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Halo 2 Story (Part 4)
Posted By: dyoung92<dyoung92@aol.com>
Date: 21 February 2002, 6:40 AM

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The Master Chief Threw him against the side of the Transport. The Elite was very fatigued and his shields were no longer. The Chief gave him a hard punch to one of his jaws. The Elite toppled over and did what was assumed, a cough. The Elite stood up and did not move.

"Devils, on the planet, how convenient. And the Master Chief is present, I shall enjoy your destruction. Your destruction is the will of the true gods, and we are their instrument." said the Elite.

"I'd like to see you try Covenant bastards. Harris, give it some drugs." said Pelko.

The Corporal walked over to the Elite and stared for a few moments. The Elite just stared back with its small black eyes. Harris stepped forward as the Elite made a move. It swung its arm straight into Harris's face. Harris evaded and the Elite slammed his fist into the wall. The Chief grabbed its head and squeezed. The creature struggled then gave up as he was fatigued. Harris injected the drugs into the creatures neck then backed away. The Chief let go and the creature was now loyal, for now anyway.

The Chief looked around the Transport for a computer console unit. He found a holographic panel and turned it on. The Chief engaged what seemed like a receiver of a radio.

"Tell the army to fall back and that we are no longer a threat!" ordered the Chief.

The Elite stared at the Chief then the console. He looked angry. The Chief punched him in the other jaw and ordered again.

"Tell them to fall back now you bastard!!" shouted the Chief.

He pulled an M6D Pistol and shoved it against his short small head.


The Elite stood up and walked over to the console. He pushed the transmission button and a screen appeared. Another Elite was on the screen. He was speaking the Covenant language, however it had been translated and his suit could read it. The figure on the screen looked to be pleased, he must have told him the truth.

"Yes sir, the Devils are destroyed. Their evil tools have been annihilated as well." said the Elite with the Pistol aimed at his head.

The screen went dead and the Elite turned to the Chief and stared.

"Where is the Covenant Army currently stationed?" asked the Chief.

"All military presence is in the Military Complex near the beginning of this desert. All military operations are there. Planetary defenses, Army, Naval, and Shipyard control." replied the Elite.

The Chief lowered the Pistol and asked again, nicely.

"What direction is it?" said the Chief as he aimed the pistol at his head.

"Coordinates are 64 and 24 for this planet." replied the Elite.

The Chief seemed pleased. The Chief pulled the trigger of the Pistol as the round went through the neck and out the back and into the wall. The Elite groaned and slumped over.

"Casualty of war Marines." said the Chief.

The Chief engaged the engines on the Transport and it lifted off.

"Pelko, grab the UNSC flag from the Warthog and put it on the roof." ordered the Chief.

The 2 Warthogs were loaded into the Transport as the vehicle took off. The battle had long been over and the Marines were rearming and repairing the equipment. The Transport rumbled along, but the UNSC flag waved atop the vehicle. The Marines gave out a roar as the Transport parked itself near the pods. They had the opportunity to strike, and they had little time before the Fleet would arrive at the planet.

"The Transport will enter the military complex and disable the perimeter defenses to allow the incursion to proceed. The complex will be captured and the planetary defenses will be disabled. This will allow the remnants of the UNSC fleet to engage the planet and destroy that shipyards, all military operations from orbit. Well placed tactical nukes will finish the operation. Upon capturing the complex, we will modify or re-program the planetary Plasma Cannons to fire upon the Covenant fleet that was en route to, what was, Reach. They will surely know of the situation and return here. The complex is very large, over 2 miles long." said the Chief.

"Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta teams in the Transport with me. Echo team, you are manning the Scorpions. Foxtrot, you have the Warthogs at your disposal. Golf teams through Omega; you are the foot solders. Kill anything that does not look like your fellow comrades. Give them hell, Go Go Go Marines!!" ordered the Chief.

The Marines rearmed and refitted the vehicles and weapons. Alpha through Delta teams piled into the Transport as it took its 4 inch flight and sped off. The Scorpions and Warthogs were not far behind the Transport. The Marines kept up with the vehicles and left behind human footprints in Covenant soil. The blue dirt was flipped up as the vehicles sped through the desert towards the complex.

The invasion continued along as planned. They went through miles of desert before taking a glimpse of the enormous structure. The upper portion contained the hangers for the Dropships and Seraphs. The Marines and Vehicles halted as they need to get clearance for the Transport to dock.

The Chief fiddled with the controls and an a screen came up. A Covenant Elite was speaking in the native language. The Chiefs suit had been designed to translate automatically when a language was recognized. The MJONIR knew how to speak Elite. In turn, if the Chief wanted to speak Elite, the suit would translate for him in their accent.

The Chief grabbed the now dead Elite and raised him in front of the view screen. The Chief then proceeded to confirm the message.

"Permission to dock at.....bay 12." asked the Chief into the screen.

"Permission granted warrior. I assume that the Devil threat is gone." said the figure on the screen.

"Yes, they have been destroyed." the Chief replied.

The view screen went dead and a light above a bay lit. The Transport moved to the bay and the door to the hanger closed behind them. They had to infiltrate the control center of the location to turn off the defenses guarding the complex. They had little time. The Transport came to a halt and they got underway.

"Marines, arm your weapons and grab everything you can carry. I want smooth clean deployment from the vehicle. Kill anything and everything that isn't Human. Go Go Go Marines!" ordered the Chief.

The back door of the Transport opened revealing 2 unarmed Elites in engineering clothes. The Marines fired their MA5Bs and the Elites were down. They deployed out of the Transport and into the large hanger. Numerous Elites and a few Jackals in non-combat clothing were present and they were soon rid of. They had to have troops in the complex somewhere. The Marines advanced into the hanger, killing whatever got in their way. The Chief brought up the rear packing a MA5B and an M6D. The hanger was soon empty and silent.

"Area clear sir." said a Sergeant.

There appeared to be a hallway leading up towards the center of the complex. The Complex had hangers and such on the outside whereas the control center was in a center area.

"Up that way." the Chief said as he painted a NAV point on the eyepiece that the Marines also saw.

The Marines advanced forward through that way. They found a few non-combat units and quickly made fodder of them. The kept moving through the Complex killing anything in their way. They had yet to encounter the military presence in the Complex. They rounded a corner and came into the outer ring of the center circle. In the middle stood a tower and various other small "offices" were in between them and the tower. Just as they regrouped near the entrance, the whole presence of the Complex came alive. The 'offices' flooded with Elites in combat armor, Grunts and Jackals covered them. They didn't spot the Marines and they had to act quickly. They had to disable the defenses so that the support of the vehicles and the fleet could destroy the Covenant occupation on this planet.