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Wings of Death Part 11: 15 Minutes of Fame
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 19 October 2002, 3:49 am

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      Keys looked out of the window of the pelican, as they sped through space. Keys said he owed the Master Chief a big time for saving his life back on that planet, but he just told Keys that it was payback for the times he had saved his butt in space.
Now that the SPARTANS disobeyed Stanforths order, they will now also be branded as traitors. The SPARTANS have never liked Stanforth, because he didn't care whether or not they'd die in battle.
One SPARTAN broke the omnious silence on the ship,"So what are we gunna do now..I mean we ARE defectors."
The MC lifted his head up,"The only thing we can do is fight back."
"Oh great," another SPARTAN said,"just what the UNSC needs, another enemy."
"No," The Master Chief said smiling behind his visor,"We use the UNSC to get us the crate."
One SPARTAN chuckled,"Oh yah? And how are we going to do that?"
Everyone went silent.
Keys turned around from the window to face the SPARTANS,"Blackmail."
"Heh and how is that going to work?" The pilot asked over the comm.
Keys looked over at the news monitor that was broadcasting the carnage that happened down at the planet:
"This is UNN: Universal News Network correspondent Kathy Lee reporting. Sources say that SPARTANS came after a fugitive know as Jacob Keys, and left catastrophy in their wake! Thier are many dead and wounded here."The news reporter looks around in disgust at the bodies and wrecked buildings,"The whereabouts of the criminal Jacob Keys and the SPARTANS are still unknown."
Keys walked up to the cockpit,"Pilot, set a course for the planet we were just at...we need to visit the UNN."
The Pilot turned around to look at him like he was crazy, "...uh, aye aye sir. Everyone! hold on we're making a U-turn!"
      The Pelican made an abrupt turn that threw Keys to the side. Keys smiled, he was finally going to get back at all the things Stanforth has done to him in the past.

      Stanforth Went back into his office, to find the vid-phone light blinking. he sat down in his chair, and relaxed, and pressed the button. The screen came to life to show a uniformed man that seemed to be under a little stress.
"What is it?" Stanforth asked.
"Sir we have a situation with the SPARTANS." The man sighed
"Well what is it? Did my boys catch Keys?" He asked anxiosly.
The man had beads of sweat on his forhead,"...no sir."
Stanforth stared at the image of the man,"Why not..." he said in a quiet shaky voice.
"Sir...we have many therories as to what-"
"Sir...we think the SPARTANS...might have, defected."
Stanforth roughly vented air through his nostrils in frustration,"Fine it's time to move to plan B."
"Anything I could to do to assist you sir?" The man asked.
"Yes as a matter of fact." Stanforth said smiling,"Get me the location of the Keys' residence."
"Yes sir, right away sir." The man said, and ended the transmission.
Keys turned off the monitor, and sat back in his chair and lit another cigar and took a puff of it,"He'll never know what hit him," he said, and smiled again.

      After an hour of flying directly back from where they came, they finally landed on the planet. Keys hesitated before he jumped out.
"Something wrong? Well...besides the fact that you will have to hide the rest of your life" The Master Chief chuckled.
Jacob Keys sighed,"Before I jump out of this plane, and get myself into this...I want to get in touch with Shara."
The Master Chief jumped out of the Pelican,"verywell, but hurry it up, I don't know how long it will be until people start noticing us."
Keys ran to the front of the Pelican, and picked up the vid-phone, and turned it to the frequency of their house. The signal was sent, but no one replied.
"Damnit.."Keys muttered,"She must not be around."
Keys turned the vid-phone off, and slowly walked to the back of the Pelican, and jumped out.
      The wind hit his face immediatly as he jumped out. Sand blasted in his face, and made it really hard to see the surrounding. Keys had told the SPARTANS to capture the broadcasting station. Keys walked blindly, until he bumbed into someone who was held at gun-point. It was a crewman for the news station. Keys walked further, until he saw the massive news ship, that was about the size of ten pelicans. Keys walked up into the ship, and found more personell held at gun-point by the SPARTANS.
"Please don't shoot me." The news reporter begged.
The Master Chief asked,"Who can control the news broadcasting here?"
One man that was laying on the floor slowly stood up with his hands in the air,"I can, just don't hurt me."
"What's your name?" One SPARTAN asked.
"Thomas, why?" The, confused man asked.
"Well Thomas," The Master chief said,"you're going to help us send a transmission to the UNSC headquarters."
Thomas looked up at the Master Chief,"Are you crazy? I don't have the authorization for that!"
"Well then, who does?" Keys asked, entering the room.
No one answered his question.
Master chief swung his pistol over to Thomas,"Goodbye Thomas." The Master Chief pulled the trigger, and Thomas' body slumped to the ground,"If I don't get any answers, then another person is going to die!" The Master Chief screamed.
"I know who can do that," The reporter said, while crying,"just...please don't kill me."
"Fine, who is it?" Keys asked
"Our boss!" Another man spoke up.
"Oh? and who's your boss?"
Everyone pointed over to a man sitting in the corner.
"Get up." Master chief said.
The man just stayed in a bundle.
"GET UP!" Master Chief ordered, and fired a bulet that shaved a hole through the mans hair. The man sprung up.
"Fowllow me sir." The man said, and went into another corridor. They ended up in a large communications room, with a news desk, and a few large cameras. Put me on a line directly to UNSC high command Keys told him, and sat down behind the desk, looking at the camera.
The man, with a gun to his head pressed in a secret frequency, and flipped a few switches.
"Rolling in five..." The man said.
Keys prepared to give his blackmail to Stanforth.
Keys wiped the sweat off his forhead, which was a sign of weakness that he did not want to show.
The man poited to the camera, and a red light went on.

      The UNSC high command all sat around a large rectangular table, discussing political and economical isssues. The vid-phone at the end of the table lit up. Stanforth uneasily went over to the phone, and picked it up. Keys was on the other side of the transmission, sittng behind the UNN news desk.
Stanforth sighed,"Oh Keys, it's you."
"Good to see you again Stanforth." Keys admireingly said,"What do you want? It must be important seeing you hijacked the UNN's broadcasting vessel."
"As a matter of fact," Keys said, and leaned back on his chair,"I do."
"Then hurry it up son. What do you want?"
"I want the chest and all key pieces." Keys casually said.
Stanforth and all the other administrators laughed.
The camera turned to show all ten SPARTANS pointing guns at the news crew.
      All the people in the UNSC conference room were stripped of their smiles.
"So you have the SPARTANS on your side, so?" Stanforth said,"What, you think you can just overtake the greatest defenses of Reach with those puny toy soldiers?"
"Yes and no." Keys said,"See, if you don't agree to my conditions, then I will simply give away your secrets of how you cheated yourself into that position by taking credit for others, and of how we kept this crate a secret. And I will also tell of the cover-up on the Covenant, many years before they became publicly known...and I'm sure most people wont be happy with that. With most the population on my side, you don't stand a chance, so you might as well hand the crate over to me."
"Oh? And how is that going to help you?" Stanforth said with a smirk.
"Well," Keys leaned forward,"I've just matched the frequeny to all vid-phones and monitors, and tell every existing person in the universe about all the things you've done. It's called the universal frequency, because anyting can pick it up, even the curious Covenant."
Stanfoth's face turned red with rage, but tried to play it off.
"Bring her in,"Stanforth said to someone off-camera,"See Keys, in Chess, whenever you move your king, always keep an eye out for your queen." Just then, a woman was pushed into the view of the camera.
Keys knew who it was,"Shara..."
Shara looked desperatly at Keys,"Please don't let them harm me."
"Stanforth! She has nothing to do with this!" Keys screamed.
"Too bad!" Stanfother stood up and raised his pistol to her head.
Shara looked to the screen,"Keys don't say anything,"she hesitated as her eyes wandered off to something behind the camera,"...If you do, they'll kill me! Just don't say anything!" Shara screamed and tears streamed down her face.
Keys noticed something strange about the fact she kept looking tosomething behind the camera everytime she paused.
"Shara," Keys said, feeling suspicious,"Can I see your hand?"
Shara slowly lifted her right hand, palm showing. Tears streamed down her face.
"There's something wrong with your hand Shara..."Keys said, getting out of his chair, and leaning closer to the screen.
Shara looked confused,"What are you talking about sweety? My hand is perfectly fine..."
"That's whats wrong Shara." Keys said concetrated on the appearence of her palm.
Stanforth interjected,"What are you talking about Keys?!?"
Keys paused and his jaw dropped,"Checkmate...Thats not Shara."
"WHAT!!!" Stanforth screamed as spit flew from his red face.
"Nice try Stanforth," Keys said pointing at her hand,"She's supposed to have a scar on her right palm FROM HER ACCEDENT!!!"
"KEYS THIS IS HER! I SWEAR I WILL KILL HER!!!" Stanforth barked at Keys.
"Stanfoth, you FUCKING PILE OF BULLSHIT, and you're now going to pay for your consequences,"Keys flipped the monitor off, and broke the transmission with them,"Ok I want that universal frequency set up in five!"

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