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Might of the Republic-Chapter One
Posted By: Echo630
Date: 21 August 2004, 4:25 PM

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      CHAPTER ONE-Republican Training
            Yr.3023:Tm.0300 Hours-Loc.Planet Steppe,Training Grounds

      Private First-Class Murphy switched the battery pack in his Training Rifle so the settings changed from "Standard" to "Sniper". A Night-Scope popped out of the top of the convertable rifle and the gun's barrel lengthened. He spied the Tango stronghold from only ninety feet away, hidden in a giant oak tree.
      "Blue-Three, this is Red-One. Red-Two and I are in formation. Over." Murphy waited for a response from the comm.
      "Red-One, this is Blue-Two. Blue-Three is a little busy with some Tangos, but he heard you. Over."
      Murphy turned towards the markers on his HUD that indicated his team. He zoomed in to 10x.
      He could see three men. One had a green marker hovering right above his head. The others were tagged as "T".
      He aligned his rifle's reticle with the mans chect, and fired. A crimson plasma bolt shot forwards at fifteen feet per second and hit the man square in the chest, stunning him. He would be knocked out for twenty minutes. It would have been worse if the rifle's power frequency wasn't as squelched as it was.
      He turned to fire at the other man first hiding behind a tree, but he was already out of the game.

      Corporal Mathers crouched just as the enemy's rifle's bolt wizzed over his head, and just in time to see another bolt hit the Tange square in the chest. Private Murphy was doing his job then.
      He didn't wait a second more. He switched his rifle's battery pack to "Shotgun" and stepped around the tree he was behind. The enemy was right in front of him.
      As quick as lightning, he raised the rifle to his shoulder, squelched down the power, and fired into the man's thigh. He was out for an hour.
      CPO Rogers jogged up behind the corporal, followed be Privates Roy and Shindoa. "Good Hussle, Coporal," said the Chief banishing his rifle for good emphasis.
      He looked over to the trees where the other bolt had came from and said through his comm,"Good shot, Private."
      He looked back at the rest or Red team. Okay. Now we've cleared out the outer perimeter, and its time to plant the flag. Red Team (Private Murphy and Austin) will be giving us support from the treeline." He turned towards the base.
      It was a three meter high circular hole in a five meter high square fort. Flood lights searched the area around it.
      "Red-One, I need you to power up your rifle and take out those lights for us. Over." The CPO listened to the comm, and got his answer.

      ]"Red-One, I need you to power up your rifle and take out those lights for us. Over."
      Murphy replied, "Can-do, sir. Taking out those lights now."
      He increased the power in his gun and looked at Blue-Two. "Austin, can you watch for enemies around the structure? If you see one, tell me and I'll tackle 'em."
      "Sure can brotha'," he said. The spotter scanned the are while Murphy got ready to take out the lights.
      "Taking out the lights now, Sir." He fired a quartet of plasma bolts at the two flood lights. The light-rounds hit and the lights busted, spraying the area around the bunker with sparks.
      Murphy looked back at Blue Team. He found them running towards the bunker. A quick search of the surrounding are for enemies and weapons concluded Blue team's stay outside, and they entered the bunker.
      Both Privates looked at each other. "Well, Austin, it looks like ours jobs done. C'mon, lets get to the evac zone and start celebrating graduation early."

Blue team entered the structure cautiously. The two Privates took the teams six, and the CPO and Corporal Mathers took point.
      Rogers looked at Private Shindoa, "Private! The flag?"
      "Yes, Sir!" The Private reached into his pack and pulled out a black flag with a multicolored galxy in the middle: The Republic's flag. He handed it over to the CPO.
      After a half-minute of walking through the bunkers hall, they made it to a slinder, titanium, delta shaped pedastal. He inserted the flag into it. Speakers situated around the room let out a buzzing noise and a voice came in through his comm. It was his Drill Instructor, Seargent Cortez. "Good job team. You finally finished years of training. Congradulations, schools over."
      Rogers looked around and smiled at his team. They smiled back. The Drill Instructors voice piped up again, "You'll be on your own now. No more help from me. You'll finally be getting off this planet...Your going Alto Bravo."