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Might of the Republic- Things to Know
Posted By: Echo630
Date: 28 August 2004, 7:41 PM

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      Refering to my fanfic 'Might of the Republic', there is alot of things that people might want to know about the Republic and the so-called 'Extincts' and 'Origins'. So, in this sub-story, I will fill you in with as much info on the years of the Republic as I can.

                  NEW MILITARY ALPHABET

            A = Alto
            B = Bravo
            C = Chiron
            D = Dragon
            E = Echo
            F = Fowl
            G = Golden
            H = Hotel
            I = Indigo
            J = Jeer
            K = Kilo
            L = Llama
            M = Morris
            N = Nikita
            O = Oscar
            P = Papa
            Q = Quebec
            R = Romeo
            S = Spear
            T = Tango
            U = Ultra
            V = Victor
            W = Whip
            X = X-Ray
            Y = Yankee
            Z = Zamma

                  Terms to Remember

The Origins- In the first years of man to the last colony of man in 2894, a race known as the Humans had a homeworls known as Earth. All races, ideas, and Leaderships were said to have been the forerunner ideas of the Republic.

The Extinct- During the years of the Origin, the Extincts were bent on nothing more than destroying the humans and all their life. For what? Complete power. They knew that if they didn't do something, the humans would one day rule the galaxies, and the Extincts, known before as the Covenant, would lie at the bottom of the deepest ocean, meaning they would never rise to power again. Though this is true, the Republic still ragards the Extincts as highly as they do the Origins because of all the technology they had gainged from them.

The Enemies- Even though the Republic is the strongest force known in the galaxy, it still has its large number of enemies hoping to kill as much of the Republics forces that they can. The Enemies are rebels strewn all across different systems around the universe. The Enemies believe that leadership of more than a thousand different planets, and killing the peasants and oligarchies living their is unconstitutional. so, to this day, they fight back in numbers beyond the millions, hoping to ward back the Republic from their main base of operations...

Nightmare- When the war upon Ragnarok started, the Republic knew at once that there own casualties would be in the hundreds or thousands. Those numbers were completely unacceptable. But they were completely irrelavant, also. Ever since the war had started, the ROI (Republican Office of Intelligence) had been working on a weapon that they would use for ending wars before they got out of hand. ROI knew that the casualties from Nightmare would be extremely high, but if they didnt embrace those deaths now, they may never live to regret it later on in life. The Nigh mare was finally completed in the year 3024. It proved to be extremely effective. It became known as the War-Ender.

                  Planets of the Republic

Earth- To us, Earth is home. Its the only place we've ever known. To them, however, its almost unknown. Now uninhabited, Earth is just giant rock of water and dirt, to the Republic. What they don't know is that Earth also houses many great mysteries. Most of them which should never be found again...

Ragnarok- In the 3022, war broke over the planet of Ragnarok after Republic military forces claimed the planet as their own, and threatened anybody who opposed them to step-up. Many did, and many died. The military forces that currently occupied the planet were outraged at the act of the Republic. So, They faught back. The forces of Ragnarok were some of the best. Elite and strong, they used guerilla tactics and ambushed the Republic troopers. More than a thousand lives were lost on the Republics side. More were lost on Ragnaroks. The Republic won over Ragnarok in the year 3023.

Festung Welt- This is the Republic's main planet-in-command. An artificial planet made out of ten-trillion pounds of steel, titanium, ans some copper, this planet was created in the year 3011 as housing for prototype weapons, ships, and training grounds for Spec Ops teams. In the year 3024, Festung Welt is now base operations of Nightmare improvements, atomic weapons testing, and new slip-stream testing.

Rebellisches Recht- This is the Rebel's main planet-in-command. Established in the year 2300, this planet has been home to almost 14,000,000,000 Rebels soldiers and citizens. Said to be the Republic,s kryptonite, Rebellisches Recht sends almost ten- thousand soldiers to fight the Republic on all fronts every year. The Rebel empire has gone unfounded by the UNSC, UESC, and the Republic for almost a millineum. It plans to stay unfounded, too, until the government Heirachies are done for, and the Rebels own space.

Authors Notes*- This list that I've put together is based entirely on my own fanfic, Might of the Republic. Others wanting to use any of these planets, races, terms or military alphabets are free to do so. All I ask of those people is to include something about the origin of these terms in a future Authors Note or somewhere in the the fanfictions Reader's Comments page.