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The Mis-adventures of master chief: part 4 (a comedy)
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 7 August 2002 9:09 pm

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GET UP COMEON GET DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS-oh hey Stephen what are you doing here?

-I, uh...well um, your mom let me in.-

uh but Stephen....my mom isnt home...

-OH....I mean your uh....CAT! Yes! your CAT let me into the house.-

yah she does that all the time Stephen.....

-you should really make a part 4 for that fan fic.-

Hey Stephen?


Your an idiot.

-Oh, and why is that?-

Comeon Stephen, I wouldnt be THAT stupid to make a part 4.

-but-but Shadow, and Arch-

Yah so what they dont have lives, they can lick my harry monkey balls for all i care.

-But you dont have a life either.-

Stephen, you make a strong argument.

-so will you join the lifeless ones just for a little innocent joy on the internet....and make a part 4?-

Well now that you say it like that....OF COURSE!

-hey wouldnt that be ironic if the part 4 was playing while we were having our conversation?-

The master chief was enjoying himself at the gay bar that i left him at.
"Chief Mendez! I never knew you had such strong hands." MC commented to him.
"See I told you it wasnt so bad, too bad Jersatil isnt here,"Nic-Nac said glumly.
"Jersatil? Who's Jersatil?" Mc questioned.
"you know, that fan fic by Cap'n Keys, 'escaping convicts' or something." the grunt said.
"heh thats funny because it has NOTHING to do with convicts of any kind." MC said with a grin.
"HA! what an idiot." The grunt said informantly.
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA," they both drew another big breath,"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH."
"you know Narrorator, your comedy could hurt peoples feelings." MC said quietly.
Who? oh you mean Cap'n Keys? nah he's fine with it, right Cap'n?


shutup Cap'n.

---you talking to me?---

no-no-no-no, not you Cap'n Crunch! please dont crunchitize me!


Wait a second, I'll just do 'The Matrix' trick where he bends backwards to avoid the bullets. I can use it to avoid the crunchitize beam. Here goes nothing...





shutup Cap'n Keys, you have no idea what its like to pee out FREAKIN FRUTTY PEBBLES!

--Hey and just to make-fun of your title, your story dosent have ANYTHING to do with the master chief in any way, anymore--

Ofcourse it does, look!

All-of-a-sudden, the master chief and his side-kick Nic-nac walked out of the gay bar. The grunt had to be thrown out by female bouncers, to get him out. the Master Chief left out the door crying to Chief Mendez,"CALL ME SOMETIME, remember, its (666)911-6969."
"And remember!" Carrot-top busts in,"save big bucks on ALL collect calls, remember: c-a-l-l-A-T-"
sorry folks, but I had to shoot Carrot-top. Jeese doesnt his hair annoy more people than just me? Comeon my mom had that hair do in the friggin 70's I bet.

--thats the only action scene I've seen in this story, when you blast off Carrot-top's head.--

Oh Cap'n Keys thats not true ill show you a sneak preview to my later part:

Jersatil and the Chief stepped back while Jersatil placed a plasma grenade on the door. The grenade blew up, and filled the room with the unearthly blue light that had become all too familiar to the Chief. The door turned white again, but this time before it could cool down, Jersatil placed another one on there. The grenade blew up again, and the door melted down. Inside were two tubes and four bottles. Jersatil noticed an inscription on the inside of the safe. "It is in the ancient language of our prophets," he said. "I will try to read it."

SEE I told you I had action scenes in my story.

--hmmm i guess your right...--

I told you.

--wait a second...thats copied from one of MY stories!--

How DARE YOU accuse me of plagerism! see its not identical:

BOB and JOE stepped back while BOB placed a FRAGMENTATION grenade on the door. The grenade blew DOWN, and filled the room with the unearthly GREEN light that had become all too UN-familiar to JOE. The door turned BLACK again, but this time before it could cool UP, BOB placed another one on there. The grenade blew up again, and the door melted SIDEWAYS. Inside were two CANS and four CONDOMS. BOB noticed an inscription on the inside of the PIGGY BANK. "It is in the MODERN language of our BURGER KING EMPLOYEES," SHE said. "I will try NOT to read it."


--ok fine i'll let you get away with it this time--

sucker heh heh heh

--i think ill screw around with your Halo Ibonk forum setting--

fine, Ibonk forums suck anyway.

----what did you say?----

oh hey Bonk, i say nothing, nothing at all, BTW, why havent you put that trick up on your site?

----it was too good to go on my site----

oh i thought so.

oh hey ryan!


wanna smosh?


"hey why is this whole story based on you and your friends...AND NOT ABOUT ME?!?!?!?!" MC asked to me.