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Wings of Death Part 10: Justification
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 12 October 2002, 1:23 am

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      Back on Reach, in a secret underground facility, sat Admiral Stanforth, leaning back in his chair, smoking a fine cigar, admiring all the medals that decorated his walls. Someone knocked on his door, and he sat forward.
"Come in." Stanforth said relaxed.
The same uniformed man that came into his office before, appeared from the door.
"What is it?" Stanforth asked.
The man had no expression on his face, and set a heavily armored suticase on Stanforth's desk. On the front of the case had the Wings of Death insignia on it, which was a ancient greek figure with wings, and lightning bolts in his hands reaching towards the sky. Stanforth has only seen a suitcase like this when there was a key piece in it, which meant that there was a dead memeber. He hoped it was Keys.
      Stanforth pressed in the code, and opened the briefcase. He stared in awe at the row of key pieces. He jaw dropped, and the cirgar fell out of his mouth. Stanforth flipped one piece: it was inscribed RIP 'Sythe'. Stanfoth cursed, and went to the next Key piece: RIP 'Shark',"comeon where's Keys?" he said frustrated, and flipped another over: RIP 'Bronco',"DAMMIT!" He said, and quikly flipped another: RIP 'Trigger',"The next one has to be Keys." He told himself. The uniformed soldier just looked at the ground, and shook his head.
      Sweat poured down Stanforth's face, and he flipped the piece over: RIP 'Aspen'. Stanforth jumped out of his chair, and threw the suitcase across the room. His face was red as a cherry, and he screamed at the man inthe room,"HOW CAN THIS BE?!?"
"Don't worry sir, our SPARTANS are on the job right now, in fact they retrieved these pieces. Stanforth cooled down, and loaded the pieces back up in the suitcase.
"Ok..lets go and add these to the crate." Stanforth said, holding the suitcase close to himself.
"Right sir." The soldier said, and they walked out of the room.
      The two men walked to a lift, and they were taken down hundreds of stories down into the installation, until they came to a stop. The room holding the crate had a very low celing(about 7 feet) and was comletely dark, except for four small beams of light that shone on the crate that was in the middile of the room. The crate was about 20 feet away from the lift, and the man stepped out of the lift, but Stanforth grabbed his the man's uniform, and pulled him back.
"You think that people would be able to get to the crate without surpassing deadly security grids and defenses?" Stanfroth said, and accessed a panel on the wall, and walked across the pitch dark floor to the crate. The Large metallic crate was about the height of the celing, and had a circular indentation where the key would go. there was already a large amount of key pieces alrady in the slot.
      Stanforth sighed, and inserted each piece into the slots. There was now only ten remaining Wings of Death that held pieces.
Stanforth looked down at the ground, and made a small prayer for the friends he had just lost, and remained looking at the ground.
The Uniformed soldier put his hand on Stanforth's shoulder,"Don't worry sir...we'll get him."

      Keys exited his beaten corvett, and looked for a nearby shipyard. Keys new this panet had a bad reputation for robbers, and other scum, so he kept all his weapons close to himself. Keys walked into another bar, and asked where the nearest shipyard was. The grungy bartender looked at him, and pointed over across the dirt street. Keys turned around, and walked out of the door, but bumped into a man. The man turned to keys,"Why you bumpin into me boy?" He asked with yellow teeth, and pushed Keys backwards. Keys went up to him, and the man pulled out his MD5, and Keys drew his Glock, Keys fired 4 shots into the mans chest, and he fell to the ground with blood pouring out of his wounds. Everybody in the entire bar heard the gunfire, and stopped what they were doing, and looked over to Keys. Keys looked around at them, and put his pistol away. All the people just shruged, and went back to their gambling and drinking. Keys smirked, and walked out the door to the shipyard.

      The SPARTANS were still en route to the outlaw world, And ever since they picked up the key pieces, the Master Chief hadn't said a single word. It has been about an hour so far ever since they left the asteriod belt, and it would take another hour to reach the planet, so the Master Chief would have plenty of time to plot his actions.

      Keys got a hold on a stolen UNSC class A Tactical fighter, unfortunatly, last time it was used, it was hot down, and needed repairs. The man at the desk told him it would take a day before it was repiared. The man charged him an incredible amount of money, but Keys had to pay up.
      Keys found a wreak of a hotel but walked inside and ordered a room. He sat on the broken bed, and looked at the celing. Keys dozed-off and thought of how much he'd like to get off this planet.

      An hour later, the two pelicans carrying all ten SPARTANS landed, and the armored soldiers marched out onto the streets. One man walking out of the bar saw the army of SPARTANS, and ran back into the bar yelling to everyone,"THE SPARTANS ARE HERE! THEY MUST BE HERE TO ARREST US! I WONT LET THEM ARREST ME!" He screamed(remember, practicly everyone on this world is an outlaw wanted for their crimes). The mob of 50 gun toting men ran out of the bar, and began to fire at the SPARTANS.
"Everyone, take cover!" The Master Chief yelled to his men, while he straifed with his assult rifle blazing. The spartans roudned around corners of buildings, and awaited the Master Chief's orders.
"NOW!" The MC barked, and his men and wemen knew what to do. The first to jump out from the corner threw one fragmentation grenade each. The grenades went off, and shrapnel flew into the eyes of some unlucky outlaws. seven SPARTANS straifed with their assult rifles, while two picked off targets with their sniper rifles, and one SPARTAN stayed back with a rocket launcher. The seven SPARTANS including the MC moved forward, pushing back the outlaws. some more people charged out of the bar, and one threw a grenade.
"FRAG OUT SPARTANS!" MC yelled out.
Two SPARTANS jumped out of the way of the blast while firing their assult rifles, killing the men at the door. There was still 10 SPARTANS and 30 cmiminals the SPARTAN with the Rokct launcher finally acted, and fired a rocket through the window of the bar. the explosion pounded out all the walls, as flames shot outwards, and the building was decimated, along with the people inside.
      The SPARTANS moved back to the pelicans where they recieved two Warthogs, and they loaded up in them. both of the passengers heaved a rocket launcher onto thier shoulders, and took the saftey off them. The Warthogs were completly loaded up, and the SPARTANS waited back until they heard the roar of many Warthogs from the criminals.
      Six Warthogs completly loaded up with people came around the corner at the way end of the town. The two snipers got in the back of each pelican and the pelicans began to takeoff. The SPARTAN controled Warthogs gunned thier engines, and peeled out in the gravel. as they sped towards the two enemy Warthogs in the front, the passengers aimed their RL's at the warthogs. Both of them smiled just before they fired their weapons. The RL's raced forward, and the enemy warthogs tried to avoid the rockets, but the explosions hit the ground next to both of them, and the Warthogs went flying into the air, throwing the passengers out to their deaths. The next pair of Warthogs fired their chain guns. the bulets hit the ground, and raced towards the SPARTAN'S Warhogs, and hit thier vehicles, causeing dents in the metal. The SPARTAN gunners fired back with deadly accuracy, and killed the two gunners. One SPARTAN driver pulled out his pistol, and readied it. The warthogs approached, and right when they passed, the driver fired a bullet into the head of the enemy driver. The other Warthog was destroyed by another rocket.
      A loud crak was heard, and the armor on one of the SPARTAN gunner's arm ruptured, and blood poured out. HE screamed out in pain, as he looked on the rooftop of a building to see a sniper. The gunner swiveled his chain gun over to the roof, and fired at him, shredding the wall of the building.

      leaning over the back in the one of the UNS'sC Pelicans, a SPARTAN sniper finds his target: the sharpshooter from the roof top.
"Target located!" The sniper yells over the comm., as he brings the crosshairs over to the man's head.
"Fire at will" MC orders him.
The sniper fires a single shot, which blows a hole through the sharpshooter's head.
Both the Pelicans race to the end of the ratty city, to find the remainder of the convicts sitting back.
Both of the snipers from both Pelicans rain death upon the the men below. The Pelicans circle like vultures over a dead animal, while the snipers take out as many men as they could.

      Back on the ground, the SPARTAN Warthogs go against the last set of enemy Warthogs. One enemy Warthog fires it's chain gun, and completly obliterates the left tire of a SPARTAN Warthog. The driver tries to maintain control, but he knows that it is no use.
"BAIL!" He screams to the passengers, and pulls a grenade. They jump out, and the driver leaves the live grenade in the warthog. The enemy warthog zooms by the broken Warthog, just as the grenade explodes. The enemy warthog tips over, and sends the passengers rolling on the ground, one SPARTAN that bailed, launched a rocket at the three enemy survivors, blasting their limbs across the walls of buildings.
The last enemy warthog speeds towards the other, now it sems this is a game of chicken. The passenger of the enemy Warthog fires a rocket that hits directly in front of the SPARTAN warthog. The SPARTANS hold on as their Warthog turns backwards in the air. The enemy warthog passes under them. The Warthog does a complete backflip, but while it is up-side down, the gunner fires a stream of armor piercing bullets froim the chain gun at the enemy warthog, hitting the engine, and causing it to explode. The SPARTAN occupied Warthog continues to turn vertically, and lands on the ground perfectly. The Warthog comes to a screeching halt, and the SPARTANS look back to see all the wreakage. There were bits of flaming metal strewn all across the street. Bodies of dead men lie everywhere, and the whole place got quiet all of a sudden. The only thing that was making a noise, was the whoosing sound of small fires. The SPARTANS all slowly walked to the middle of the street, with their guns and heads lowered. Both Pelicans decended, and the snipers jumped out of the back, leaving empty cases of sniper rounds behind. They all gathered together, one SPARTAN had removed the sniper shell out of his arm and injected bio-foam into his wounded arm, and stodd next to the others,"What's the friendly body count?" he asked the Master Chief.
"0 casualties" He replied.
"What about enemy casualties?" The wounded SPARTAN asked.
The Master Chief sighed and said in a low voice," 100% casualties."
"Anyway," one SPARTAN interjected,"We've got to find that Jacob Keys."
The Master Chief remembered about Keys, and saw that the building he was in was just right in front of them.
"Lets move Spartans! double time!"
The SPARTANS all knew thier role in this infiltration, and they began to carry it out.

      Keys saw the commotion outside, explosions aren't really something that you could sleep through. Keys was covering the door with a shelf, and he put his beadspread up against the window. Keys checked all his weapons. If he was going to get killed, he was going to take out some SPARTANS along with him. Keys rigged the door with a grenade, and laoded his Glock up with a new magazine of armor piercing rounds. Keys could hear loud thumps on the stairs outside, which sounded like armored boots coming up the stairs. Keys aimed the gun straight at the door. The thudding came closer, and right to the front door, and everything was silent. Keys kept his pistol raised at the door, and was triying not to lose his cool. He then heard something above him: more thudding. Keys raised his pistol to the celing. Keys dropped his pistol, and picked up his MA5B, and checked to see it had shredder rounds. He rasied it up to the celing, and puled the trigger. The shredder rounds fired into the celing, splinters of wood fell everywhere, and the celing finally collapsed, sending two SPARTANS down in a heap of heavy white dust. The beadspread that was covering the window exploded into pieces, and two SPARTANS came from above the window, and glided in using ropes. The front door started to bang really hard, and it was finally busted. The pin on the grenade came off, and detonated in the faces of six SPARTANS. Amazingly, all of them survived, and one tackled Keys. All the SPARTANS gathered around Keys. Keys looked around wondering what they would do to him. The SPARTAN that was on top of him had a pistol rubbed in his forhead.
"Well Keys," A familar voice said through the visor,"It's good to see you again."
The Master Chief let go of his gun, and let it dangle on his pointer finger, butt-up. He got off of Keys, and stuck out his hand towards Keys.
"Wha? Is that you John?"
"Keys.."The Master Chief struggled to say,"I can't do this."
Keys grabbed The Master Chiefs hand, and He pulled him off of the ground.
"Thanks John." Keys said and shook Master Chiefs hand,"I think we have some buisness to do."

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