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The Mis-adventures of master chief: part 1(a comedy)
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 19 July 2002, 12:03 am

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This story starts from where Halo (the game) left off:

"Halo, its finished", Cortana said slowly.
"No i think we're just getting started",MC replied.
"Well thats a dumb remark, because we just DESTROYED it",Cortana said with mixed confusion in her voice.
"Listen B!tch, stick to the script, and we'll all get our money, alright?"
"WELL SCREW THE SCRIPT", Cortana yelled,"look at me, i'm a friggin voice inside your head, do you have any idea how little voices inside peoples heads get paid??!!"
There was silence as they both just sat there in silence(go figure) inside the longsword.
"so, are you hungry?",MC asked trying to change the subject.
"You're an idot", cortana replied.
"Hmm...i'll take that as a yes",MC said as his stomach growled,"Cortana make urself useful and locate the closest resurant you can find."
"Fine",Cortana said as she went mumbling on,"i guess voices inside peoples heads dont get any respect these days. Wait, i found one,'Greasy's fast food'."
"Great, I'll put u into the ship, and you could fly us there," MC said, happy that he was going to eat,"man I havent had a meal ever sense i was being played on Halo, I guess my beloved fans dont have time for thier beloved characters to eat."
"Yah yah yah, just put me into the computer and i'll fly us there," Cortana said with impatience.
"Can i start calling u Corty from now on?" the MC said dumbly.
"No."cortana said quickly without emotion.
The Longsword started on its way to the fast food resturant.
"Hey," cortana said, "while we're on our way,u wanna play truth or dare?"
"ok but u go first" MC said.
"TRUTH",Cortana said "did u like anyone in ur spartan training?"
"Comeon u have to tell me, its the rules"
"Fine, in spartan training...i had a thing for...Chief Mendez."MC glumly replied.
"Oh thats just sick."cortana said with sickness in her voice.
"Hey lookey here,"MC said in relief ,"there's Greasy's! Yes saved by the bell." he wispered
They landed in the parking lot, crushing two Chevey's
Cortana appeared on the holopanel glaring at MC.
"uh...uh...i swear those cars were already like that" MC said lamely,"they were pieces of crap anyway", he mumbled as he steped out of the longsword.
As they walked into the diner, he noticed someone familiar,"343 Guilty Spark??!!" MC said suprised to see him,"what r u doing behind the counter"
"Number 3 your orders up!-oh hello there reclaimer"
"what are you doing here 343?"
"Well, the information that I stole from your ship was very helpful." 343 said happily,"with the weath of iformation on your whole race i decided that the best and most beneficial thing to do was open up a FAST FOOD CHAIN, MUAHAHAHAHHA!"
"Oh 343 you're really losing your evil touch" MC said with a grin on his face.
"but thats not the most evil part, oh no my friend, im in partnership with STARBUCKS! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

to be continued....
or is it???
ok it is....
or is it??? bum bum bum
alright expect a part 2....
or will u, i just dont kno....