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Wings of Death Part 7: When the Whole Universe Becomes an Enemy
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 28 September 2002, 4:10 am

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Wings of Death Part 7: When the Whole Universe Becomes an Enemy
Posted By: el_halo_diablo <funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 28 September 2002, 4:10 am

      Keys Sped towards the planet of Sigma Octanus II while the pilots were convinced that he was killed.

"Ok guys, we may have lost a good friend, but we did what we had to do," Shark said over the comm,"...so lets retrieve the key piece, and add it to the treasure key hole."
"Scanning for the piece...wow we better get it quick, cause its hurdleing towards that planet!" Shark said.
"Wait I see something...Am I seeing what you guys are seeing?"
"Yah..I think so, lets find out."
"Ok set coordinates to traking device number 004."

      Keys heard the entire thing over the open comm channel, and knew they were coming over to his ship, so he turned off the engines, and the blue glow faded away to match the omnious color of space. Keys turned off all systems, even the life support, and inertia dampeners. Keys found some metal plates behind the seat, and covered the cockpit windows with them.

"Well the signal is coming from that object over there," Aspen said,"It looks like an old one man ship."
"but the scanner shows no sign of life, no heat signatures, electronics...nothing."

      Keys sat in the ship, enduring extreme cold from not having life support, and not having any source of heat, meaning that the ship must have been 100 degrees below zero, and his external body temperature was down to nothing. Keys held his breath, knowing that they were scanning for heat signatures. Keys, quickly let the hot air, and took a very large gulp of painfully cold air.

"Wait,"Aspen said,"did you see that heat signature?"
"What? Where?" A different pilot by the nickname of Stinky asked.
"Well it was there for about a second, and then was just engulfed by cold." Aspen said perplexed.

Keys saw the steam of his hot breath dissapear quickly. He peeked through the window to see that they were powering down their engines, to see what was going on. Keys saw several grappling cables fire out of all the ships onto his own ship. The engines were now completly powered down, by the look of black in their thrusters. Keys reached for the thruster with his shaking hand, and slammed it forward. The lights, life support, and all electronics came to life immediatly. Keys ripped the metal panels covering the windows, and threw them behind him.

"What the hell?!?"
"what is it?"
"All its systems are coming to life...And there seems to be a person in there...HE HAS THE KEY PIECE!" Aspen screamed in disbelief.
"KEYS?!? BUT HOW!" Stinky yelled in frustration.
"He must have escaped!" Shark said, with a small grin on his face.

      Keys' small ship engines came to life immediatly, and the corvett shot off yet again, towards Sigma Octanus II, leaving the Hell Angels in the dust, as the grappleing cords snapped, making the fighters spin madly in space. Keys neared the planet, and searched for a city, and found many lights coming from a certain area, so he headed towards it.

      Meanwhile, the Wings of Death finally maintained course, and headed towards Sigma Octanus II in pursuit of Keys, and most of all, the piece.
"Ok boys It looks like we'll have to take this off the air, and onto the ground."
"I'm sure Keys wont tell anyone else, besides, I think this is going to turn out to be a very bloody fight."
"Are you qestioning rules of the truce?"
"I just don't think we should kill Keys..."
"If we don't kill Keys, then it will be ok for you to tell people and not be killed, and then soon everyone will tell everyone, and we will all be executed for treason!"
"We could have saved humanity if we told the UNSC about our discovery of the covenant two years before they really attacked! But instead,"Aspen said regreting what he did in the past,"we were told not to say anything, and damned the only hope for the human race."
"Fine I will go along with this," shark said glumly,"but I will never do anything to harm Keys, He's my old pilot, and I can't do something like that to someone that was so close. He was my closest thing to a family."
"Don't worry," Aspen said,"We'll take care of him."
The Wings of Death sped into the planet's atmosphere, still following the traking device's nav. point.

      Keys landed the ship away from the city, and opened the cockpit door. Hot air made its way into the ship, as the thermometer displayed 103 degrees. Keys still had the chills from the 20 to 30 seconds he spent in the coldness of space. Keys grabbed what he could find in the ship: 2 fragmentation grenades, two MA5B's, and one MD6. He stepped out of the ship, and landed on soft sand. The world of Sigma Octanus II was an entire desert, or at least this part of the planet was. Keys ran towards the city which was about 100 yards away, and ran into a bar with his weapons strapped to himself. Keys pulled out a seat, and sat in front of the bar table. The bar tender walked over to Keys, eyeing him.
"What do you want?" The bartender asked Keys.
"uuh," keys reached in his pocket for his credit card,"I guess I'll take a shot."
"Just one? you look terrible." The bartender said to Keys.
"You're right...I'll take five." Keys said to him.
"Coming right up." the bartender said, and went off in the back room.
      Keys rested his arms on the table, and looked up at the news monitor, which all of a sudden went to a speacial report.
"The UNSC is looking for a traitor that is loose, He is considered very dangerous, and there is a reward on the capture of this man." The news reporter said. Keys picture came up on the screen, and he reached over the counter to turn it off.
      The bartender came back with the drinks, and Keys took them all, but didn't drink them. Keys gave the man the card to scann, and then handed the bartender the Glock.
"Whats this for?" The bartender asked.
"You're a great man." Keys said, and smiled, and walked further into the tavern. As he walked away from the counter, Disturbed's song: "Prayer" started to play loudly in the bar.

      The Hell Angels landed on the planet next to Keys craft, and walked towards the bar, following the traking device. The Hell Angels cocked their assult rifles, and walked to the front of the bar.
"Ok, on the count of three," Aspen said,"were just going to immediatly shoot keys, and get the hell out of here."
The most intense part of the song began to play.
"one.." Aspen raised his silenced MD7 pistol,"two...THREE!"
They all kicked open the door, as the music played loudly. Aspen fired treee shots into the back of the bartender who was holding the gun with the traking device.
"WHAT?!?" Aspen screamed as the bartenders dead body dropped to the ground.
Keys jumped out from a table, screaming, with both his MA5B's in each hand, and shot a full round in the direction of the Hell Angels.
The music drowened out the firefight, as buttlets spattered holes all over the wall. Shark was in the way of the fire, and took several bullets to the chest. Keys threw a grenade, and made a run for the Glock that was on the ground behind the counter. The grenade went off at the entrance of the bar where the Hell Angels were. The were able to jump back in time, but were blinded by the explosion. Keys took advantage of this, and pried the gun from the grip of the dead bartender, and made his way quickly towards the door, but someone on the ground grabbed his leg. Keys looked down to find out it was Shark in a puddle of his own blood.
"...I'm not going to stop you Keys..." Shark said.
"I'm sorry you got in the way Shark..." Keys said, and heaved shark onto his shoulder, and proceeded to carry him out the door.
      Keys looked at the Hell Angels rolling on the ground, holding their faces in pain. Keys ran down the street, while people started to look at him suspiciously. One man with a MD6 blocked his path.
"HE'S THE TRAITOR! HE'S MINE!" The man screamed, as he leveled his gun.
"Is that?" another man said,"it is, HEY GUYS, ITS THE TRAITOR!" The man motioned for ten men to run out of the Starbucks that they were in. They all jumped onto air-bikes and puled out their pistols. Many other people walking down the streets noticed who he was, and ran after him.
Keys looked around at everyone, and smacked the pistol out of the guys hand, and ran as fast as he could. Keys ran to his ship, and pressed in the secrurity codes. The Biker gang caught up to him, and fired their pistols at him. The bullets borred themselves into Shark's limbs. He screamed out in pain. Keys ran around the other side of the ship, and layed Shark down in the sand, and spun around the corner with his pistol. Keys fired five bullets into the biker in the front, and watched his body be torn to pieces. The other bikers saw this, and all split up toward Keys. Keys ducked back to where Shark lie, and picked up both MA5B's. Keys sprug up, and straifed, while keeping his finger on both triggers. One biker was shot, and slammed into another biker, and both of the air-bikes exploded into flames. Another two bikers were killed by the mass amount of bullets flying into them. Keys made a run back to the ship as the other people from the city ran towards him. Keys checked the pulse on Shark before he got in: 0 pulse.
"soory Shark," keys said as he jumped into his ship, and fired up his engines, and blasted away from the place.

"Sir?" a uniformed man walked into the office of Stanforth's,"It appears that Leutenant Jacob Keys, a former member of the Wings of Death has leaked the secret to a civillian, and has already killed several people on his rampage."
Stanforth got up from his chair,"We can not alow him to tell the secret to anyone, or my career would be ruined...he must be stopped immediatly!"
"What do you suggest sir?" the man asked the Admiral Stanforth.
Stanforth leaned into his intercom,"Martha?"
"Yes sir?" the voice came over the intercom.
"Establish a comm link with the Spartans, I have another mission for them."

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