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Wings of Death part 4: Countdown
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 16 September 2002, 9:41 pm

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"This is Charlie Victor to all air faring pilots, be advised drop is in ten minutes."
"Rodger that Chief"
"Man I can't wait for the firworks!"
"Aww man lets drop it now!"
The pilots were in a frenzy of radio transmissions.
The Chief radioed back,"everyone can wait, besides, this gives us time to mop up the rest of the enemy fighters."
"Rodger that, lets kick some ass!"
The Pilots all desended upon the rest of the remaining enemy fighter.

      Down inside Fort Gammoth, Keys walked slowly down the hall towards the explosions, gunfire, and cries for help. he rounded a corner, and kept his rifle leveled. The sound of gunfire was getting closer. He came up to a corner, and a few bullets zinged in front of his face. He spun around the corner, to find a large cafeteria, only most of the tables were turned on their sides, for berricades for the men firing at eachother. Uniformed UNSC personell from the other side of the cafeteria fired upon what seemed to be a small group of rebels, on Keys' side of the room.
      Keys decided to take the initiative. and raised his gun to the back of an unsuspecting rebel, and fired. The man's back exploded from a small concentation of bullets, and the other 5 rebels turned around. Keys ran at them, with his finger on the trigger. Three men succomed to the fate of the gun, while the other two men charged at him with combat knifes. Keys pulled the trigger, and heard a chinking noise, signifying that he was out of bullets. Rebel 1 kicked the gun out of his hand, while the other, Rebel 2 took a swipe with his knife, and made a gash in Keys' arm. Blood poured out of his wound, as Keys reached for his sidearm. Rebel 1 saw his movement, and took a slice at the back of the hand that was reaching for the sidearm. Keys drew back his hand, and grasped it in pain. He watched as Rebel 2 drew his hand back, ready to take another swipe. He brought the knife forward, at deadly speed, but his swing was interrupted, when a hole was blasted out of his chest. Keys looked past Rebel 2, to see that one of the UNSC paersonell had fired a pistol into the rebel. Rebel 1 charged with his knife, but his life was ended by an entire clip from an MA5B assult rifle.
      The rebels were all dead, and the UNSC came out of hiding, and rushed over to Keys. One soldier had some basic medical supplies, and administered them to Keys' wounds. They taped up Keys' hand and arm, and they all gathered their stuff.
"Who are you? By the way, my name's Ptv. Michel" one UNSC soldier said.
"Pvt. Michel, I am Ensign Jacob Keys, and have crash landed on your fort during a bombing raid."
"Well we need to get out of here, because I fear that they'll send more troops into our base, were're running out of supplies, so we got to hurry." Ptv. Michel said.
There were about six UNSC all together, they and Keys headed out the door that he came in. They went down a ways before they turned a corner, and went down a hallway.
"Umm, Keys said confused,"where are we going?"
"You can fly," Michels said,"so you're gunna fly us the hell out of here."
"Ah" He replied.
      They came to an opening where there were a large amount of rebels and UNSC soldiers fighting. The UNSC were guarding a door at the other end, and once again, the rebels were on keys' side of the opening. They all fired upon the rebels, and thier bodies dropped to the ground. The UNSC guards rushed the remaining rebels and slaughtered them. There were now about fifty UNSC soldiers, all lowly armed.
      Everyone went down the hallway towards the underground hangar. They came to the Hangar to find it swamped with rebels. Somehow, the rebels found the surface entrance to the hangar.

"Ok everyone, fireworks in two." The Chief said, just as he dodged an archer missle, and fired two locker missiles at the ship behind him.
"Hey watch out for the Bogey on your four!"
"I got 'em!"
"No problem. Heads up Bogey at twelve o'clock!"
"I got him!"
"NO!...I got him"
The Pilots ravaged the air, fighting like children over candy.

      Everyone snuck up around the walls of the hangar, and awaited he shout for everyone to go full force. Then, out of nowhere, a man ran out of the hallway, and towards one of the two sky skippers. The rebels looked at him and did absolutly nothing. Keys and the UNSC troops stood up and revealed themselfs, confused. One rebel pointed at them, and raised his gun. All the UNSC soldiers fired at the rebels, and the rebels fired back. Bodies fell everywhere, in the full force of dozens of guns. Keys crawled to the hatch of the sky skipper that that man walked into. He slowly inched towards the man in the pilot's seat. He got to the back of the chair, and the man spun around.
"KEYS!?!" Said the terrified man that looked familiar.
"...Ensign Watts?" Keys said shocked.
"Did you hear?" He said quickly,"Their going to nuke this place very soon!"
He put a gun to Keys' head
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WATTS!?!" I screamed at him.
"Get out." he said in a monotone voice.
"I said, GET OUT!!!" he pushed Keys towards the exit, and kicked him out of the sky skipper.
"Damnit Watts, I got men here that need evac!" Keys screamed to him, as he fired up the engines.
He gave Keys the middle finger out the window, and accelerated out of the hangar, into the sky at an incredible speed.
Keys looked around to see that the fire fight was almost over, and the UNSC were dispatching the rest of the Rebel stragglers. Keys ignored all this, and ran to the remaining sky skipper, and tuned it to the UNSC comm. channel frequency:
"One minute until nuclear drop boys!"

Keys rushed out of the sky skipper and ran up to the troops.
"Everyone gather wounded and get in the sky skipper! NOW!" Keys said franticly.
Everyone ran up to shot soldiers and checked for life signs. All in all, there were thirty surivors, and everyone crammed into the sky skipper, while Keys brought the engines to life. There were only twenty seats, which was a problem.
"Damnit Watts..." Keys wispered, and then spoke up,"Ok, strap all wounded into seats, and if anyone thinks they can hold onto something and stay upright at mach 5, please do so, because there will be 10 extra people."
      Ten brave soldiers took up places in the sky skipper, taking hold of whatever they could find. Keys knew that the Sky Skipper could not exactly fly; it could only be in more than a hover for about one minute.
"Hold on!" Keys yelled to them, and pressed the throttle forward. The Sky Skipper blasted out of the hangar at tremendous speeds. Keys continued to press the throttle forward, and he started to hear the ship wine from the speed. they were now at mach 4, and the soldiers that were standing were having trouble screaming from the pressure.

Com link: This is Charlie Victor, drop in 30 seconds!

Keys body was sucked to the seat, but he kept his hand on the throttle, and pressed it evn more forward. The Sky Skipper reached mach 5, and started to lift more off the ground, with the help of its small wings. The Whining came to be an ear splitting whine, as it got faster.

Com Link: 10 seconds to drop...

Keys clenched from the mass amout of G's as it reached Mach 7. Red lights in the cockpit lit up, and there was a continuous beeping noise signifiying that the ship would break up at the speed it was going.

Com link:Time for some firworks! Nuke deployed!

Keys hit the landing thrusters and pushed the main thruster throttle all the way forward, and the Sky Skipper leaped into the air, and made its accent. Warning went up all over the ship, as it started to break-up mid-flight. The Sky Skipper went up in the air at a tremendous angle, while he kept his arm on the stick, pulling up. A blinging flash passed the ship, and then after that, there was silence. They were just out of the way of the blast, and eventually, the great sound of the explosion caught up to them.
      Keys landed the Sky Skipper, and he sent out a distress beacon. After he did that, he then slumped in his pilot's chair for some much needed R and R.

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