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Might of the Republic - Chapter Two
Posted By: Echo630
Date: 24 August 2004, 3:35 PM

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      CHAPTER TWO-Dark Wishes
            Yr.3024: Tm.1350 Hours-Loc.Outside Planet Alto Bravo, in Orbit

      Zamma Company waited around the docking bay aboard the the Republican Cruiser Vertigox. They were told that they would be briefed by the Vice Admiral of Alto Charlie himself about a war currently going on at Alto Bravo. Along for the briefing was CPO Rogers and his boys, too.
      Unlike the older Origin ships from the years of 2500, these ships were based on the Extinct ships...the old enemy's ships.
      The Republican ships were sleek and silve, and looked like a fish on its side. Each ship had room enough for three nuclear bombs, 1000 missles, and an atom blaster with the ability to destroy a large city.
      Two blast doors at the top of the docks opened up to let entrance to the Vice Admiral and his body guards.
      The entire Company saluted in unision. "At ease, soldiers," said the admiral. Zamma Company let down their hands and remained still, ready to hear the admiral's words.
      "Ladies and gentlemen, as you all may know, we declared war on this planet, Alto Bravo, more than a year ago. We have lost thousands of lives...But now, we have the power to end this war, and the power to erase the enemy from history.
      Half the Storm Troopers on the lower deck shuffled their feet uneasily. The enemy was strong and numerous, so being able to make them extinct would be an amazing feet for anything or anyone.
      "I have withdrew all of our forces from the ground, so you all may see this and live to tell about it. The bad thing is, this may be the only time you get to see the Nightmare in action."
      "Nightmare, eh?" asked one of the Troopers beside Corporal Mathers, "Sounds mean. I gotta see what it is."
      "Pipe down!" commanded the corporal, looking straight into the marines eyes. "I want to hear what the admiral has to say."
      The Vice Admiral kept on speaking, "None of you have ever heard of Nightmare. Or, at least, you shouldn't know about it. Its been a government and military secret project for the last three years, since the war on Ragnarok. It was designed to end wars immediatley, so it wouldn't grow into something that the Republic really just doesn't want..."
      He watched the crowd watch him, and decided it was time to finish the briefing. "Tonight, I will be showing you the power of Nightmare, and Alto Bravo shall be our subject in mind." He gestured to the back ofof the bay, towards the windows on the blast doors. The soldiers turned to look.
      What they saw was almost unbelievable...A ship had loomed into view half a klick away from the Vertogox. It consisted of what looked like nine different parts. The main part of the ship was a giant giant half ball, like it was based on a turtle shell. Then there was eight others linking off from it . Four on each side. Two going upwards, two going down.
      The words nightmare were bolted on the side of the ship in large, bold letters. In orbited into position around the planet then stopped. It happened!
       A giant hole on the bottom of the Nightmare opened up, iridescent blue lights hined through the vaccum of space until it was just a pointer targeting the planet itself. It began to charge. A blood curdling roar could be heard by everyone on the Vertigox. A blast from the Nightmare disrupted the ships electricity, and the lights went out. Now they could see the Nightmare perfectly. A second blast sent the Troopers closest to the blast doors flailing into the air, before falling just as the Nightmare somehow created actual authentic gravity in the ship. A few more blasts and he could tell the cannon was ready. It fired.
      A thin, blue laser fired from the opening in the ship. It expanded. It kept expanding until it was al most ten meters wide, and it filled the entire wall. The laser strengthened and it became a darker blue. The windows on the blast doors tinted.
      The laser hit. At first, it didnt seem as anything would happen. The projectile just stayed their, not moving an inch. Then the Zamma Company could see it. A giant crater, visible from space appeared where the laser struck.
      The laser receaded, and the damage starting taking effect. The oceans on the planet began to freeze. Snow and ice created thousands of miles of glaciers across the surface of alto Bravo. He could see hundreds of miles of fissures in the planets crust, and tundra started spreading into the deep parts of the world.

The CPO and the rest of his team stood their in shock. It was amazing...impossible! The CPO looked at the Vice Admiral, and noticed everyone else looked at him too.

The Vice Admiral looked down at the men and women who had just witnessed the devastation of Nightmare. They were awestruck. Not that he wasn't. This had been the first time that he had seen it, too. He spoke, "The Nightmare is based on the weapon of choice used by the Extinct's long ago. There was some differences between our cannon and their's. Theirs would burn and destroy the whatever planet it hit. It was uncontrollable."
      He stopped talking and looked back at everyone again. They were listening completely. He searched for the right words to say next, then finished his speech: "We will be using Nightmare again here in the the future. I only wish that none of you have to see this damage and devastation again, even thouugh I will have too. I only wish that as much of our enemies that we have will become allies with the Republic, so we dont have to destroy anymore of there lives. Now...I have nothing more to say."