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A New Enemy
Posted By: Matthew Edwards<skatedudewithstyle@hotmail.com>
Date: 7 October 2002, 4:20 pm

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Objective; Infiltrate and take over the enemy base.

Breifing; Fight your way across the field in to the base. When in hold position until reinforcements arrive. Kill any enemies.

It was a cold winter night. The air smelt of blood and you could feel death in the air. Master Chief and three UNSC Marines landed in the middle of a snowy forestland. Covenant stationary guns started firing as soon as they hit the snowy earth.

" Mendoza, Jenkins, move up to that group of trees and lay down some heavy fire on those guns", Said the chief. "Sir yes Sir". Suddenly the ground felt like it ripped apart as enemy mine tanks rumbled into the field. Mendoza and Jenkins had just reached the trees unnoticed and pulled out their sniper rifles, and with a shot took out the two stationary guns, but they didn't see the tanks heading towards the trees they were behind.

"Get down!!!" Ordered the chief but they couldn't hear him. Then the tanks hit the trees and crashed them down to the ground. They both rolled out of the way but now they were both out in the open field with two tanks to there left. And if you thought things couldn't get any worse they did.

Luckily the covenant tanks didn't spot them because the master chief and private Lee had been firing at it. Mendoza spotted four blue objects on the horizon and zoomed in on them using his sniper rifle. It then struck him that they were ghosts, he warned Jenkins and they managed to take out two. Master chief threw a grenade under the tanks, and it went up in flames then crashed to the ground. He then ran across the field and took control of one of the ghosts but the covenant soon noticed and a ghost followed him, the master chief put his right foot on the ground and pivoted round and fired at the oncoming ghost.

The pilot abandoned it at top speed and hit a tree, one more to go. The ghost that was left fired and got hit Lee then he fell to the ground screaming, " It burns, it burns". Mendoza ran back and dragged him to safety. The ghost turned around for another run at them but the master chief crashed into it and killed the pilot. "Is he ok". Said MC "He'll be fine sir" answered Jenkins. " We should call for the reinforcements inside the building!!" shouted the chief. So they all made their way to the structure.

" Foehammer this is alpha team we're ready for you now". "Has the field been cleared?" "Yup". Mendoza said in the conversation to Foehammer. "We'll be landing in ten ". Said Foehammer. "We'll stay here for a while if you see anything move shoot it". Said MC. After about ten minuets the reinforcements arrived and they we're ready to move in to the structure to find what is probably the most horrifying thing they'll ever see in their lives.

To be continued