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Cry for a Hero Part 10: The Cry Will Be Answered (Series Finale)
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 6 September 2002, 1:06 am

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      The rebel Covenant were all conversing as they started to pick up all the equipment that they could hold.
"HOLD ON!" Kah'Amir said, and everyone dropped thier luggage,"Yes you are a human, and as much as we'd like to help you, I think I want to know what we're getting ourselfes into, before we ally with you and your bretheren."
"Ok..." I told them the entire story and plan of how we're going to destroy the covenant,"But the only problem is, you will also die, due to the feedback of the religous leaders."
Kah'Amir laughed,"ha-ha my friend you are wrong, one of the resons we became rebels of the Covenant, is because the religous leaders controlled our lives with implants that would recieve their brain waves. Your comuter, 'Cortana' is wrong about adapting to the Brain waves, the waves are simply recieved by implants in our brain. Whenever another Covenant defects top us, we remove the implant, that way the religous leaders don't kill you."
"How would they kill you?" I asked confused.
"Ah, the implants can recieve deadly brain waves from the religous leaders, that way, they don't have any traitors in the ranks." Kah'Amir explained.
"So are you willing to fight against the Covenant, and escape to watch them all die painfully?" I asked smiling.
"This has been an answer to our prayers, yes we will join you and your friends." Kah'Amir said shaking my hand.
      We all made our way to the transport vehicle, and loaded it up with as much weapons and ammunition as we could. Everyone tried to fit in the cramped aircraft but failed. there were 10 rebels and me that couldn't fit in.
"Oh no," Kah'Amir said,"It looks like you guys will have to take the streets to the ship. There are enough plasma rifles in the basement for all of you people that cant make in on this transport vehicle."
      the eleven of us went down to the basement, and grabbed two plasma rifles each. We came out onto the alley-way, with long trench coats on, to disguise our real selvs. We walked into the streets, and made our way to the CCS 'Shadow Lurker'.
Some civillian yelled,"THEIF!" As a bulky Elite snatch her purse, and bumped into me. I fell on the ground, and the hood fell of, revealing my human face. Everyone that was standing around me froze, staring at my true self.
One anonomous Grunt screamed,"HUUUUUUUUMAN!" And everyone scrambled away for me. 5 armored Elites that seemed to be law enforcement officers, rushed out of a Starbucks and leveled their guns at me. All the Rebels threw their trench coats off, holding plamsa rifles in both hands, and opened fire on the unsuspecting Elites. I pulled both of my plasma rifles out and aidied in the slaughter. The Elites eventually dropped dead, burnt from major plasma shots. We ran down the streets, leveling the crowds with our powerful weapons.
      Just before we came into the bend into the Body Disposal Site, where the ship was, three Ghosts appeared, and fired on us. We all straifed for cover, firing and destroying one Ghost. I checked my pocket, and found a fragmentation grenade. I pulled the pin on one, and threw it at a Ghost that was shooting at a Rebel. The Grenade detonated, and sent the body of the driver 20 feet into the air, before he smacked into the ground. The last Ghost charged for a rebel that was out in the open, and took his head off. I yelled and jumped onto the Ghost, and tried to throw him off. He responded my swinging at me, not realizing where he was headed on the ghost. I looked forward, and there was a rising on the ground, that led into a large fire, where the bodies were being dumped. I took his hand, and turned it forward, giving it more acceleration. He took another swing at my face, and slammed me off the Ghost. I tumbeled and watched as the Elite screamed, just before he went off the small jump, into the fire.
      After all that happened, we made our way to the gravity lift, and met up with the others. I showed them who I found, and they were all assigned fighters for the escape. The other scouts came back with no rebels, so all we had were these 60 or 70 Rebels ready to kill some covies. The entire count of Humans was 95 and Covenant Rebels were 61. We readied everyone with a full set of grenades and ammo and gave them instructions on where they would be stationed. Me and Zamns were told to be locked in the engine room, and push the override button with the engines reached critical, allowing the reactor to overload, and make an explosion large enough to cause a reaction with the crystals in the center of the planet. After we finished prep, Cortana fired the main thrusters, and set a course to one of the main tunnels that led into the center of this world.
      After a few minutes, Cortana notified us that we were going into the tunnel. Everyone crowded around the small windows that were scattered around the bridge. The tunnel was enormous, but not only was it enormous, It was packed with Covenant ships of all kinds. The walls of the tunnels seemed to have an eerie glow to them, from the crystals. Ships were flying everywhere, and there were thousands of ground troops, patrolling the area, for any suspicous activities.
      We continued down into the tunnel, and Zamns and I were guided to the engine room, where we would stay the entire time, in lockdown. I had an MA6B on my shoulder strp, and a MD6 in my holster, which I put on the engine room panel. I held tighly onto the MA6B, and watched all the monitors, displaying much of the areas inside the ship, including some outside cameras. The ship came to a stop, and started to lower to the ground, instead of occupying one of the ship ports. The ship finally reached the ground and it rubled when it hit the hard crystals below.
      Cortana wasted no time, and immediatly started to overload the engines, by keeping the thrusters on, but diverting all the heat back to the reactor, to cause the engines to go critical. I took a seat, and Zamns followed me. I looked around the room and saw that it was a blan room. The size of the room was about 20x20 feet, and at the back side was two large cylinders, which had a beam of energy running down the center of both of them. I thought to myself that the cylinders must be the reactors.
      We could hear all the com channels, and listened in to see what was happening. Then, a covenant Grunt voice came on the com channel:
Com link(Grunt): This is ship inspector 164, I need to verify your authorization for this sector.

I saw some Covenant troops start to gather outside the ship's main hatch, and were looking at the ship suspiciously.

I then heard the Master Chief say to cortana,"Tell them to go to Hell." And I saw Humans gathering behind the main hatch.

Com Link(Grunt): Well?

Com Link(Cortana): Go to Hell you bastards!

There was silence for a moment and then the grunt gasped over the Com. link. The Covenant standing outside, raised their weapons and ran towards the main hatch. The Marines opened the hatch all of a sudden, and fired into their ranks with rocket launchers. All the bodies of the covenant flew everywhere, and they were immediatly replaced by another squad of Elites. The Marines pulled out M90's and blasted the charging Elites. A mass of 10 golden colored Eites with plasma swords then showed up and sprinted at the Marines. All the Marines fired at them with their MA6B's and Shotguns, but the Elites overpowered the 20 Marines in the entrance. The Marines bodies were sliced into pieces, and the last brave soldier pulled a grened right before he was killed, the grenade rolled over to a small group of the Elites with swords, and detonated, killing all of the ones standing around it. There were some lone Marines in the entrace firing from random locations, but they were quickly killed. On other screens, People were rigging the doors with Fragmentation grenades, by strapping the pin on the other side of the sliding part of the door, so when the door was opened, the pin would come out, killing the enemies in the front.
      The Covenant secured the large entrance area, and started to bring in more troops. Before they shot out the camera in the entrance, they were already massing in the hundreds, consisting of grunts, Elites, Jackals, and Hunters. They finally rushed into the first hallway, and the rigged door exploded, killing two Hunters and three Elites. They massed down the hallway, shooting out all the maitnenance cameras. It seemed that the Humans were rallying a group of 75 men in a large open loading bay, that was on the way to the engine room that I was in.
I watched as the Covenant flooded the halways, en route to the large loading bay. The Marines were going to lose this fight if they weren't re-enforced. This was their only chance, and I couldn't sit on my ass and watch them be brutally slaughtered. I jumped out of my seat, and ran to the door. The door slid open, and three Covenant rebels with plasma swords, including Kah'Amir tried to stop me, but I ran past them.
"Rally all the troops that you have, and follow me!" I yelled to Kah'Amir."
"Right Brother!" He aknowladged, and com linked to all the other rebels scattered around the ship. They quickly arrived, and consisted of twenty-five rebels, most of them carried plasma swords and plasma rifles. We ran down the corridors, and into the Large loading bay where all the marines were.
"Ok this is what we're going to do," I addressed to all the brave worriors," I want all Elites with plasma swords to find a high place to hide, all machine gunners, back-up into the hallways, Shotgunners, make a berricade of crates infront of the door to hide behind. I want all snipers to find a perch now." Everyone immediatly responded. I was suprised to see them listening to me, but I guess they were out of ideas.
"Ok, all machine gunners," I said,"throw grenades at the Covenant all at once when I give the signal. The Plasma sworders will drop down on them, and the snipers will pick off any Covenant. If the Covenant try to force their way to this door," I pointed to the door where the shotgunners were setting up a makeshift berricades in front of the door we were protecting,"All the people with shotguns and plasma rifles will jump out and fire upon them, do whatever means necessary to keep them from getting through that door."
We had the whole place set up, and one marine set up a camera for me to see, and we closed the door behind us. I was with all the machine guners consisting of thirty men holding MA5B's and MA6B's, they all seemed nervous.
"Get one frag out each," I told them,"once I open this door, I want you to chuck these bastards right into their ranks."
A marine tapped me and showed the monitor to me: The Covenant were just arriving into the room, very slowly. All the Covenant were looking around at the crates up high above them, training their guns on unseen targets. when they got into the middle of the room, I said,"When I say three, we're all gunna bust outta here, and throw these mother fuckers into their faces," I watched the monitor, as they inched closer to the door that we were in,"THREE!!!"
      I bounded towards the door, causing it to open,"DIIIE!" Just then, all the machine gunners threw their grenades in sync, and the whole place lit up in fire. The Covenant panicked, as the Rebel Elites jumped down upon them, slicing them in half, and the snipers hailed deadly rounds through their heads. Coveant fired at the snipers, but it was too hard to aim from all the commotion that was going on. The Rebel Elite Swordsman's swords spun through the air decapitating many at a time, like operators were acrobats, spinning around, and rolling. Kah'Amir let out a battle cry as he leaped over a Hunter, and cut its back open. he spun around in a circle, and swiflty cut two Elites in half. The covenant were firing everywhere, and plasma heated the air. A lage group of Elites, about forty-five of them ran towards the door we were defending. The Shotgunners came out of crouch, and fired on all of the Elites, all at once. Many of the elites dropped in the first volley, but they kept coming, and the shotgunners kept firing. The Covenant killed most of the Rebel swordsmans, and all rushed towards us, forgetting the surviving snipers and swordsmans that were picking off the stragglers. There were probably one hundred and fifty Covenant carging at our berricade, about 50 meters ahead of us, and the all let out an ear piercing battle cry, that defend the loud crack of a sniper rifle. The Shotgunners quickly tried to re-load, but it was too late. The Elites in the front let out a deadly volley of plasma fire, that incenerated most of the shotguners. The Rebels plasma riflers came out of the berricades, and collided with the ranks of Covenant Elites. Most of them were clobbering eachother and snapping each others neck's, while some hanged in the back, and fired at the mass group of Elites and Grunts.
      The Hunters then all shot their feul rod guns, and carbonized some of the machine gunners, that came out of the doorway. The Marines then engaged the wall of Covenant that killed-off most of the Rebels already, tearing them apart with the armor piercing bullets of the two types of assult rifles. The Hunters continued to fire their large arm-mounted cannons, and kill several Marines in the process. From there, everything was seeming to go very slow, plasma danced around my head, as marines quickly fell to the covenant, while I sat back with a few survivors, killing as many Covenant as we could. Then everything snapped back to normall, and a few plasma rounds hit me in the chest and arms. I fell back, as the molten plasma melted through my armor, and burned the flesh of my chest off.
      A strong metal hand grabbed me and picked me up. I looked up to see it was the Master Chief, with a rocket launcher in his hand. He shot a round at some advancing Hunters, and blew them all down. John 117 dragged me into the hallway, and yelled for the survivors to follow him. I got up onto my feet and looked into his reflecting visor and wondered what his face was like, was it a sad look? Or was it a look that he's seen this many times before, and that we were the people that were always the casualties.
"You need to get back into the engine room, We're leaving!" The Master Chief yelled to me.
I nodded my head, and ran down a different corridor, to the engine room. I heard the rubleing of the covenant forces behind me, as I opened the door to the engine room, and locked it behind me. I found that I dropped my MA6B back in the hallway, but I didn't want to risk going back outside and picking it up. I looked at the monitors, and the covenant split-up, one large force went the way to all the escapers, and the others went toward our door. I watched the survivors, consisting of about ten Rebels, and twenty-five humans board the small fighters, open the doors, and speed out.

Com link(Master Chief):....For everyone that is staying on the ship...thank you...You all are true heros, and will be remembered as the ones who saved humanity...

      I watched the screen as a big group of Covenant came to our door, and started to pound on it. From behind the large groups of elites pounding on the door, Kah'Amir ran up and jumped in the ranks of them.
"TO THE DEATH!!!" Kah'Amir shouted valantly, as he jabbed his sword through the bodies of two Elites. The Enemies turned towards him, and he stood his ground, fighting all the Elites that ran at him. An Elite snuck from the corridor behind, and jabbed a plasma sword through his chest.
The blade came out the other side and he wispered ,"Goodbye my brothers, may there be peace..." He activated a plasma grenade with his last strength, and fell to the ground dead. The grenade went off in a blue explosion, and killed eight Elites that were standing around him.
      The Elites took no time in remorse, and continued to try to break open the door, using plasma grenades, and blunt objects. I looked back at the reactors: The once tranquil cylinders, were coarsing with heat, as a large red beam ran down the center of both the clear cylinders.
      The door blew open, and Elites poured into the room. Zamns leveled his M-90, and blasted tree Elites back at a time, but they kept coming. I remembered I left the MD6 on the engine panel, so I ran And picked it up quickly. I fired the enite magazine, and two Elites crupmled to the ground. Behind the Eitles, arrived the Snipers and Rebel swordsman, that decided to stay back. The allies immediatly massacred the Elites, but there wasn't enough support. The snipers were shooting at point blank, and the Elites broke their gus, and kicked their skulls in. The remaining rebels all shouted,"TO THE DEATH!" as they charged into the enemy ranks, driving their swords through as many as they could before they would die. Finally, the elites turned back to us. An enemy swordsman jumped at me, and sliced my stomach open. I looked at my insides in horror. Zamns fell to the ground, he was mortally wonded, charred from plasma burns. We both lay on the ground, as the Elites all laughed at us. I looked up to the celing, and caught something on the corner of my eye. I lokoed over to the reactors: The entire cylinder was pulsing red, and blue energy swirled around, out side the reactors. The lights turned red, and I knew that the engines were going critical, I had to reach the panel, and press the override button. I flipped over, and saw the panel, four feet away from me. The Elites laughed in my ears at my desperation, just like in my dream. Thinking back into my dream covered me in rage. I screamed, as I drug my body across the floor. My eyes were red from the glare of the reactors. And I thought back to all the times people risked their lives for me, and saved me, but this time...it was payback.
      I reached the bottom of the panel and looked at the barley alive Zamns. I pulled myself up, and saluted to him. He forced a smile and saluted back. I turned my hand over to the laughing Elites, and displayed my bloddy middle finger, and waved my other hand goodbye. The eyes of one particular Elite widened, he shouted, but it was too late. Energey swirled around the entire reactors, and the heat pushed off of me. My hand slowly went up in the air, and smashed down on the button.