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Wings of Death Part 3: Raid at Fort Gammoth
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 14 September 2002, 12:36 am

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      "Carlie Victor! This is Nova Alpha! MAYDAY MADAY!" The comm channels were filled with screams of help from the squad fighting at Fort Gammoth, as Keys and the other four pilots tuned into the frequency. They were a little ways away from the fort, but saw a great firefight, as large plumes of fire shot into the air, from thermal bombs. Keys' small squad went full throttle all the way to the base, to find that all hell was breaking lose on and above the fort. UNSC personell from the fort defened the masses of rebels invadeing the base, as numbers dropped from the UNSC's ranks. Ther was a large fire fight in the air between the UNSC ensign pilots, and the rebels. Keys and the others broke off formation and joined the fire fight.
"Looks like you guys could use some help." Keys said over the comm. just as he blasted a rebel ship out of the sky.
"Rodger that!"
"I read you!" Keys said, and turned towards the chase. Keys, and another pilot trailed the two enemy ships, and fired their archer missles at the rebel's ships. Both ships exploded into splinters.
"Thanks guys!" the releaved Pilot said over the comm.,"but it's not over yet!"
Keys found one rebel tactical fighter zooming around, firing its six syncronized burst lasers at another UNSC bomber.
"HOLY CRAP I CAN'T SHAKE THIS MOTHER-"the pilot's transmission was ended when it exploded, and the chassis plummeted to the ground.
"Oh you're gunna die for that." Keys muttered, and made a direct path for the tactical fighter, that already headed for another soon-to-be victim. Keys came up behind it, and opened fire upon the tac. fighter with the quad gatling guns. The Tac. noticed he was being fired upon, and made a sharp and immediate right, inbetween two fighting war planes. Keys looked out the window, as the agile fighter easily, out maneuvered his ship, and was now behind him.
"All UNSC forces be advised that the fort has been breeched, and we are cominsing bombing strike!" The Chief said from up high, with the other bombers.
The Tac. fired it's burst lasers at me, and the lasers lit up all around me. Keys tried to dodge, and out-maneuver the agile Tac., but Keys was in a bomber, and those Tac's were made for these kind of things. A laser form the Tac. made a direct hit on one of the ships circuts that ran along the chassis, and one panel lit up in flames, and sparked radically. Keys grabbed the flame retardent spray, and put out the fire. He noticed the panel was his navigation system. suddenly, dozens of bombes showed up on his radar, as they dropped past him. The fort was ignited in greatly devestating plumes of fire. The heat waves sent Keys, the Tac. and many others spinning out of controll from the great thermals.
      The Tac. fighter pilot, accidentally fell forward on the throttle, and the Tac. sped towards Keys' bomber. Keys didn't notcie the Tac. speeding towards him at great speeds, until, the collision warning went on. Keys looked back to see the Tac. slam straight into his right wing. the fragile Tac. exploded on impact, blasting Keys' right wing apart. Keys now spun madly towards the ground. He tried to even the decent, by putting the air brakes on full. Thermal explosions shot hunders of feet into the air. as Keys' pushed through the larger plumes of flame.
"Warning! Air brake failiure!" the onboard computer said.
"Oh crap."
"Air brakes have reached critical." the computer said.
"uuuhh. what do I do?" Keys asked confused.
"Eject you pitiful excuse for a pilot." the computer said, braking a controll fuse
"Hey you're just angry cause you're going to die, heh heh. Oh by the way, BYE!" Keys said, as he pressed the eject button.
"I hate you! you bastar..." and the comuters voice went out of range of hearing.
Keys was ejected out of the ship, strapped onto his seat. the seat floated downwards, and right below him was Fort Gammoth.
"Oh crap.." He muttered.
Keys puled out a small panel, and opened the weapons locker on the seat. a standard MA2B slowly came out of the side of the seat, and he snatched it, along with some extra clips, and two grenades. Keys didn't have much training in the way of firearms except for a few training sessions. As Keys neared the ground, emmense heat radiated off of the grond from the thermal bombs.
      Keys hit the ground, and saw that there were no people on the ground that were still alive. He ran quickly to a door that was blasted open, that seemed to lead to a place further into the ground. he walked in the dooway, just before a thermal bomb exploded behind him. The great force of the bomb threw him on the ground. He layed there sprawled acroos the floor, until he heard gun-fire down the corridor. He sprung up and went to investigate.

      "This is Echo Victor niner, This fort is swamped with rebels, we can't let them tak the base."
The Chief replied,"rodger that Echo Victor. Any plans?"
"Chief I suggest we drop a HAVOK nuclear device, from up here, and blow all those rebels to the scum that they are."
"..Alright, I'm unlocking bay doors for nuclear drop. If anyones still down there, get out quickly. Drop will be in ten minutes."

      Unfortunatly for Ensign Keys, his Comm. radio was knocked out from that last thermal blast, leaving him unknowing of the suprise to come.

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