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New Wave - The First Encounter
Posted By: The Emperor<p_nut_classic@hotmail.com>
Date: 13 September 2001, 5:26 PM

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    -30 days after the end of the Halo conflict - Carter's Private Quarters-

"'Aggressive attitude' my ass!" Supreme Commander - General Sean Carter thinks as he dismisses the soldier why just ended his story.
"No fucking way they're here to lick our ass; now let's get Nick up here... "
Carter, who is the highest commander in the force stationed on Halo, shakes his head and sits down in his chair. Pushing a button on the side of the chair, he coughs and speaks up:
"Send Colonel Swan over to my quarters ASAP, please."
"Yes Sir", the female replies and Carter lets loose the button and the com closes.
Colonel Nick Swan is just walking in one of the many corridors of the base as a short tone notifies him of an incoming voice-over.
"Yes?" he states and the female voice sounds again:
"Hey Nick, big boss wants you in his quarters. Better get there immediately."
"Okay, tell him I'll be there in a minute. Out."

"Hey Claudia!" Nick says as he crosses her desk infront of the door to the private quarters of Carter.
"And hey Sean!" he says after entering the room.
"Ah, you're here. Sit down we have a lot to discuss", Carter replies and Nick takes a sit in a chair on the opposite side of the desk.
"You've probably heard of the new wave of Covvies right?" Nick nods in reply, and Carter goes on.
"Primary intel reports tell us they took over this abandoned base in sector 7 here", he says while pointing somewhere on a holo-map," and they have already attacked an armed weapons convoy in this region. Their weapons technology and tactics seem superior over what we had before. So, me and my tactical advisors came up with a plan to neutralise the first threat."
Nick nods again, this time out of curiosity and lets Carter go on.
"A team of elite warriors will be selected out of our ranks, and you are the one to lead this all. You will situate yourself in this deserted base here, and plan strategic missions from there and collect data from our new foes", Carter says and Nick shows his suprise:
"But, then, how...?"
"You will leave tomorrow with an extra division of technicians and engineers to power up the base and insert the needed technical equipment. They total squad will be around 40 men, and you just happen to be the highest ranked. Now let me show you the list of members..."



you thought it was over. you were terribly wrong.

    Character Introduction:

    Sean R. Carter
    Position: Supreme Commander
    Rank: General
    Notes: Has a great strategic mind, and terrifically leads big groups

    Nick Swan
    Position: Strategic Operations (StratOps) Commander
    Rank: Colonel
Notes: And old friend of General Carter and a great talent in combat and also is a good pilot. Awarded with the Silver Cross and multiple other awards

Timothy MacDowell
Position: StratOps executive
Rank: Major
Notes: Nick's best friend and the second in command of the Strategic Operations. Also a great talent in combat

Christopher H. Borland
Position: StratOps executive
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Notes: Heavy Weapons specialist and always does anything for his friends. Awarded with Medal of Bravery

Chapter 1

    -0900, the next day-

"Okay guys, you all get the idea?" Nick asks and most men infront of him look up from their ICIS (Integrated Combat Information System).
"Good. Most of you may wonder why you were selected to come here. Well, you've all proven yourself in you area; recon, airforce, intel, et cetera. At this very moment a new horde of bastards is hiding themselves out there and they are begging to get a nice beating. That's the main reason. So, if you have any questions, hit me."
One of the soldiers sticks his hand up and coughs.
"Yes?" Nick says and the soldier almost jumps up, saluting.
"2nd Lieutenant Harold Walker, third Airsquad, Sir!" Nick nods in reply to the salute and he goes on:
"Sir, can you tell us what kind of equipment we are taking?"
"Well, judging from what your job is, I guess you mean what aerial stuff we take right? Well I am not totally briefed on that, but it will be some fighters and some dropships, so don't worry", Nick replies and the soldier salutes again and quickly sits down again.
"Good, no more questions? Alright, go pack your stuff and get ready to move out at 1200. Dismissed."
As Nick dismisses the crowd he walks out straight for his quarters.

"So, watch the boys while I'm gone okay?", Nick says sarcastically to his girlfriend while putting some clothes in a camo bag.
"You will return in one piece right?" Claudia replies on a worried tone, and Nick laughs.
"As always! Hey, I gotta head for the armory, I will mail you!" Nick says and makes attempts to walk out.
"Stop!" Claudia says and Nick turns around.
"Kiss", she orders and smiling Nick plants his lips on hers.
"Don't worry too much right? Now bye bye baby!" he says and walks away.

    -1200, armory-

"Good are we complete?" Nick asks while checking a list.
"Let's move out then! You know which dropship and stuff, so move move move!" Nick yells and the crowd start to fall apart. The main group is divided into the dropships and another group will take the jeeps and tanks to their destination. Above Nick the flight decks open and several fighters start up their roaring engines. Nick also climbs up to the deck and steps into a Piranha SilverBolt VTOL, a new type of fighter, and hits the engines. The windscreen closes above his head and he grabs the throttle. The jet comes in motion and lifts off. Nick pulls a handle to change the direction of the engines and the jet now moves slowly to the front. He pulls the throttle way to the front and the jet blasts out of the hangar to outside, followed by a group of others. Under him Nick sees the convoy of tanks and jeeps move out, and the first of the big dropships comes out of the hangar.
"Group Alpha leaded by Lt. Walker, you escort the dropships. Group Bravo by me stays around the ground convoy. Do it!" Nick orders and the half of the jets split from the team to join the dropships.

    -1630, sector 7, location unknown-

"I have the base in sight, Bravo Leader!" one of the pilots states via radio. Nick turns his head and can clearly see the base, half hidden in the ground, underneath him. Also he sees the dropships have already found the place; the big jumbo-jets rest on the ground next to the base with the jeeps hooked off, next to it a group of soldiers. A bit further away engineers are already busy on the entrance, and about a half-mile back the convoy slowly moves closer to the base. Nick makes a looping and professionally lands the fighter next to a dropship. The upper windshield flashes open and Nick climbs out. Jumping off the jet, he sees the engineers successfully opened the entrance and he starts walking to them, followed my the big group.
"We have passed the main security, and we will begin totally powering up the base. Though we didn't suspect the security would still be functional. This base has only served as an outpost, and parts of it still haven't been visited. We don't yet know if the other systems are still functional, we will check that later. On this moment you can settle down and wait till we finish the job", the chief-engineer says, and Nick nods and walks through into the base. Left to him he sees a terminal, flickering and switching off every now and then, to switch back on seconds later.
"Damn, it has been some time!" he thinks out loud and his best friend Tim comes walk next to him.
"Sure thing. Though from first sights the base seems huge, and an engineer told me it stretches way underground. Wonder what we find here..."
"Hmm yeah. But now lets go find the sleeping quarters shall we?" Nick replies with a grin.

    End of Chapter 1