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Posted By: Tycho [OSC]<eaglsfanatic@halo-net.com>
Date: 21 January 2000, 5:11 p.m.

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It was a long 4 hours of hiking over rough terrain before I realized that my passenger wasn't talking anymore. I set Private Mackenzie down and examined his wounds and vitals. To my shock I realized that I had been carrying a dead marine for the past 2 hours.

"Well, I have one hell of a report to file when I get back" I spoke quietly to myself.

I took the marines dogtags and began to head off again into the night. What I came across over the next hill almost made me vomit with repulsion. What I saw were two marine snipers pinned up to large stakes. They had been badly mutilated. Both men were missing their eyes and had most of their armour stripped off so that their captors could draw odd symbols on their chests.

I pulled both men off their stakes and laid them to rest in a shallow grave I had managed to dig with my knife and hands. Had I known what was about to happen I would have avoided the whole area around the marines. I should have known it was an ambush, but I guessed that in my weakened state I missed the obvious signs. I saw five Covenant troopers rush out from what I had thought was a mound of dirt, but in reality had been only a cover. I had no where to run to, and no gun with which to fight them. I clutched my knife and prepared for the end. I saw that my fate was inescapable, but I would be damned if I wasn't going to make the earn this kill.

I saw the first trooper approaching me at a half sprint, and I saw that he had ;left his left side completely open to attack. I lunged at him with my knife at the ready, but my leg gave out just as I put my weight on it. I crashed to the ground less that a foot away from the trooper. I tried to get back up, but all I could manage was to get on my knees before it kicked me back down. To my surprise - and dismay - I heard them say something about making me a sacrifice to their god.

" Come on, just kill me, I make a lousy sacrifice. Im all wire and muscle, no fat on me. " I said to uncaring Covenant troopers.

Obviously they ignored me, but I tried. They hauled me up and began to take me into the forest, in the opposite direction I had wanted to go. I silently hoped for some form of rescue, when it hit me that my beacon was still on me. I diverted power away from my now useless leg and into the beacon unit. If I didn't get rescue, I was going to at least lead my fellow marines right into this Covenant base I just hoped that they picked up the beacon call before they put me under the knife, as the call stops when my heart does. Maybe, just maybe I can get out of this one I thought to myself as I was led away to a very cruel fate.