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Cry for a Hero Part 1: First Engagement
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 10 August 2002 5:08 am

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      Everyday, dozens police fall in the fight against rebels. The most feared group of rebels on the planet, Earth. 'The Activists' are a large group of people that belive the UNSC arent doing their job against the covenant and other things. In reaction, the UNSC sent specially trained soldiers to act as law enforcement officials. The UNSC are so busy fighting covenant, that they left the police to do all the dirty work, that is, unless a planet is taken over.

      We ran to the launching pad, grabbed our armerments, and ran into the roaring Pelican CL II (a larger pelican that can carry 10 passengers, and 2 small police mechs).
"GO GO GO, we got a mission to carry out, you can check your fingernails some other time!" the sergeant yelled over the roar of the pelican to us.
      We all took a seat and strapped the backs of the seat to our armor to prevent ourselves from falling out during flight. The Pelican took off full capacity, along with two other Pelican CL II's. Just another everyday mission: Restore peace and prosperity to the region assigned Blah blah blah.
"Ok men," the sergeant got our attention,"our assingment today is to neutralize a Activist break-in in a UNSC munitions warehouse."
      Everyone took their eyes off the pelican floor and the scenery wizzing by outside, and stared at the seargent.
"so we're just going to barge into a building loaded with UNSC weapons at the rebels disposal?" A private with the last name of Hopkins exclaimed.
"intelegence reports that half the weapons in there they wont even be able to use." sergeant said with no emotion.
Everyone remained sceptical but silent.
"Heads up everyone, we're gunna fly over a hostile activist held region, prepare for evasive maneuvers, and keep your head inside!" The pilot informed us.
We watched as all the pelicans we poorly evading chain-gun fire, missles, and tank blasts. One pelican behind us took an unfortunate blow to the nose by a tank cannon and lost altitudide immediatly. We watched and paniced as the passengers evacuated out of the downing pelican under fire, I feared no one from the downed pelican would make it back to HQ.
The seargent radioed to the pilot,"Lieutenant! Turn back! We got men under heavy fire, We must help!"
She replied,"sorry sergeant, but my orders are clear! If your looking for a hero to save them, it aint going to be me!"
Everyone fell silent as we continued past the hostile area en route to the objective.
"20 miles and closing" the pilot said.
"Ok the LZ will be on the roof, the holo-map shows 4 points of enterance from the top."
"start listing." one impatient private said.
The sergeant acessed a panel and a 3-D blueprint of the structure was revealed on the center of the floor. the holo-view zoomed over to the roof.
"Alright, there are 2 cargo lifts made to transport large munitions like tanks and other weapons, and there's a normal access-way elevator for personnel." The sergeant exclamied.
"Then whats the fourth point of entry from the top?" A private with the last name of Jamenson on his armor asked.
"ROBERTS! CORPORAL ROBERTS!!!" the sergeant screamed over to a heavily armored man sitting in the front.
"YES SIR!" the stranger piped up.
"Corporal roberts is our specialist in the field of explosives, and THAT is the fourth entry point... we make one our selfs." The seargent evily grinned,"Ok men what you have in your armorments is light body armor, a MA2B, a standard sidearm, 2 frag grenades and 4 stun grenades strong enough to short-circut electronics and put infantry into a coma."
We all looked at eachother smiling, remembering the time Private Hace dropped a stun grenade on his cratch and momentarily paralized himself from the waist down.
"What are you smiling about Private Cooper?" The seargent asked me, grining.
"Nothing that attains to the subject, SIR!"
"hmmmm" The sergeant grumbled.
"10 miles and closing!" The pilot yelled.
"ok Privates Trinket and Jinkens, you two will be manning each of the police mechs. You two will have dual 50mm autocannons and a stun-rocket launcher with a capacity of 10 rockets at your disposal. Those stun rockets can fry the circuts of large vehicles like tanks, and can kill infantry, so watch out. These 'mechs' as they call them are bi-ped walkers:lose a leg, lose your life. They stand at about 20 feet, and have enough weight to crush a mark V, and enough power to flip a Wraith mortar tank, so watch out. "Shouldn't there be a new prototype weapon that we should watch out for?" An engineer riding in the seat across from me asked.
"Oh I almost forgot," the seargent said,"the UNSC are testing out a new anti-vehicle mech, we fear that the Activists might have these at thier disposal. also....we dont know exacly what they do. Pilot!" the sergeant screamed, changing the subject,"Whats our ETA?"
"ETA is in 10 min!" She replied.
"Ok that sounds about right," The sergeant mumbeled, and then spoke up,"Pilot, send Privates Trinket and Jinkens to their mechs."
"aye-aye sir."
The two privates seats went below the deck to the mechs, and came back up empty.
"This is private Jinkens ready to roll!" he radioed from the police mech,"This is Private Trinket online and ready to rock!"
"Go through the checklist."the sergeant said automatticly.
"ok life support, check, internal and external sensors check, hydrolics systems check, circuts and electronic systems...check, weapons...autocannons check....and stun-rockets check. Firing up propulsion rockets for flight...check. Well sergeant we are hot and ready to-"
"ANTI-AIR MISSLE HAS TARGETED US!" the Pilot screamed.
"pinpoint the location!" said the seargent.
"shit...they've accessed the perimeter defenses-EVADE LIEUTENANT!" The sergeant barked into the com radio.
"what is it lieutenant?!?"
The pelican continued on a direct path towards the warehouse.
"LIEUTENANT! You hear me? EVADE!!!" The sergeant yelled.
"I hear you loud and clear sarge, but the controls have seemed to be jammed!"
The engineer pulled something out of his case, it seemed to be a small hand-held computer with two antenne on it,"The lieutenant is right," the engineer grimly said,"they've seem to have located a system jamming device and targeted it on this pelican."
"CRAP THEY JUST FIRED ONE!" the pilot yelled
"there's no way I can reverse the frequency or change it...we're screwed"the engineer said slowly.
"30 SECONDS TO IMPACT!"the pilot screamed.
"Alright...EVAC PROTOCOL!" The sergeant barked at us.
Lucky for me, I knew the drill, all you had to do was pull the manual release on the back of the seat and it would come off with your armor giving the person a 20 min. jump-jet, intended for a safe landing in a hostile area.
"I cant...the door doesnt have a manual override," she said slowly and silently,"so get your asses outta here and save your selfs..."
Everyone was jumping out of the pelican, activating thier packs to jump to safety. The sergeant stood at the end of the Pelican ready to jump and looked over his sholder at me,"LETS GO! MOVE! MOVE!"
I looked over at Private Hopkins, still in his own seat. I looked over at the sergeant waving his arms for me to jump but i shook my head and said over the roar of the engine,"THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH HOPKINS!"
"Go ahead Cooper, I can't stop you, Farewell!" The sergeant said as he jumped into the open air.
"10 seconds...it's been a pleasure working with you guys the pilot said,"this is Charlie Vector...signing out-"
I pushed him forward to find that there was still a hook grappled on his cord,"WHAT IS IT?!"He asked
"hold on I can fix it," I said as i pulled out my sidearm and shot the hook,"GOOOOOOOO!!!"
He jumped up out of the seat with me as we ran towards the exit. in my head i thought 3...2...1...Time.
We came to the edge and i said,"JUM-"
The explosion hurled out of the Pelican and down towards the earth. I found the panel on the side of the pack and pressed the button. The engine cells ignited and soon I was able maintain my balance in the air.
       A few minutes later we all grouped up. The only surviving Pelican was ordered to drop its people off and turn around, due to 'hostile conditions'. I made a mental count: 15 police and 4 police mechs manned by four other police, which means everybody from our pelican and their's made it all off including the 2 mechs from each of owr Pelicans, and then there was me.
"Ok listen up troops," the sergeant barked to all of us,"the objective remains the same, rendezvous at the rooftop, neutralize all rebel treat inside the complex."
"There is one thing that has changed." The Engineer piped up,"the most affective way to enter is we must split up into two teams."
"Oh? And why is that?" The sergeant scoweled.
"well, my computer shows multiple heat signatures, some are much bigger than any human."
"Great idea," the explosive specialist commented,"if i get some cover, i could take out those lifts and come from behind."
"Well then, it looks like we have a plan. Alright then, blue team will cover the demolitionist as he does his work, and the red team will engage the rebels, and show them what death is all about. I'm assinging teams now."
He punched in a few things on a panel, and my HUD face panel litup with a little blue dot.
"OK red team, MOVE OUT!" The sergeant yelled at them as he pulled out his M-90 shotgun. He left with nine other police officers and the four police mechs.
"Alright blue team," the demolitionist exclaimed,"I am in full command of this squad."
I counted my small team: 1 demolitionist, 1 engineer, and 4 regular police including me.
"Ok I want a delta formation of 3 in the front, and 1 will provide cover from the back, otherwise you four officers are escorting me and this lieutenant engineer. We are going to hit the two cargo lifts to stop re-enforcements to the top, then we will assult the remaining opposition...well, GO GO GO!
we started off towards the warehouse and noticed the missle turrets dismanteled in a heap of metal and flames by red team. Everything was green until we heard over the com-link: "AHHH TAKE COVER!"
We saw an explosion in the air
"Lets move double time to our objective blue team GO GO GO!"
We all went full speed on our jet packs, nearing the warehouse.
com-link:MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN!
com-link:Requesting re-enforcements! They've got major armor support! They must be about 100 feet tall! FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!

AS we got closer, I saw the huge beasts. They appeared to be a large version of a UNSC 'battle mech' but they were much bigger. They appered to be armed with a normall 65mm auotocannon and what seemed to be a square cannon but instead of having one large barrel, it must've had hundreds of small barrels inside the square shaped cannon, because when it fired the weapon, a police mech was torn to shreds, ridden with small holes. It was also targeting the officers with the same weapon decimating them. I seemed to notice that it was only able to fire that weapon once every 15 seconds though.

"hurry we dont have much time!" the corporal yelled at us, readying his explosive charges.
as we arrived onto the large roof we ran towars the lift. there was four alert rebels that fired at us. I ignited my jet pack and opened up a clip of my MA2B on them and 2 dropped to the ground, the other two guards took cover behind some boxes, I read the label on the boxes: SPNKR ROCKETS-WARNING EXPLOSIVE!
I motioned towards the boxes. the engineer fired his sidearm directly at the boxes and they made a huge explosion that threw the other two rebels 25 feet in the air. We ran over to the first lift and the corporal quickly planted the charges on the lift and detonated them, rendering the lift unoperable. We quickly ran over to the other lift, picking off as many rebels as we could as we ran over there. I noticed the name of the officer in front of me: PT. Casey, and thought back to when we were in the academy together, just before he was shot in the chest by a sniper that was guarding the other lift.
"AHH!" I screamed as his blood spattered on my armor and his body fell into my hands,"SNIPER PERCHED!!!" I screamed in fear, as I turned on the after burners on my jet pack so high, when i got in the air, they blew up sending me to the ground, knocking the air out of me. I didn't move fearing that the sniper was about to shoot me i closed my eyes and then heard another loud shot from the sniper rifle...good, not me. the engineer fell dead next to me, his pale face looking into mine. I was filled with rage, i couldnt sit here playing dead while my fellow partners fell to this scum of a human. "ARRRRRGGGGHH!!!"I screamed in rage, then jumped into the air screaming. I ran towards the man while he re-loaded, i saw his cold senseless face of determination, that is until he saw me. He quickly finished re-loading and steadied his rifle for another kill. Not me, He'll never kill me. I kept running He fired right when i dove. He fired again and again and again, now he had to re-load.
"AAAAAGGGHHH!!!" I screamed as i pulled out my sidearm and fired constantly I was so filled with so much rage, that I missed him every shot, one more bullet i thought. I was 10 feet away from him, as I hurdeled his baricade. He raised his loaded rifle again, but it was too late, i ran up to him and grabbed the barrel of his rifle and shoved it in his face as i heard his nose crack as blood streamed out. he screamed but I didnt care, this freaking guy deserved to die painfully. I took the rifle from him and swung it at the side of his leg: it broke inwards as he gringed in pain.
"NOW ITS YOUR TURN SCUM!!!" I screamed as I pulled the pen on a fragmentation grenade and shoved it in his screaming mouth. I knocked him in the back with the butt of the gun and ran him off the building edge. I looked away but heard the explosion.
The coporal ran over with the two other surviving officers over to me. He shakily said,"the liutenant and private Casey are dead, but we need to deal with that lift right now." he said as he placed expolosives on it. The lift crumbled just like the other one.
the corporal com-linked the red team and said,"alright our first objective is acieved we are now rushing to assistance."
The Corporal handed us all small flat devices,"put those on one of the legs of those prototype mechs that should take them out."
there were three of us and tree prototypes, so we each chose one and ran towards the backs of them there were some rebel infantry standing around the mechs so I ran over to where i dropped my MA2B next to the Leiutenant, Picked it up, re-loaded it, and straifed while shooting my gun three men caught my fire and fell to the ground. I noticed the other two officials were'nt having the same luck as I was: they were pinned down behind some cargo while being under fire by the rest of the guards. I threw a stun grenade at the group of rebels gleefully shooting. The grenade discharged bolts everywhere the electric bolts hit the rebels and they all fell to the ground, most likely in a coma. all three of us ran up to the backs of each mech, and planted the device. we ran back and watched as the Corporal pressed the blue button. The mech's legs exploded into sparks and shrapnel. The explosives worked on all three of them and they fell to the ground in a heap of molten metal and flames. The red team jumped out of their hiding places and ran towards the remaining rebel infantry. The surviving sergeant came out of his hiding spot filled up with used shotgun cartridges and charged towards three rebels. he let out a battle cry as he blasted all three of them with one blast. We rejoyced a little but honored the dead. I counted the people left: 1 sergeant, 1 corporal,4 officials from red team, 3 from blue(including me) and 0 police mechs, which meant no armored support.
"Alright men, there are 5 floors to this building so-"
we heard a faint rumbling that got louder, the ground started to shake everyone stood up and grabbed their weapons preparing. all of a sudden, the ground errupted and the cement roof exploded next to us. We all fell to the ground from the erruption, and noticed another prototype mech coming throught the roof, it had a propulsion system! It came all the way through into the air and fired both weapons in the same exact place. the roof was shot to splinters as it collapsed under us, as I fell, I wondered what would happen next.