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Wings of Death part 14: A Short-lived Dominion?
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 4 December 2002, 3:13 am

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      The Planet of Aroura was a peaceful planet that was known for not having much military involvment. There was one UNSC base on the planet named Fort Sacramento, but nothing else. The planet had a mere population of about 2,000,000,000 civillians, and was about the size of the well known planet, Earth. Fort Sacramento was the base of operations for the newly established dominion. It was was getting dark, as the sun went behind the mountians, and a brisk breeze wistled through the trees. The fort had a basic shape to it: It was 3 stories above ground, had a sqruare shape to the complex, and had a large guard tower on each corner of the complex. There was a sizable chaingun mounted in each of the towers, and there were also a few guards in each tower also. Guards patrolled the parimeter of the roof, and the parimenter of the base, looking out for any UNSC invaders. All-in-all, there were about 50 guards outside, and about tiwce as many inside the installation.
      Rebel Guard's Pvt. jamenson and Pvt. Focker patrolled around the west side of the builing, and watched the sun's light shimmer and fade away as it crept behind the mountains.
"Man what a great day." Pvt. Jamenson told Focker.
"Yah, but it's a bit chilly." Pvt. Focker said and hunched over a bit.
      A lone guard couldn't wait to take a smoke break, so he walked over into the woods that encased the building, leaving a space of about 50 feet inbetween the trees and the builing. The man saw a Warthog that was un-manned, and then he decided instead to sit behind it. He sat against the wheel, and let his legs spread out, and he let out a breath. He lit the cigarette, and closed his lighter, as he looked up to the sky. he saw a few bright flashes in the sky, and he squinted. There were more small bright flashed, about 20 in all. The flashes toned out to a continuous bright light. The guard knew he should report the strange sight, but he knew he would be cited for smoking when it wasn't his break, so he just sat and watched. The lights were getting bigger, like they were geting closer. one of the lights let out a bright flash, and the guard jolted, then dropped his cigarette, and his read slumped to his shoulder, as a fine bullet hole in his head seeped blood.

      25 men known as ODST's sped downwards, usng thier thrusters to keep themselfs stable. One ODST re-loaded his sniper rifle.
"Ok men stay in stealth, they haven't seen us yet."
acknowladgements came from all the men.
"We need those towers neutralized quick. I want deployment across the west and east points of the base. Our orders are to secure the surface and allow the 24th a clean LZ."
Half of the squad moved away from the other group so they could land on the west side.
The ODST's quickly decended, and touched-down. The guards were didn't expect the ODST's presense, and were caught off-guard.
The west ODST squad opened fire on the ground troops.
"Watch out Focker!" Pvt. Jamenson screamed to the other Private.
"What did you just call me?!?" The private screamed back to him, and then his body was shattered by bullets.

The ODST's overtook the guards, as more of them dropped down from the sky.
The towers turned their chain-guns towards the ODST's. One ODST hugged the wall, and activated a large pack, and lobbed it up into one of the towers. The tower made a mass explosion, and fire shot out all sides. The other towers met the same fate as large plumes of fire mushroomed into the air. Sirens went off all around the exterior of the building. the guards lept into Warthogs, and drove towards the ODST's fireing the Chain-guns. Another ODST threw his pack into the tire of the warthog, and when it exploded, the vehicle, along with the people inside were torn to shreds. One ODST carried a plasma torch, and errupted fire upon a group of attackers, and they were burned to death in a few seconds. DOC(Dominion of commoners)troops fired from the roof, taking cover from the ledges. A group of ODST's took flight with their thrusters, and jumped onto the ledges, mowing down all the attackers.
      The remainder of the DOC guards fled into the forest. The outside of the installaton was in ruins and flames.
"Call in FLEETCOM, and tell them the LZ is clear and awaiting the 24th."

      In the orbit of Aroura sat the huge UNSC Transport vessles that carried the 24th Armored Division.
Men ran to their Pelicans, and even larger transports were loading up vehicles like Scorpion tanks, warthogs, heavy machine guns, batlle suits, and mobile supersonic tremor devices.
      The troop and suppply transports left the large transports that carried them, and made their way towards the planets surface.

      Comander Mendez and the other officials of the DOC sat around a large table, discussing what they should do.
"I say we surrender." One man said.
"There is no way we can surrender now, after what we've pulled together."
Commander Mendez said,"We should send a distress beacon to any of the outlying planets of this system, and tell them to relay the message until the message reaches Earth."
"Verywell sir." The man said.
"Oh,a nd I want all the avaliable men we have in this installation armed, and ready to fight, I want the entrance and all other halls that aren't manned, mined with loutus tank mines. We need to put up a good fight to stall them."
"Yes sir." The man said then motioned for the rest of the men out of the room. After the men left the room, the man turned to face Mendez,"With all due respect sir, this is scuicide."
The Commander stared at him wsith his cold grey eyes,"We have nothing to lose leutenant."

      Keys landed hard on the bomber's roof, and clumsily made his way towards the hatch. He noticed the Bomber was going exceedingly fast. he struggled to move his legs forward, and get to the hatch. Keys got to the door, and reached out to grab the handle, when suddenly it blasted out, and knocked keys down onto the roof of the bomber. The pilot came out with an oversized handgun, heaved it in Keys' direction, and fired. A large flash came from the barrel, and the shell exploded on the armor of the ship, next to Keys' arm. Keys sprung up, and reached for his assult rifle. The pilot cocked his handgun, and blasted Keys' MA5B to pieces. Keys looked down at his mangled gun, and then charged at the pilot. Keys grabbed both ofthe man's hands, and twisted the pilot's wrist until he heard it crunch. The man dropped the gun, which was immediatly attached to Key's magnetic pad. The Pilot came back with a swoop of his knee to Keys' stomach, and Keys flinched in pain. The pilot grabbed Keys' vest, and threw him across the ship. Keys got back up, and pulled the Glock out, and fired a round into the man's knee-cap, and the Pilot screamed in pain. Keys sprinted towards the man, and kicked the pilots injured knee inwards, and heard the bones snap. The pilot fell to the armor of the bomber, and saw his gun on Keys foot. The Pilot reached for his gun, and fired a few rounds into Key's left foot pad. The magnetic pad exploded into sparks, and Keys winced in pain as the explosion singed his foot. The pilot hoisted his gun, and fired at Keys' abdomen. Keys jumped out of the way of the blast, and the stray round hit the bombers' protective plates, as flames poured out of the gaping holes in it's armor. Keys immediatly got back up, and charged again, this time, landing a plated fist into the Pilots faceplate. The protective glass of the Pilots helmet shattered under the force, and large shards cut into the mans face. Keys grabbed the mans nack, and continued to puch the mans face. The Pilot's screams could be head inbetween the volleys of punches. Keys didn't notice the man's hand travel down his leg to grab a combat knife. Key continued to batter the man's blood-soaked face, until the pilot plunged the knife into Keys' thigh. Keys' cursed and pulled the knife out, and swung it towards the man's heart. The pilot stopped the knife, by grabbing Key's hand, but Keys kept pressing. The pilot, with hsi other hand, pulled out yet another Combat knife, and rushed it towards Keys' chest. Keys also stopped this knife. Keys' kicked the man's good leg in, and the man collapsed. Keys was now on top of the pilot, trying to press the knife into the mans chest while the pilot tried the same. It was a battle of strength as the kept eachother from pressing their knifes closer to their body.
Keys had an Idea, and looked past the pilot saying,"Look! it's Nsync!" "WHERE!?!?!?" The pilot screamed happily.
The pilot looked around, distracted, and Keys forced the knife into the man's heart. The Pilot jolted around a bit, then went limp. Keys slowly got up, with blood gushing out of his thigh, and looked over at the horizon to see the massive UNN cruiser explode on the ground. Keys heard a whining noise from below the bomber he was standing on. Keys looked over the edge to see the Master Chief's bomber rise next to Keys.
Keys Heard the Master Chief over the Comm.
"Mission accomplished Keys, we managed to rescue all of the passengers aboard the Cruiser, and it seems that you have...uh, neutralized the pilot.
Good work Keys."
"Yeah..." Keys said as his vision started to fade,"...Great." Keys vision went black, and he fell to the cold armored roof of the bomber.

      Down on the surface of Aroura, the ODST's were relaxing and waiting for the 24th Armored Division to arrive. The men sat on pices of vehicles, smoking cigarettes, and conversing with teammates, you know, having a good time.
The ODST's commander sat against the wall, and listened to his comm device:
"This is 24th armored division drop team, do you copy?"
The ODST responded,"I hear ya, the LZ is clear, go ahead and land."
"Rodger that."

      The men on the ground looked up to the roar in the sky to see a mass of pelicans and larger transports decend from the clouds. The ODST's made-way for the entourage, and cleared the landing zone. The Transports fired their landing thrusters, and the trees fluttered madly from the force. The dropships landed, and their engines came to a dead silence. The ODST's lined up in front of the lead pelican and saluted. The hatches opened, and men spilled out. There was one certain uniformed soldier that strolled out of the lead pelican, and walked pass the saluting soldiers, to the ODST CO.
"Good evening." The Uniformed man said to the CO,"I am Leutenant LT Smash,"(ok ok I got that anme from the Simpsons),"I am taking charge here."
"Yes sir." The ODST said.
"Your men are ordered to leave,"The leutenant pointed over to an empty dropship,"go on."
The ODST's quickly left the officer, and got in the departing pelican.
The UNSC soldiers of the 24th(50 in all) marched over to the large transports, and opened the containment hatches. The hatches opened and a row of battle suits came out. The Battle suits were bulky armored suits that went around the entire body. There was a thick faceplate that was conjoined with the rest of the armor, and left no weakspots in the suit, except for the joint areas.
All the soldiers put their suits on, and marched to the entrace of the installation and awaited orders.
      The Massive transports unloaded Scopion tanks, Mobile supersonic tremor devices, and warthogs. Snipers patrolled the rooftop, and more suited up soldiers stood outside on guard.
"Listen up!" The leutenant said,"Our objective is to infiltrate this installation, and capture the defector that goes by the name of Commander Mendez, he needs to be alive."
The soldiers at the door nodded.
The Leutenant looked over at a man carrying a large case,"Corporal Cooper!"
"Yes sir!" The Corporal replied.
"Get this door open!" The leutenant barked.
"Yes sir, right away sir!" the corporal said, and strapped the case to the door. Everyone turned their backs to the wall, and put their hands over their heads, and the door blasted open with so much force, that the titanium door was ripped to shreds.
"Go go go!" The Leutenant yelled at his group of 50 soldiers, and they all clambered down the long corridor.

"I think he's coming back." A voice echoed in Keys' head.
"hmm, he lost quite a bit of blood from that wound, but he looks fine now. the re-construction of his damaged bones and ligaments seemed to do just the thing."
"mmm...huh?" Keys sqinted his eyes, and looked around, to see the Master Chief, and some other SPAARTANS standing around him.
Keys looked around to see they were still in the stolen UNSC bomber, and the ship jolted.
Keys looked at the Master Chief,"Where are we going?"
"We just recieved word of a new anti-UNSC government run by my old CO in training, Commander Mendez."
"Great." Keys said.
"The only problem is, we've recieved a distress beacon from their Base of Operations, and they are under siege by the UNSC, so we have to rescue them before they get to Mendez."
"Why do you love him or something?" Keys asked him confused.
The Master Chief quickly responded,"yes-but thats not the point."
There was a long silence in the ship.
The middle aged man that brought the weapons out before, brought just a bundle of short barreled rifles that looked like assult rifles with scopes on them, and larger clips.
"These,"said the man,"Are called MASP8's, or as the marines call 'em: Armor busters."
"Care to tell us why?" Keys asked.
"This MASP8 has the firing rate of an MA5B, and has an explosive tipped round, to allow the bullet to pierce through normal battle plate, or a marines armor."
Keys sat up, and held one in his hand,"It's pretty heavy."
"Yes well-" The man began, but then loked at the master chief, who was flipping them in the air,"mabye just for you mr. Keys."
The pilot radioed back to the group of people,"We're entering Aroura's orbit, and are being hailed by one of the fleet's commander's. Keys ran to the cockpit, just as the pilot accepted the trasmission.
"This is UNSC transport command, this airspace is restricted for the time being, turn your ship, or you will be fired upon!"
Keys said off-camera,"Sir we are carrying the new SPARTAN v2's to Aroura for testing."
The commander leaned off camera, and then came back,"Sorry there is no authorization, or any record of SPARTAN v2's being tested here. Now turn your ship."
"Sir," Keys said, not revealing his face,"This is a top secret ONI priority A test, we must continue."
The commander grew suspicious,"Let me have a glance at this new project, then I'll let you through."
The Master Chief walked in, and showed his face to the camera.
"Oh my." The man said, looking at the Master Chief's figure,"You have permission to continue."
Their bomber sped down into Aroura, and found the co-ordinates of Fort Sacramento, and sped towards it. The pilot flew the ship down in the trees, 1 kilometer from the fort, and the SPARTANS, along with Keys marched their way towards Fort Sacramento, and their enemies.

      Guarding the fort was the most tedious job Ptv. Yapper has ever been assinged to, usually, he's on the front fighting covies, but no, he's stuck on guard duty, with 20 other men and heavy artillery. Ptv. Yapper was so tired from the job, he didn't hear a crack from a gun, and the gasp from his fellow soldier, that had a newly opened hole in his throut. "INCOMING!" A guard scremed, just before a tank exploded into pices. Ptv. Yapper piped up, and held his gun ready. There was gunfire from the trees, and he could see figures moving swiftly through the trees, firing in mid-air, and slamming rounds of bullets into his fellow men. He cautiously moved back faced towards the trees, and fired a few times into the trees. Someone tapped on his shoulder, and he swiveled around to see a masculine man in green armor, slam his fist through Yappers faceplate, straight into his head. Yapper fell on the ground, half of his face pounded in.

      The SPARTANS jumped wildly from tree to tree, causeing panic in the ranks.
The person who was in command on the surface screamed out,"Concentrate artillery fire in the trees!"
The Tanks and Tremor devices swiveled towards the trees, and unleashed hell upon the forest. Row of trees were leveled in flames and shattered into splinters by the STD's(Supersonic Tremor Device), but the SPARTANS stayed in the trees. One SPARTAN threw a grenade into the barrel of one STD, and it's operators dove for cover, as the cannon lit-up the dark sky, and incenerated the operators. The four snipers on the roof were having trouble keeping their crosshairs on the unknown enemies. One sniper found an un-armored man sneek out of the trees, it was Keys. The sniper moved his crosshairs over to Keys, and held a tighter grip on the rifle. The sniper smirked, and pulled the trigger.
(A loud crack is heard, and everything goes black)

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