her nose. Her ears popped, and she sighed.
      "Welcome aboard!" Kyp's young, but cool and strong sounding voice yelled from the cockpit as Kyp piloted the small Pelican almost like it moved with his hand motions.
      "Jilly, Commodore Gallagher wants to de-brief the mission"
      Jillybean sighed as she sat down on one of the seats. She rolled her eyes as she relaxed her back muscles.
      "Another day in the life of a SPECTRE..."

.4608 Light-years away from Sol

      "I think I'm in love with you." HoZ quietly said to Jillybean, the lunch room loud enough for no-one besides Jilly and HoZ could listen in on their conversation.
      "No your not." Jillybean told HoZ as HoZ, the young man, laughed. HoZ sighed and looked over to Wolf.
      "So...I hear we're getting a new recruit today. You're the Team Leader, tell us who."
      "I'm not at liberty to tell you guys..." Wolf calmly replied, the others just staring at him. HoZ, the joker, pointed to his blinking eyes.
      "Bambi eyes, Wolf. Bambi eyes..."
      "Damn you guys. Alright, I'll tell you. He's Halo Fan."
      "Halo Fan? The guy who survived thirty plasma blasts to the chest?"
      "And a little lower, I might add." Jilly added, with a smirk across her face. Nick gave out a small chuckle while MCC seemed to be holding in laughter, a site that Wolf half sighed and laughed.
      "But, before the 'plasma' injuries, he was well known as the man who survived the planet bombardment of Aerates V, and the man who survived two pistol shots to the pelvis. . ."
      "I don't think it was the pelvis, but it did start with the letter p...." Jilly added as Nick and MCC bursted into giggles, while Wolf allowed himself a chuckle at that.
      Suddenly, the lunch room went quiet as a tall man entered the room. His left side of his face was basically scars, but it didn't hide his handsome figure. Not exactly muscular, but did have some shoulder muscles. His BDU seemed to fit him perfectly as he sat down next to MCC.
      "Who are you?" Asked MCC as he stared at the scars. Nick dropped his spoon on his lunch as the man turned to face MCC.
      "Halo Fan, at your service."
      "You're Halo Fan?"
      "Yep." He replied as he set down his dress hat. His hair seemed to be perfectly groomed and his stature resembled a UNSC ODST, green of course.
      "I also heard the pelvis jokes, Lance Corporal Jillybean." He said, which was about the same time that everyone noticed his Colonel stripes. Jilly blushed.
      "Don't worry, I get those all the time." He said, his face letting out a small smile as Wolf tapped Nick's shoulder.
      "Show them the Arckangel." He said, bringing himself up, dropping his food tray in the trash next to the table.
      "Uh, no. You'll get the briefing." Said a powerful and old voice across the lunch hall. Everyone inside the lunch stood at attention.
      "Officer on deck!" Yelled Wolf and Halo Fan at the same time, everyone else just stood at attention.
      Commodore Robert Lee Gallagher, commanding officer of the SPECTRE units and the Second and Twelfth fleets. A man of many accomplishments, he was only few who was the members of the SPARTAN-I program. He was tall and muscular, his left shoulder and his entire arm supplanted with a bionic arm replacement. It was made with Heavy Cruiser metal, but you couldn't see due to skin replacements.
      He saluted lightly, then the rest of the lunch hall, a good five hundred people, saluted in unison back at the Commodore.
      "At ease, ladies." He said, the entire lunch hall let down their right arm to their sides then stood at ease, but still waiting for Gallagher's orders.
      "As of oh-eight hundred hours, you all are under my command, and I don't keep secrets from my men." He started, his voice strong and commanding, something that put fear into most men, he even scared Ackerson once with his voice. He was also a contender among ONI, something that Ackerson didn't really like, but something that Lord Hood loved about him.
      "Two days ago, a elite Covenant commando transport ship docked with the Frank Sinatra, and took over the ship in a matter of minutes. They haven't cracked the codes to get to the Mainframe, but they will. They can't know the location of the other Haloes, they just can't. The colonies there are defended, but not against a Covenant Battle Fleet. SPECTRE Group A, follow me. The rest of you, get dressed and get ready. War is coming, and we're the frontline. Dismissed." He said, the rest of the Lunch Hall yelling out a loud and powerful"Semper Fi!"
      "Semper Fi Marines...."

      Jillybean silently waited in her seat, the ship steadily rocking along with the engine movement. Her S2 was placed upward towards, the butt of her rifle placed on her left thigh. HoZ and Wolf looked over the rest of the Marines along with SPECTRE. MCC and Nick were in the cockpit of the Arckangel, helping Sterfrye pilot the Arckangel.
      The Arckangel is an enlarged Pelican, it's troop bay can now hold twenty five soldiers, and it's cockpit holds five people. Two pilots, one Crew Chief, and two Automatic Gunners fly the ship while the Troops wait.
      Mark Leiberg silently readied his own sniper rifle, a S3 4M .70 Cal Sniper Rifle, one of the better rifles made for the SPECTRE units. It was like a cross between a sniper rifle and a cannon, due to it's extreme range and firepower. Jillybean preferred the S2 due to speed and weight.
      Commodore Gallagher stood up, right between the doorway to the cockpit and to the troop bay.
      "You are about to begin the greatest moment of your life, gentlemen. The Covenant have lost hundreds of aircraft and tanks to us, and we are finally turning the tide. The enemy's brutalized hordes are now advancing towards Earth over mountains of their own dead bodies! Our lives, our nation, our great Human race, have given us the task not to let the enemy reach the Solar System, and to defend the planet Earth! Forward against the enemy! Up to the un-remitting battle, for our comrades, for our own lives!" He yelled, the rest of the troops inside yelled also.
      "Not one step back, gentlemen!" He said, the rest of the men yelling and screaming. Two Marines tried to activate their own escape system, afraid of the battle ahead. Commodore Gallagher unstrapped his M6C pistol and fired four shots, two bullets each into those Marines.
      " Cowards and traitors will be shot!" He yelled, the troop bay dying down. Gallagher noticed this, and continued his speech.
      "Do not count days, do not count miles, count only the number of Covenants you have killed!" He yelled, finally getting the screams and yells back from the troops.
      "Kill the Covenant, this is your mother's prayer!" He yelled, most of the men raising their fists and screaming out.
      " Kill the Covenant, this is the cry of your Human Earth!" He yelled, the rest of the troop bay yelling. The Arckangel set down in the launch bay of the Frank Sinatra, a loud Thump! was heard.
      "Do not waver! Do not let up! Kill! Death to the Covenant invaders!"

      Another Arckangel landed in the launch bay of the Frank Sinatra, and more men jumped out. Marl and Wiley K. ran out first, setting up defensive positions around the Arckangel. The rest of the Marines ran out of the troop bay, firing away with their MA5Bs and their BR55s, enough firepower to cut away most of the enemy resistance inside the bay.
      Mark Leiberg silently took aim at one of the exit doors, leading out of the launch bay. He fired away, the slug seen from even the rest of the Marines. The slug tore through the thinly armored doors and exploded, a large hole from where the doors and at least nine feet of the wall from every side used to be.
      "Go Marines! Do not waver! Forwaaarrrrddd!" Gallagher yelling, pointing towards the hole. Wolf raised his arm and got his team attention, then ran forward, the strike team of Marines and SPECTRE most certainly caught the rest of the Covenant off-guard.
      Wolf and his SPECTRE units had a different objective than the Marines, and took a left at the corridor, or what was left due to Mark's "explosive" shot. Wolf stopped the squad from continuing down the corridor, and then called Jillybean up.
      "Jilly, you're our best spotter. What do you see?" He asked, sure to get a answer. Jilly seemed to be thinking as she looked, searching for his answer.
      Jilly was one of ONI's best projects, AEE, Advanced Eye Enhancement, and was one of the best spotters in the entire UNSC.
      "I see two Brutes, one Drone, and three Jackals." She said, quiet and silent. CoLd tapped Jilly on the shoulder.
      "Be careful, it's not safe."
      "Yes. Commander CoLd bLoOdEd to you, Colonel." He said, Wolf speechless. CoLd was the Executive Officer for SPECTRE, and was Gallagher's aide.
      "Wolf, what's the situation?" CoLd asked, waiting for a response. Wolf thought for a minute, than explained.
      "Commodore Gallagher has given me orders to get you out of here."
      "Explain, Commander."
      "Gallagher is planning to destroy the ship. The Marines are already on here, and the Covenant have signed their death wish. You are out...of...HERE!"
      Wolf sighed, and motioned his men to follow him as
they left the hallway. CoLd smiled with satisfaction as they left the hallway.
      The launch bay had one Arckangel left in there, the modified Pelican just barely able to hold all the SPECTREs.
      Suddenly, Jilly felt a slight pain in the back of her head. She knew something was about to happen, and she didn't like it.
      Twelve Brutes repelled from the ceiling, firing plasma blasts against the humans. Jilly was struck in the back by one, but she didn't black out.
      CoLd picked her up by the waist, screaming out something but Jilly couldn't hear it, her ears tuning out everything except a dull ringing, enough for her to hurt her. It hurt her so bad, she slip into a state of lala before she felt about to puke. But, before she could, she went into blackness......

52 Light-years from Sol

       Jillybean slowly awoke, confused and in wonder. She looked down to see her BDU, when she noticed that she was in her civilian clothes.
      "Good morning, beautiful." Said a voice in the corner of the room. Jilly then realized that she was in her own room, on the Lusitania.
      "Yep, yep."
       Jilly smiled at that, then relaxed herself. She laid back down on her bed, then closed her eyes.
      "You know CoLd saved you, right?"
      "He did?" Jilly asked, having no recollection after when she was shot in the back. HoZ nodded up and down.
      "I'll tell you the story later. Get some sleep." He said, with a smile as he exited the room, Jilly alone.
      Jilly leaned her head back and closed her eyes, slowly muttering seven words softly, so only she heard.
      "Another day in the life of a SPECTRE...."