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Wings of Death Part 18: Get Us the Hell Outta Here!
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 24 December 2002, 5:14 am

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      Stanforth was in a panic, Rumors came in that various outposts have been crushed by unknown eneimies, The Covenant landing parties are invading the nearby cities, the DOC have reached the planet's surface, and to top it all off, word has just came in that the superior unknown ships have destroyed the last of the orbital defenses, and any other enemy in Reach's orbit.
"How many men do we have near this installation?" Stanforth sternly asked his Right-wing man.
"Sir, we have an aproximate of 1,500,000,000."
"Is that enough" Stanforth asked rubbing his head.
"Reports estimate that about 1,000,000 covenant dropships made it down to Reach, ten troops in each dropship brings our total to 10,000,000 enemy troops, we don't even know how much of their artillery made it down to the surface, but we're pretty sure they prepared for this fight."
"Tell our men to get to their postitons. Are the towers finished yet?"
"Yes sir."The man answered,"all the towers are done. There's about one per sqare 500 feet encompasing the entire installation. The rows of towers begin ten feet away from this installation and reach out about 2 miles. It's going to be one hell of a gauntlet for those bastards if they want inside." The man chuckled,"Each tower fits 10 people, preferably sharpshooters, or any other heavy weaponry."
Teh Rec alert sounded off outside the installation, and the masses of soldiers ran to their postitons, up in the towers, to various vehicles, and to make a solid wall of armed men around the peremeter of the fortified area, in the sandy dunes of Reach.

      Keys heard the clanking of the footsteps get louder and louder, keys had to do something quick. Keys looked at a piece of glass from the broken window that caught his eye,"thats it!" he silently exclaimed, and snatched the piece of glass before the creatures mad eit to the window. Keys held the piece of glass in his hand, and then threw it out the door. The glass made a loud crash as it broke into shards in the street. The creatures noticed the distraction, and ran over to where the glass broke. Keys rolled out in front of the door when the creatures weren't looking, and pulled the trigger on his MA5B. The Armor Piercing rounds shredded through the three atrocious looking monsters that appeared to be rotting humans. Limbs and body parts were torn off, but the creatures seemd to stay alive. Keys kept his finger on the trigegr with adrinaline speeding through his viens. The magazine was expended, and Keys puled out the empty clip and to get another. Two of the creatures turned to Keys with their mutated faces, and lept into the air at him. Keys went to take a step back, but tripped. The two creatures came down fromt the air, and were just about to land on him, but there was a blast from a shotgun from behind him. Another blast finished off the other one. The hypervinalating Keys looked behind him, and saw one pritave poised with his smoking shotgun barrel aimed at the dead monsters.
"Good job Private."Keys said taking in a breath,"When we get back, I'm recommending you for a medal."
Keys looked over at the decimated bodies and chuckled a little bit, and pointed at them,"see, they aren't invincible."
The Privates shotgun went off again, and the Same creature that Keys thought was dead, just dropped back down on the ground.
"Ok, we're calling for an evac." Keys said.
One private tossed him the comm. device,"Alpha team, this is Jabba Kappa, do you copy?"
Someone replied,"Rodger Kappa, what is your status?"
"Requsting immediate evac! I repreat immediate evac! Once we are evacuated, I want a napalm strike targeted on this city!"
"Sir," The was a bunch of static and noises in the background,"We'll see what we can do."
"Get me in touch with the commanding ship of the fleet, 'Ares'."
"...No can do sir." The voice on the other side of the comm said.
"Why not!?" Keys screamed into the radio.
"Haven't you heard!?" The person on the comm. screamed back at him,"There is no 'Ares' or any DOC fleet left. You're lucky we made it off, with a few fighters and bombers."
keys dropped the comm. device on the ground.
"What's a matter?" The private with the shotgun asked Keys.
Keys silenly made a prayer to all the brave soldiers who lost their lives on those ships,"...nothing. Evac is on it's way."
"Alright!" The Privatesin his group of 10 jumped with joy, but were then silenced by a horrible scream from a few blocks down, followed by continuois gunfire.
"Get to the roof!" Keys screamed at the men.
"This building wont do sir, entrance to the stairs is caved in."
"Damnit!" Pick up that civillian!" Keys quickly ordered, and checked to see if the coast was clear outside,"We're going to have to make it to the highest building in this city,a nd it apears to be the one 3 blocks away!"
"Sir the civillian is dead." Commander Mendez said.
"Strap a grenade to his mouth,"Keys said, as the Privates moved outside,"if anything moves his body, it's toast. now lets go!" Keys screamed, and they all ran down the street.
(ok by now you should know that these creatures are the flood, so im gunna call them the flood from now on, ok?)
Keys' group stayed in a tight pack as they ran down the street. Flood jumped out form the windows of buildings, and the group hailed bullets at them before they were able to reach the group. One flood combat form jumped onto one of the privates, and began to tear him to pieces, as blood sprayed everywhere.
Keys had to shut out the gurgling screams of the private, and focusing on blasting the rest of the hellish minions. They passed by one street to find scattered remnants of groups of DOC soldiers fighting flood.
"FOLLOW ME!!!" Keys screamed over to the soldiers, and they quickly tried to out-run the flood, and join in with Keys now growing group. Gunfire was now constant, and so was the volume of flood that poured out of every door and window imaginable. The Soldiers couldn't keep up with the flood being thrown at them, and many of them perished. A large croup of DOC combatants were holding their ground at the entrance of the tall building Keys was trying to get to.
      Keys and their group of now 150 soldiers layed down the welcoming mat, and flattened the flood. Keys quickly saluted to the officer he saw before that was holding the entrance with about 60 other soldiers.
"We need to get to the roof of this building for extraction!" Keys said.
"Are you insane?!?!" The Officer screamed at him,"we already tried that, and lost half our men trying to get up to the roof in that god-forsaken dark building!"
"Look," Keys said,"if we stay down here, we're going to die! these things never stop coming!"
The officer quickly nodded, and signaled for the forces to move inside.
The masses of troops hurried inside, and the whole place got quiet. The building was dark, and the soldiers looked on the celings to find dead bodies hanging from lights and fans.
Teh officer wispered to Keys,"It was jsut like this the first time when we came in here." The officer pointed with a shaking hand, over to a closed double door, that had a stair symbol on it,"Right when we opened the doors, They jumped down on us, and slaughtered us. We tried to make it up to the top, but the casualties were so high, that I ordered a retreat."
Keys looked at the doors, and saw blood that began to seep from under the door.
Keys wispered back to the officer,"What about the-"
"The elevator shaft is even worse. They pounced on a group of soldiers that tried that way up, none of them made it back."
Keys swayed his head back and fourth,"Then we'll just have to take the stairs."
Keys turned to the group of soldeirs,"Who will volunteer to go in first?"
Two soldiers stepped forward. One of soldiers held out a necklace with a picture on it,"I'll do it, but can you give this to my wife?"
Keys nodded, and put the neclace in his vest pocket.
The entire group of soldiers lined up 2 soldiers wide.
Keys looked around at the brave group of soldiers, and nodded,"Ready...GO!"
The first two soldiers kicked open the doors and charged through, and a pack of flood jumped on them. The Soldiers kept running through, shooting any flood in sight, trampling any who fell down, and keeping the pace up, as they winded up the stairs. Teh flood poured down the staircase, and met a solid wall of bullets that tore them to shreds.
      Floor 50/100: Soldiers were having to reload, and the running up the stairs started to take affect on them, but it didn't slow them down. The Flood warriors broke down doors, and engulfed the soldiers in their wake. The soldiers fiercly fired at anything that was moving. The group of soldiers was now down to 120.
      Floor 80/100: A few soldiers couldn't keep up with the group, so they provided cover fire for the rest of the group that could still have a chance to make it. The soldiers that were left behind were soon defeated by the flood in the darkness, their screams deafened by gunfire.
      Floor 90/100: The pace or the group was slowing down, and only 97 soldiers were left. The flood from behind them began to catch-up to the humans that were still busy fighting-off every wave of flood soldier.
"We only have a few more floros to go!" Keys screamed over the gunfire,"Just keep it up for a few more floors!"
The encouragement raised their spirits, and they all picked up the pace.
      Keys came to a level area, and fired at a door in front of him, and light came through the holes. Keys ran full speed towards the door, and rammed the door out of it's hinges. The remaining soldiers, 79 in all mad eit to the roof. Keys sqinted at the bright sunlight that now shown on him.
"Once all the soldiers have made it up, keep you guns trained on that door, and fire at anything that tries to get through!"
Keys looked over the edge of the building, to look at the building where they found the live civillian. Keys saw a group of ten Flood combat forms rush into the building where the man was, and then a few seconds later that certain room exploded from the fragmentation grenade set my Mendez.
Keys smiled a bit, at his cleverness, but his smile faded, when he watched the groups of DOC soldiers that were still on the ground, trying to fight off the flood. He felt so sorry for the men that had to perish under his order.
Keys went into thining about all the men that have died under his command but his train of thought was broken by the comm. device.
"This is Victor Charlie Victor! I heard you guys needed an evac?" The Comm. said.
Keys filled with happiness when we saw the group of Pelican decend from the sky. Kesy reached in his vest to grab a smoke canister. Keys pulled the pin, and let it roll to the surface of the roof. The Pelicans re-directed towards the rooftop.
"Rodger that Victor Charlie Victor. We are ready for evac."
"I copy that." VCV affirmed.
The Pelicans were like a miracle from the events which had just occured.
As the Pelicans rested their ends on the edges of the roof, VCV Asked Keys,"Where's everyone else? We left you with 500, and this looks like about 100 made it! What happened?"
Keys climbed into a Pelican with Mendez, and answered,"...Just make sure this place is completly wiped out..."
"...Rodger that," VCV slowly said,"we'd managed to get five napalm bombers just as you ordered, they should be here pretty soon."
Keys watched the last of the DOC soldier with their guns pointed to the doorway slowly back away from the door, shooting at the waves to flod that kept trying to get out, and th esoldier turned and jumped into the Pelicans which immediatly lifted from the rooftop. The flood warriors sawrmed the rooftop, and watched the pelicans zoom out of sight. The Flood then heard another noise, a screeching noise comming from the same direction as the pelicans. Teh Five bomber sped downwards from the clouds, and opened their bombays. The Flood looked up at the Bombers and watched them get closer. The bombers streaked over the buildings and each of the bombers dropped a 50 megaton Napalm Bomb. The Bombs decended from the sky, and just when they reched the level of the buildings, they deontaed. The force of the bombs toppled buildings in fire. The streets were engulfed in 1,000, 000 degree flames. Anything that got in the path of thses bombs were either knocked over, or was immediatly incenerated. The Bomber swooped overhead to see the entire city burn. Buildings toppled, and enemies were turned to ash. The tallest building that the DOC escaped from began to collapse. And with the building, fell the remaining flood. The flood screamed as they plummeted down and disappeared in the flames.
"Good work men" The Lead pilot told his team mates.

Just outside the city was a mark where a piece of metal from a building had been blasted from the napalm and had slid into the side of the sand dune. The piece of metal was 343 Guilty Spark. The light on him flickered, and then went dead.

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