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Wings of Death part 12: gaining allies and enemies
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 15 November 2002, 1:51 am

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      The red light on the camera went on, and keys cleared his throat, and began his speech that the whole human race would see,"Good day to everyone, this is former UNSC pilot of the Wings of Death Jacob Keys. What are the Wings of Death you ask? The Wings of Death were an elite flying ops. team. Whats so speacial about the Wings of Death you ask? We hold the most important secret to human life: years before the "discovery" of the Covenant, we came across them, they were hostile, and destroyed an entire planet. I know you think that this never happened...but it did. The whole thing was kept as a secret, by the UNSC's own: Admiral Stanforth. This crisis with the Covenant could have been averted if Stanforth told the UNSC...but he didn't. Also, there is a special weapon that we recovered from the first contact, that he's also kept a secret. He's now holding the weapon on the planet Reach. How can we trust the UNSC, when they are working against us?!"

      Billions of families watched in horror of the new development. Mixed emotions coarsed through everyones veins: confusion, dis-belief, and most of all, anger.

      Keys continued on, "I'm calling for a new reform! To put Stanforth and his right hand men out of office!," Keys looked proudly into the screen,"A new government." Keys motioned for the camera to go off, and the red light dimmed out, ending the transmission.
      Keys sat-back silently in the chair, wondering to himself what would happen next, not anticipating anything, because of so many variables.
"Master chief," Keys said spinning around to face the armored hero,"let the men go."
The Master chief motioned for the other SPARTANS to release their hostages, and they all let go. Keys looked around at the UNN personell, none were moving.
"Well,"keys said to the former hostages, "you can go now."
Still no one moved. One UNN camera man spoke up, "Uh so all those things that you said are true?"
Keys looked at the man with sorrow,"...yes"
"I'm staying," the camera man said.
"Me too," an engineer piped in.
"Well you could use some help on flying this heap...so i'm with you guys." the pilot said smiling.
Ok," Keys said with a feeling of hope, "if anyone doesn't want to go with this, leave."
Keys looked around, and no one left.
"Well then we should probably get the hell out of here before the UNSC arrive." Keys said.
"Too late." the pilot said looking at the radar screen, "It appears that the UNSC is quick on their word."

      Up from the sky, through the red clouds, 5 D class bombers dropped from the sky.
"Ok, this is toad 1," the leader bombers said to the other decending pilots, "delta formation, we're going to take these bastards out quickly, and effeciently."
"You heard the CO! delta formation!" Toad 3 barked.
The bombers hurdled from the sky at emense speeds, and people could hear the roar in the air from the ground.

      Keys swung around to the pilot, "Get this ship up! NOW! Judging by the poor engine noise, and speed on the radar, they are probably low class bombers, if we could get in the air, we should be able to coordinate an effective resistance."
"Aye aye sir!" The pilot said, and the engines hummed to life.

      The bombers now had the ship in sight. One volley of explosives would tear the UNN cruiser apart. the bombers got in range, and they all brought down the targeting reticules to their eyes.

"GOD DAMNIT! GET THIS SHIP OFF THE GROUND!" Keys franticly screamed.
"Sir dust must have overwhelmed the engines, it will take a few more seconds for it to clear the dust out!"

      The reticules turned red, signaling it was now time for the drop.
"Toad 1 to all bombers, objective is in range! Procede with drop!"

      The roar of the bombers became so loud that it began to shake the cruiser.
"Warning! ship targeted by enemy vessels!" the computer alarmed.
Keys closed his eyes, and clenched his teeth. He opened one eye, trying to stay upright from all the shaking. The engines on the bombers gave off an extra boom, and soared over the cruiser. Keys looked out the front viewscreen, to see the bombers fly past the cruiser, without dropping a single bomb.

"Damnit! Those damn technicians forgot to take the saftey off the bomb bays! lets go around for another pass!" Toad 1 said frustrated.

      All the poeple in the ship opened their eyes slowly, to see that they were still in one piece.
"Sir! Engines heated!" The pilot said with relief, "ready for takeoff."
"Good, get us off the ground, and set coordinates for the nearest mountain chain!" Keys said.
The pilot looked at him confused, but then nodded his head.
The lumbering ship took-off, and tried to escape from the bombers.

"So they want to play a game of cat and mouse eh?" Toad 1 snickered, "Well then they'll get it."
"Sir!" Toad 2 said, "I scanned their ship for weapons, and found that they have none at all."
"Excellent, then we should board their aircraft, and capture them! Do you have any idea how much money we would get if we captured Keys?"
       The Bombers went around for another swing, but the ship was nowhere to bee seen on the ground.
"Look!" Toad 4 exclaimed, and the pilots saw the massive ship jetting away.
"Pursue them!" Toad 1 ordered, and they all threw their throttle's into afterburn.
      Keys held tightly onto the railing on the bridge,"What kind of weapons are on this thing by the way?"
The pilot gave a blank expression,"There are no weapons sir...it's supposed to be a news broadcaster, not a war machine."
"Well does this thing have anything? any weapons at all?"
"I can show you where that kind of stuff is," A middle-aged man stepped forward,"follow me."
Keys followed the man down the corridors.
"Where are you taking me?" Keys asked.
"well sometimes we are stuck in some pretty hostile situations, and are forced to defend ourselfs," The man opened a door that read 'authorized personell',"Thats why we carry this."
The door swung open, to show racks of weapons, and armaments. Keys strolled down the row, eyeing the array of weapons.
"Where do we start?" Keys asked the man, and luaghed to himself.

      The Bombers sped towards the ship,"ok men I want all fire directed to the engines," Toad 1 informed them,"We can't let them get away."

      A man my the name of Mendez strolled down the corridors towards his office on the planet, Aroura. He walked down the corridors cursing under his breath. The commander came into his office, and turned on the vid phone.
"Did you hear what happened?" Commander Mendez asked the man on the other line in frustation.

      The other man sighed,"Yes I heard everything. Citizens are uproared about this incedent, and there is universal unrest. Did you hear what the civillians demand? They demand an overthrow of the UNSC, and a new reform."

      Commander Mendez began to sweat,"What are we going to do Commander Picket? Stay loyal to the UNSC?"

      Picket let out a loud breath of air, and shook his head,"No."

      On the Bridge of the UNN cruiser, the SPARTANS waited patiently for Keys' return. They heard a noise from behind, and they al spun around with their guns raised. Keys and the man came out from the corridor, with the racks of weapons.
"It's a little early for chirstmas i know." Keys said smiling,"Take all you can."
The SPARTANS giddily snatched the heavy weapons, and assult rifles. The man that got the weapons with Keys returned with some weird looking circular pads,"Here put these on," The man instructed, and threw them to all the SPARTANS and Keys,"They're magnetic movement pads. They go on your feet, so you can run across any metal object that may be hard to stay on. The magnets will de-activate when you try to pull your leg up, but wil immediatly re-activate once you begin to put your foot down, allowing movement across the object."
"Thats great," The Master Chief said,"But why do we need them?"
"Because," the man said,"we have no external weapons, so that's where you guys come in. You and your squad will attempt to destroy the bombers from the roof of the ship."
The master chief hesitated, something he usually doesn't do, but then just answered calmly,"When do we start?"
      The ship slowed down a little bit to allow the people to open the door, and run out onto the ship. Seven SPARTANS carried rocket launchers, one heaved a chain-gun that he had ripped from a mount, and two other SPARTANS carried sniper rifles packed with high density rounds. Keys checked his machine gun, which was practicly a smaller version of a chair gun, that had a long string of armor piercing bullets that wrapped around his neck and shoulders several times.
One SPARTAN gave the 3-2-1 signal, and they swumg open the doors, and jumped out of the plane. Keys was the last to jump out. He leaped from the plane, and began to fall,"Holy shi-" He began, but then activated the pads, and he was immediately attached to the bottom of the ship. Keys tried to heave the string of bullets, while running up the side of the ship.

      "Toad 1 to sqad! Are you getting this also? It appears to be multiple life signatures on the roof of that UNN ship!"
"I copy that Toad 1, They look like the SPARTANS, lets take 'em out!" Toad 2 yelled.
"Rodger that."
"I copy that."
"rrRodger rogder."
"Unlock all archer misiles and fire upon those bastards!" Toad 1 ordered.
The Bombers were now in range of the ship, and the missle bays opened on the bombers. Unfortunatly, the SPARTANS had no idea the bombers were close.
Toad 1 tok in a breath then ordered,"FIRE!"

      In the depths of space, lied a covenant armada waiting to siege the newly discovered planet, Reach.
A Grunt ran down the corridors with a holo panel in his hand. He franticly pushed the other loitering covenant out of the way. The grunt stopped at a door that was guarded by two large Hunters.
"Urgent news" The Grunt panted.
The Hunters moved aside, and the door opened.
The Grunt ran into the room, and stopped at a large throne.
"My liege." The Grunt panted.
"What is it?" The decorated Elite spoke from the throne.
"Communications picked up a strange news broadcast from the humans."
The Grunt handed the elite the holo panel, and the elite viwed what was on the screen.
"Hmmm very interesting." The Elite said, transfixed on the screen,"This human seems to be working against the others. Most of the things he says do not matter, but what he means by the super weapon...does he mean-"
"Yes sire. The mysterious weapon that we found from the arcaidian galaxy, the one that fortells the end of all wars."
The elite sighs and then raises his head,"We cannot allow the humans to have posession of this grand device. We must crush them and re-take what is ours. Commander Wappie?"
"Yes sir?" The grunt asked.
"I want all posssible ships to rally here, i want every single ship in the fleet here to participate in this glorious moment."
"Yes sir! Right away sir!" The Grunt barked, and then ran out of the room.

      In the corner of the universe lies the most superior beings, unknown to man or covenant: The Forunner.
One Forunner sits in the shadows,"Alchemiedia?"
"Yes your highness?"
"It appears that our humans have found our Omega device, and are threatening to tamper with it."
"What do you say we do then?" Alchemiedia asks the Forunner in the shadows.
"...I want for you to awaken the monitors within the HALO devices. I want transports ready to carry our experiments out of the HALO's. And then after that, we will prepare for departure."
"But Sire, last time we unleased the creatures, they overran us, and almost elliminated us. And also i don't think now is the time we reveal ourselvs to the covenant and humans. They aren't ready to know we created them."
"They will be ready," The Preator from behind the shadows remarked,"call in all our vessels in the known universe, we're going to punish the beings who have stolen from the ones who gave them life."

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