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Cry for a Hero part 6: End is Near
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 23 August 2002 2:03 am

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      I woke up to feel a pain on my forehead. I went to rub it, but my hands seemed to be stuck. Someone smaked me in the face, and I opened up my eyes slowly, to find a familiar face.
      "So," Hopkins smiled at me,"how are things going Coop?"
      I looked around the room: it was a small utility room about 10x10 in size. Only Hopkins was present at the time.
      "Im doing fine how 'bout you?" I aksed smiling. He punched me in the face and smirked.
      "What did you see in the com center?" he asked me, suspicious,"dont make me kill you now, this is the only reason I kept you alive...are the UNSC sending more troops? Is that what the message read?"
      "nope" I answered simplily.
      "Then what the hell was it Coop?"
      "Why the hell would I want to tell you?" I asked, while finding out that my hands were tied behind a simple wooden chair that I was sitting on.
      "Because," he pulled my plasma dagger out and put it to my neck, it was un powered at the time," if you dont...im going to cut your smart little head off."
      "So your just like Johnson?" I asked.
      He smiled,"Yes, we worked together on the whole thing, gathering info for the Activists, weapons depots, weaknesses in the force, and much more!" he paused,"didn't you ever wonder why Johnson just knocked me out back at that warehouse, and didnt kill me? He was SUPPOSED to fake like I was hit in the head, and I was SUPPOSED to fall down and draw my gun to kill the rest of you people."
      "You told the rebels where we were going to land...didnt you. And you told the Marines to rendezvous at that certain location? You Bastard!" I lunged at him, but failed, considering that I was tied. I fell over sideways, he put me upright and kicked me in the face, blood swelled down my nose.
      "Yes it was quite easy, all I had to do was punch in co-ordinates of the LZ, and send the info to the rebels. once the Pelicans were fired on, I walked to the pilots cockpit, shot him and oped the main hatch when we were still in the process of coming out of space, killing all the passengers. I then came all the way to this com center, where I was able to rally all the survivors of the UNSC raid here, so they would be slaughtered," Hopkins let out a big laugh,"I also purposly set off the gas defence seystem in that corridor to kill who I hoped to be all of you."
      "Good plan," I sarcasticly commented him, while looking at my malfunctioned plasma dagger that he held in his hand,"If your going to kill me, do it in honor, please make it painless."
      He looked at me suspiciously, while I looked at his bare hands.
      "Fine, but I gotta know how this baby works, I didnt really pay much attention to the instructor." he said while fiddleing with the plasma dagger.
      I sighed and said,"Hold the bottom with one hand and flip the switch,"
      He put his hand on the bottom, where it was crushed, and put his finger on the switch. Sweat beaded off my forehead in anticipation of his faulty move. I was fixated on his finger as he slowly flipped the switch. The energy surged through the plasma dagger until it reached the crushed wires at the bottom of the dagger, The massive bolts of electricity went into his hand that was at the bottom of the plasma dagger. I watched him as sparks flew out of the dagger, and his hand started to fry. He threw the dagger at the wall, breaking it. I stood up and rammed him in the stomache with my head. he fell down twitching from the voltage that surged through his body in those few seconds. I dropped on his body, with my back, breaking the chair on him, and all the ropes on me became lose. I threw all the ropes off of me and liesurely opened the door, leaving Hopkins there to twitch for a few hours, besides, I had better things to worry about.
      I ran down the empty corridors until I ran past one where there was yelling at. I walked back to the door and cracked the door open, to find Zamns in the same position I was in, being bossed for information. I saw his eyes light up as I snuck through the door and ran up to the unknowing, and alone rebel interrigator. I grabbed His head from behind, and quickly snapped his neck. The man jolted for a second, and flumped to the ground dead. I took the man's gun and smashed Zamns chair with it, freeing him from it. I looked at the gun which seemed to be a MA5B but had a grenade attachment welded to the side of it. I looked at the ammo count:60 bullets, and 5 impact grenades, and 2 extra magazines. We ran out of the door just as the whole entire facility's lights flashed red. and red alert sirens went off blaring in my ears. I looked down the hallway from where Hopkins was, he was laying halfway on the ground, and he had his hand on the security button. He laughed continuously before I fired 10 bullets into his body. He fell completly down in a puddle of his own blood, and died with a hysterical look on his face.
      "We gotta get outta here quick!" I said.
      "Detonation in 10 minutes, Havok nuclear device armed." A computer voice sounded.
      "OH SHIT! That Idiot Hopkins must have armed the weapon!" Zamns said.
      "Is there anyway we can stop this?" I asked him while we ran down a long corridor.
      "Yes, every building has an override command, so we gotta get to the central processing unit, before time runs out!" Zamns yelled to me over the sirens.
      Men poured out of a large room and scrambled for the exits, we didnt bother fighting them, so we let them continue on thier way. We came to a map that showed that we needed to go through the large room and take two rights to the corridor that led to the CPU. We ran into the large room where about five men came through the door, these men were ready to fight. I fired my grenade in the middle of the group and their bodies were sent everywhere in a hail of shrapnel and fire. We came through the door back out into a corridor, and took a right, we continued on until we got to the corridor that turned into the hallway that led to the CPU. I looked around the hallway and peeked it in just before 4 pop-up sentry guns shot up the walls next to me. They were guarding the CPU and I had to take them out in order to continue on.
      "Zamns, run as fast as you can across this hallway to the other corner, to distract them." I ordered him.
      "Right!" He confirmed and ran across the hallway, as bullets littered the floor all around him. Just before he reached the other corner of the hallway, I came out of my corner and fired 2 impact grenades directly at the sentry guns. They exploded, sending metal everywhere, and left sparking craters in the floor. We ran down the corridor and found a sealed panel labeled: "CPU WARNING: DO NOT TAMPER!"
      "Warning! 7 minutes until detonation" the computer voice informed us."
      We bashed at the panel that was sealing the controls, and finally, it came loose, and fell off. We saw the button that would override the detonation, but it was sealed and needed authorization.
      "SHIT! We aren't authorized to override the system!" Zamns told me.
      "Well...why dont we just bash the seal?" I said with desperation.
      "I leveled my barrel of my gun and pulled the trigger, releasing 50 bullets into the small seal. The seal was getting thinner by every bullet, so I dropped the spent clip and put in a new one, and fired again, unleashing my entire magazine on it. I heard it crack and then I smahed it enirely with the butt of my gun.
      Relief swept over me and I smiled,"After you!" I happily said and motioned for Zamns to press the override button. I saw his hand push the button, and I jumped for joy. We high-fived each other, then suddenly all the lights shut off. We both turned on our flashlights and looked over at our selvs.
      "Hey whats going on?" Zamns asked me.
      "I don't really kn-"
      "Warning! No authorization recived! Tampering detected in CPU! Base has been now set into lockdown!" The computer voice boomed over all the speakers.
      I heard all the corridor doors shut and lock, and the countdown continue.
      "Were screwed..." Zamns said slowly just before our flashlights flickered...and went out.