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New Wave - The Battle
Posted By: The Emperor<p_nut_classic@hotmail.com>
Date: 28 September 2001, 7:28 pm

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Chapter 1

     -0900, the next day-

"Okay guys, you all get the idea?" Nick asks and most men infront of him look up from their ICIS (Integrated Combat Information System).
"Good. Most of you may wonder why you were selected to come here. Well, you've all proven yourself in you area; recon, airforce, intel, et cetera. At this very moment a new horde of bastards is hiding themselves out there and they are begging to get a nice beating. That's the main reason. So, if you have any questions, hit me."
One of the soldiers sticks his hand up and coughs.
"Yes?" Nick says and the soldier almost jumps up, saluting.
"2nd Lieutenant Harold Walker, third Airsquad, Sir!" Nick nods in reply to the salute and he goes on:
"Sir, can you tell us what kind of equipment we are taking?"
"Well, judging from what your job is, I guess you mean what aerial stuff we take right? Well I am not totally briefed on that, but it will be some fighters and some dropships, so don't worry", Nick replies and the soldier salutes again and quickly sits down again.
"Good, no more questions? Alright, go pack your stuff and get ready to move out at 1200. Dismissed."
As Nick dismisses the crowd he walks out straight for his quarters.

"So, watch the boys while I'm gone okay?", Nick says sarcastically to his girlfriend while putting some clothes in a camo bag.
"You will return in one piece right?" Claudia replies on a worried tone, and Nick laughs.
"As always! Hey, I gotta head for the armory, I will mail you!" Nick says and makes attempts to walk out.
"Stop!" Claudia says and Nick turns around.
"Kiss", she orders and smiling Nick plants his lips on hers.
"Don't worry too much right? Now bye bye baby!" he says and walks away.

     -1200, armory-

"Good are we complete?" Nick asks while checking a list.
"Let's move out then! You know which dropship and stuff, so move move move!" Nick yells and the crowd start to fall apart. The main group is divided into the dropships and another group will take the jeeps and tanks to their destination. Above Nick the flight decks open and several fighters start up their roaring engines. Nick also climbs up to the deck and steps into a Piranha SilverBolt VTOL, a new type of fighter, and hits the engines. The windscreen closes above his head and he grabs the throttle. The jet comes in motion and lifts off. Nick pulls a handle to change the direction of the engines and the jet now moves slowly to the front. He pulls the throttle way to the front and the jet blasts out of the hangar to outside, followed by a group of others. Under him Nick sees the convoy of tanks and jeeps move out, and the first of the big dropships comes out of the hangar.
"Group Alpha leaded by Lt. Walker, you escort the dropships. Group Bravo by me stays around the ground convoy. Do it!" Nick orders and the half of the jets split from the team to join the dropships.

     -1630, sector 7, location unknown-

"I have the base in sight, Bravo Leader!" one of the pilots states via radio. Nick turns his head and can clearly see the base, half hidden in the ground, underneath him. Also he sees the dropships have already found the place; the big jumbo-jets rest on the ground next to the base with the jeeps hooked off, next to it a group of soldiers. A bit further away engineers are already busy on the entrance, and about a half-mile back the convoy slowly moves closer to the base. Nick makes a looping and professionally lands the fighter next to a dropship. The upper windshield flashes open and Nick climbs out. Jumping off the jet, he sees the engineers successfully opened the entrance and he starts walking to them, followed by the big group.
"We have passed the main security, and we will begin totally powering up the base. Though we didn't suspect the security would still be functional. This base has only served as an outpost, and parts of it still haven't been visited. We don't yet know if the other systems are still functional, we will check that later. On this moment you can settle down and wait till we finish the job", the chief-engineer says, and Nick nods and walks through into the base. Left to him he sees a terminal, flickering and switching off every now and then, to switch back on seconds later.
"Damn, it has been some time!" he thinks out loud and his best friend Tim comes walk next to him.
"Sure thing. Though from first sights the base seems huge, and an engineer told me it stretches way underground. Wonder what we find here..."
"Hmm yeah. But now let's go find the sleeping quarters shall we?" Nick replies with a grin.

     End of Chapter 1

     Chapter 2

     -0630, the next day-

"Base power is online, surveillance is online, and external systems have been installed, Sir", the chief-engineer says to Nick who yawns and nods, standing in his underpants.
"Good. Then your work is completed. I guess you can return back to HQ", Nick replies and the engineer salutes. Returning the salute, Nick yawns again and turns around. Behind him, the engineer leaves the room. He scratches his head and grabs his pants from his bed, and puts it on. After that he puts on his T-shirt and quickly heads for the mess-hall, or something what you can call mess-hall.

"Hey guys. Had a good night?" Nick says as he takes a sit next to Tim and Chris with a plate in his hands.
"Hmm, the bunks aren't too good. I guess the high-ups don't want us to have comfort aye?" Tim replies sarcastically.
"Yeah, and then you snore as a kitty!" Christopher says with his Irish accent to Tim.
"Hey, fuck you!" Tim says showing Chris the finger.
"People, people, make love not war!" Nick says laughy and eats on.

     -0800, briefing room-

"Our first mission is a short one; we're going to take a quick recon mission to their base and record as much as intel as possible, for this moment. Check your ICIS for mission details and assignments", Nick says to the crowd infront of him.
"Remember that out goal for this mission is not to destroy them. If possible, I don't want any casualties, not on our side, as well not on their side, understood?"
"Sir, yes Sir!" the men reply and Nick salutes, and walks out with his helmet under arm, going for the armory.

"Hey there," Nick says to the armory-man, "I want a complete body-armor, a pistol with a silencer and some clips."
The man grunts and walks away to return with in his hands a complete set of body-armor and a silencer for the pistol.
"You can find the weapons there", he says as he lays the armor on the desk infront of him. Nick nods and grabs it, and walks to a collage showing about 20 assault guns, and about 30 handguns. Nick takes one from it and checks clip. He sees a box full of clips standing next to the collage. Nick walks to it and grabs 4 clips from it and puts them away. Behind him a group of soldiers enters the room. Nick doesn't bother to greet them and sits down at a bench and starts putting the armory on correctly, and attaching the silencer to the pistol.

     -15 minutes later-

"Okay, lets move out!" Nick states in his radio lying in a recon bike. He starts the machine up and accelerates it out of the storage room, followed by two other bikes. The recon bikes, which are very hard to spot on a radio, are very handy for recon missions also because of their speed. Nick speeds away from the base on top speed leading the other two. Back at the base a support-group stands ready to move out.
"We will park the bikes on a position where we have a good view of their base though covered. I will signal when to stop okay?" Nick says in the radio to the two others.
"Roger that", on of them replies.
"Affirmative", the other states.
The 3 bikes get nearer to the base and Nick searches for a good spot.
"Okay, slow down a bit, you see that tree surrounded by those bushes? Stop there", he orders and drives to the spot. He stops the bike and steps out, grabbing the pistol from his pocket and he walks into the bushes. Behind him the two soldiers follow.
Nick grabs his binoculars and looks at the base, about 500 feet away. He sees a Covenant at guard at the entrance and two patrols consisting of 3 walking around.
"Save image", he states while pointing the binoculars at the guard. It makes a short tone to notify that the picture has been saved in the memory. Nick points the binoculars at the patrols and does the same.
"Record the architectural data on the base the construct a strategic image later", nick whispers to one of the soldiers. The soldier nods and grabs a device from his belt.
"I've got to record from another angle too, Sir", he says after he's done recording.
"Okay. I'll try to get there unnoticed. Warn me if the guard going my side", Nick says as he grabs the device from the hands of the other soldier.
He gets into prone position and crawls out of the bushes to another bush 100 feet away. 50 feet to go, one of the soldiers contacts him.
"One of the patrols is getting your way! They will see you any moment!"
"Shit!" Nick thinks and gets up and runs with his back down to the bush and jumps in it. Behind him the patrol appears behind a tree.
"Phew, that was close!" Nick thinks as he crawls through the bushes to get a spot to oversee the region. The patrol now walks about 30 feet away from him. Nick catches some Covenant words. Then the leader of the group halts the patrol and listens to what it seem radio-transmission. He states something back and turns to the other two and orders something. He looks around points to some bushes, also the one where Nick is hidden.
"Shit they must have seen us someway!" Nick thinks and contacts the other two.
"Get as low as possible! When they find me, I'll try to neutralise them. Rush out to the bikes and speed away. I will follow you on short notice", he whispers and closes the connection. He quickly takes some shots with the device and puts it away, grabbing his pistol. One of the Covvies is walking straight for him, and Nick stands ready to jump up. The Covenant now stands directly infront of him and Nick can literally touch his feet. The Covvie looks straight down and grunts something. Nick quickly puts the pistol over his head and shoots the Covvie in the head. The big alien falls down and Nick jumps up and runs out of the bush and makes signals to the other guys to move out. The two Covenants now see him running and start firing their plasma weapons. Nick returns fire and rushes for the bikes. He hears the others already started up their bikes. A big plasma bolt explodes into the ground behind Nick and he falls down. He turns around and shoots one of the Covenants down and gets up again. A big group now runs out of the entrance to aid the guards and Nick knows to hurry. He gets in the bike and speeds away leaving a cloud of dust.

     End of Chapter 2