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Halo 2 Story (Part 3)
Posted By: dyoung92<dyoung92@home.com>
Date: 14 February 2002, 9:49 PM

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"Pelko, take 2 Marines in the second Warthog and follow suit. Gonzalez and Harris, your with me in the first one. Remaining Marines, you are to guard the Pods, set up the weapons and vehicles inside, and fill them with ammo." said the Chief.

The Chief walked over to a Warthog and Gonzalez and Harris piled in. The Warthog peeled out of the Pod area and sped away in the direction the Ghosts went. Pelko was soon beside the Chiefs Warthog in his. The Ghosts were mere blurs in the distance, but they could not reach their destination, they must be stopped.

"Full speed ahead Sergeant, use any means necessary to stop them!" said the Chief.

"Yes sir." replied the Sergeant.

The Warthogs sped off at full speed towards the Ghosts. They had stopped moving forward across the blue soil and they started to gain on them. The Ghosts had always been faster than the Warthogs, why were the Hogs' gaining? The Ghosts must be purposing slowing down. They were now less than 1 mile away.

"Break out those SPNK's Marines, shoot once you can get a good shot. We have to take out those ghosts. Pelko, one of your Marines needs to take the right one. Gonzalez, you target the left one. Fire at will." said the Chief.

The Marines broke out the SPNKs and took aim. The Ghosts seemed to get closer and closer as the Hogs' stayed at full speed. The purple blurs that were once far away were now only 500 feet away. For some reason the Ghosts didn't turn around and return fire. Just as the Chief finished his last thought, 2 streaks of fire lanced across the sky and towards the Ghosts. The Ghosts had to know that they were being tailed. The rockets hit their mark and the 2 Ghosts exploded and the Elites bodies were thrown clear. What was once a Ghost was only scrap metal.

The Hogs pulled alongside the wreckage and observed.

"At least these guys are not gonna alert the Covenant Army. Not today." said Harris.

"Good shooting Marines. We must return to the Pods so we can get our invasion force ready." replied the Chief. "We should head back."

"Affirmative, Marine, load up." said Pelko.

The Marines hopped into the Hogs' and the Chief got into his Hog' as well. The Chiefs Hog' peeled away and Pelko's was not far behind. There was a humming sound coming from the Hogs' 6. A rumbling followed as the blue ground shook.

"Marines, stop your Hog! What is that sound?" asked the Chief.

Both Hogs' came to a halt and the Marines got out. They could make out blurs in the distance, but could not make it out. The Chief however could see clearly.

"Marines, double time it to the Pods Now!." announced the Chief. "Covenant vehicles and transports en route. Go Go Go!"

Marines hopped back in and pushed the pedal to the metal. The Hogs' zipped of into the direction of the Pods. They left a trail of blue dust as they tore up the desert floor. The Covenant were alerted by the Ghosts. They must have radioed a command. They must have been dumbfounded by the fact that Humans were on their soil. The devils were on Covenant soil. With luck they might commit suicide.

"This is the Master Chief, all of you are to stop what you are doing and do as I say. Alpha Team, unload the Scorpion Shells and ready them. Bravo Team, unload the SPNKs and arm your team. Charlie Team, unload any Pods that are or near empty and line them up with 3 meter gaps to form a wall. Delta Team, set up the Warthogs and load the turrets. Echo Team, supply the Marines with a sidearm and at least an M5AB. Stock up on grenades. Go Go Go!" said the Chief.

The Covenant en route consisted of 12 Wraiths, 24 Ghosts, and 8 transport vehicles. The transport vehicles were the equivalent of 3 Scorpions long and they were shielded. They were the ground version of the Covenant Dropships. They amazingly had no defenses. They had very heavy armor and shields though. The transports also were hovercraft. They hovered only about 2 inches off the ground due to the weight. If the MC could capture one of them.....

The Wraiths stopped about 1/2 mile from the Pods. The Ghosts sped past the Wraiths and pushed into the base. The Transports kept going and soon were at length with the Ghosts. Wraiths 1/2 mile away, Ghosts and Transports en route, perfect day for a barbeque.

The Marines had set up the Pods into a "wall" and the Scorpions were set up. The Marines were positioned behind the Pods and were not going to come out unless they had to. The Warthogs were set up inside if the Covenant got any closer. The Scorpions cannons burst and white streaks of lightning lashed out and toward the Wraiths. They hit their targets and several of the Wraiths burst into flame. The Wraith number was cut in half. The remaining Wraiths fired and the Blue Lashes arched and hit the Pod walls. They deflected and the burst made the ground rumble near where they had hit. The hit made the wall fall over. The Marines ducked as the Pod fell forward away from the Marines. They no longer had any protection. The hit from the Wraiths only gave time for the Scorpions to reload their shells and fire. The white arrows flashed across the desert and buried themselves into their targets. The Wraiths exploded leaving only shrapnel.

Meanwhile the Covenant were gaining position, the 2 Warthogs the Master Chief and Pelko were in were only now entering the area of the Pods. They parked the Warthogs in the back of the area and went up to the Marines.

"Pelko, and another Sergeant. Then pick the forces best snipers. Go Go." ordered the Chief.

"Yes Sir."

The Sergeants and 2 of the Marines returned. They introduced accordingly.

"Corporal Harris sir."

"Lance Corporal Naffziger sir"

"Load up in the Warthogs, sniper grab your rifles. Sergeants in the back. Go Go Go." ordered the Chief.

The 6 loaded up the Warthogs and were off. The Chiefs plan was to disable and use as many of the Covenant Transports as they could. They were going to get the Marines in them and take them to wherever they came from. They were going to launch a few Jackhammers and disable the engines. The take care of the units inside. With the warthogs this should not be a problem. While this was taking place the battle was still going on. The Scorpions kept launching shell after shell onto the Covenant forces. They were ordered not to fire upon on the Transports with the Scorpions. Large numbers of Ghosts were still en route and the Transports were as well. They all knew that Covenant numbers would increase drastically very soon if they were not held off. The Transports were in range and they had to work quickly. The Warthogs circled around as 2 Jackhammers slammed into the hull. The shields on the vehicle flickered and went out as the next rounds hit the back. The vehicle shuddered and then stopped moving and dropped to the ground. The back door was forced open as 15 Elites exited the vehicle. The Warthogs circled the group as the Elites were mowed down by the Warthogs chain cannon. The Chief had a sudden thought and jumped out as only a few Elites were left.

"Stop Firing Marines!" said the Chief.

The Chief got out as only 1 Elite remained. His shields were dead and he looked fatigued. The Chief ran up to him and grabbed him in a headlock. The Elite groaned and struggled. The Chief dragged him into the Transport and dropped him. His black armor glistened in the desert sun. The Chief was going to have to give him truth drugs and then get him to navigate to the Covenant base that they came from. They only needed to win this battle to save Humanity....