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Halo 2 Story (Part 2)
Posted By: dyoung92<dyoung92@home.com>
Date: 10 February 2002, 4:16 pm

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The Cryo tube hissed and the sleeping vapor was released. A Marine standing outside the cryo tube greeted him.

"Chief sir, the Spyder is entering high orbit around the planet. We are deploying the weapons and vehicular pods. Infantry is going to enter the planet in 0030. You are requested by the Commander to be the first in the #1 infantry pod." said the nervous Marine.

The Chief look around the room and replied, "I will be there Corporal." The Marine saluted and walked out the doors.

The Chief pressed some buttons on his wrist and then turned Cortana back on. The Chiefs heads-up-display came to life with various gauges and monitors. A light on the left side of his head blinked on then off, then stayed on. The Chief stepped out of the cryo tube and walked over to the door.

"Aw, I don't like being frozen, it freezes me as if I had ears." said the shaky Cortana. "We should proceed to the armory bays for transport to the surface."

The Chief walked along the corridors to the Armory Bays where the smaller pods and dropships were located. The crewman walking along the corridors were staring in amazement at a Mark V that were mythological figures in terms of the UNSC. The Armory Bay doors opened as the Chief walked in proceeded to the group of Marine in the corner by the Infantry pods about to launch. The Vehicular and Weaponry pods had already been launched.

"Look, see I told you he was on board." said one of the Marines to another.

The Master Chief walked past the group of Marines and began to inspect the weaponry. He saw crates of the standard issue MA5B Assault Rifle, and crates of its ammunition. he saw various stashes of M6D Pistols, a few Shotguns for those that were going down into close quarters. 2 crates of Rocket Launchers were present and a large amount of grenades in their crates. There were barrels of 50.cal munitions for the Warthogs on the surface. These weapons were to be launched with the Marines where as the rest were at the drop-zone. The Master Chief walked over to the crewmen, picked up a crate of MA5B loaded it as the crewmen watched and stared at the Chief's superior strength, then they resumes loading the crates.

The Pods were loaded and the Marines boarded. The speakers in the Bay announced that the Pods were launching. The remaining Pods launched one by one. The Master Chief was in the first Pod. A small burst from the thrusters on the back of the Pod pushed the Pod out of the Bay and into space. It ignited more thrusters as the Pod accelerated out of nowhere as it seemed. The Spyder was still cloaked as the remaining Pods launched after one another and into space. The Pod that the Chief was in engaged its cloaking device as the vessel seemed to disappear and go towards the planet leaving only an outline. You couldn't spot it unless you tried. The other Pods engaged the cloaking devices and the Armory Bay doors closed. The 15 Pods containing 40 Marines each proceeded toward the bluish/purplish planet. The Pods outer shell, which was cloaked bended and fire could be seen around it. The Pods had entered the atmosphere. The planetary Plasma Cannons which were in high orbit around the planet did not fire at any of the UNSC vessels. They had to disengage the Plasma Cannons so that the remaining UNSC fleet at Sabre Prime could enter and capture the planet without the Plasma Cannons to destroy the ships.

The Pods stopped showing fire around their hulls and they enter high altitude above the planet.

Small "wings" came out of the sides of the Pods. Small thrusters at the end of the wings pushed the Pods at supersonic speeds through the air towards the location of the Vehicle and Weapons Pods. The Master Chief took his time in the Pod to reconnect with himself. It had been a week since he had fought. He was hungry.

"Chief sir, ETA to arrival is 10 minutes." said the Pilot.

"Chief Sir, allow me to introduce you to my squad." said the Sergeant. "I am Sergeant Pelko."

The Sergeant nodded to a fellow Marine onboard.

"Corporal Gonzalez sir." said the Coporal.

They went down the line announcing their names and ranks.

"Private Munro sir."

"Private Harris sir, no relation to Captain Harris sir."

"I appreciate your kindness, but I am merely a soldier as you are." said the Chief, "Master Chief Petty Officer, uh, 117."

The Vehicular and Weapons Pods came into view on the window. There were multiple Covenant vehicles examining the pods and many figures inspecting them. They were going to destroy them if they were not stopped. The Master Chief was in command of the ground assault, he had to act quickly. The Chief pushed the Com button an gave commands.

"Pods B through G, come along the left flank of the Pods. H through M you take the right flank. Pods N and O you follow my Pod to the Covenant vehicles. Smooth clean dispersal Sergeants. Load your weapons and stock up on ammo. Fire at will, anything that has anything that fires at you, fire back and destroy. Let me remind you Marines what you are fighting to defend. The Covenant have destroyed every single colony except Sabre Prime. They have slaughtered families in their houses. Destroyed the beautiful rich lands of Reach. Your fighting for all the heroes that died on battle that their deaths may not be in vain. Your fighting for your survival as a species. Give them hell." said the Chief as he gave his Pep Talk.

The Pods dispersed and the thrusters on the ends of the wings pointed straight down. The doors in the back opened up and the Pods came to a hover. The cloaks on the Pods stayed on and the Marines coming out of the back seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"Sergeant, your squad needs to stay with me." said the Chief.

"Yes sir, we have your 6." said Pelko.

The Master Chief waited till the doors opened and ran out followed by the squad. He ran towards the Covenant vehicles that had been sent to investigate. Several Ghosts and some vehicles he had not seen before were present. He assumed that they were transports. 3 Elites came around the corners from a transport vehicle. The Chief opened fire with his M5AB, tossed a fragment grenade and continued to fire. Marines from Pods N and O came around the back side of the 2 other transports. A handful of Grunts and a few Jackals came pouring out of the Vehicle Pods that the Spyder had dropped. Marines from the other pods brought up the other side and Grunts and Jackals were surrounded and soon were no longer a threat. A bunch of screams could be heard from the Munitions Pods. They didn't sound as light as the Grunts. 2 Hunters from a Munitions Pod.

"SPNKrs on the Hunters now!" said the Chief with anger.

4 arrows of fire lashed through the air and hit home on the Hunters. The Hunters managed to get off 1 shot of Fuel Rod before the SPNKs hit. The Fuel Rod was coming straight for a group of Marines.

"Evade Squad H now!" said the Chief with anguish.

The Fuel Rod went about 5 feet past the group of Marines and the "shrapnel" of it deflected off the coated plating.

Just as they thought that the Pods were clear of hostiles, 2 Elites snuck up behind the Ghosts and were off. They could alert the planet and the incursion would not be a success. They had to stop those Ghosts.