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Halo 2 Story (Part 1)
Posted By: dyoung92<dyoung92@home.com>
Date: 02 February 2002, 5:32 pm

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The Longsword shook as it exited the atmosphere of Halo. The beautiful Halo was now no longer. The pieces flew out into space and then vanished. The Master Chief thought of all the Marines that he had to leave on the surface of Halo.

"We should head to the nearest colony that is still left. Scanning. It's in the Polaris Sector, Sabre Prime. It's the nearest colony, although it is the last colony in the outer colonies. The rest are in the Terra Sector, Earth." said the slightly sad Cortana.

"We just bought ourselves enough time with the destruction of Halo, but don't expect the Covenant to still be looking for survivors or any other colonies." said the Master Chief.

"Well, we can't sit here on our ends and do nothing, we have to arrange a counter-offensive. We have to take advantage of this opportunity. Most of the entire Covenant Fleet is gone. We can't pass it up!" Cortana said with a slight bit of anger in her voice.

"I intend to use it to our advantage. Cortana, prep the cryo tube. How longer till we reach Sabre Prime?" said the Chief.

"4 hours sir." said Cortana.

The Master Chief walked into the cryo tube and sealed the lid.

4 hours later, the Longsword enters orbit around Sabre Prime. The Earth-like planet had a hint of orange to it signaling that it was mostly deserts. It was a perfect for a military base that would never be used, until now.

"This is Cortana of the UNSC ship The Pillar Of Autumn. Requesting permission to dock at space-dock 112."

"Permission granted Cortana, docking bay 24 open for landing." said the Operator. "The Captain would like to speak with you as soon as you dock."

The Longsword swiftly flew into low orbit around the docking station. The bottom of the Longsword opened up revealing the magnetic docking clamps. The Longsword also had landing pads for ground landing, but he was docking in space-dock. The Longsword made it's approach. It glided in and the docking clamps struck the Longswords clamps and it was secured. A UNSC Captain was already standing on the deck.

"Master Chief, I am Captain Robert Harris." said the Captain with a handshake. "I will need to see your helmets video record, we need to use the time we gained with the destruction of Halo. No time must be wasted, follow me Chief."

The Captain seemed to be in a hurry, something must have happened while the Chief was on Halo. For all he knew, the UNSC was destroyed except for Terra. The Captain lead the Chief to a small briefing room filled with various Marine Sergeants, UNSC Captains and a few Admirals. The Chief felt out of place as they all stared in amazement, they had never seen a real live Spartan. He was the last one, so he was all they would get to see. The Captain motioned to a seat, the Chief removed his helmet as to be polite and sat down as the Captain stood at the front of the room.

"As many of you know, Sabre Prime is the last Colony of Mankind besides the Terra Secter, Earth. We have put together every single UNSC force in the Colonies to wage our final Counter-Offensive. The following is an order from the President of Earth and the UNSC High Command. We have ascertained the location of the Covenant Home-World. The planet was originally populated by the only dog-like animals that were not intelligent. The Covenant made sure that they became extinct and they made the planet the Center for all Covenant activities. The Grunts, Jackals, and Hunters were all incorporated into the Covenant after the Elite Sect took control of their worlds. All the races of the Covenant are present at the planet. Our probe, which we cloaked from policed technology from the Covenant, and sent it in the direction in which the Ships came when they attacked Reach. The probe was destroyed 2 days ago by the remaining Covenant fleet. They are en route to Sabre Prime, and it's not long before they find Earth. Our supplies are short and we need to strike now. We are to send all our forces in the outer colonies, which Sabre Prime is the only populated colony besides those in Terra, and proceed to the Covenant home world. However, during the attack, the Master Chief and the Marines will take a Spyder dropship full of Marine onto the planet. The Spyder is an oversized dropship that will carry large amounts of armor, infantry, and vehicles. It also has a cloaking device that will make it possible to land on the surface. After the Spyder lands, we are to disable the Planetary defenses so that the ships can come in and attack. Whatever Covenant ships are in the area will not be a problem. The Covenant fleet is en route to the remains of Reach to probably ascertain the location of Earth. They seem to think that we have a bigger fleet than we actually do. The shipyards have produced 4 new ships since the fall of Reach in addition to the ships before that. We have 4 new Halcyon Class Cruisers that have been build with the newest technology. The UNSC said that they appear to be most effective at the Covenant ships. The Spyder leaves dock in 0200 hours, Sergeants, you need to ready your men and load the vehicles. Captains, board your ships and warm up the engines. I will be aboard the Halcyon Merrimak. Dismissed."

The Chief sat up and went back into the lobby area, he had not much time to see the station itself. Just as the Chief stood still to look at the building, as Sergeant approached the Chief.

"Master Chief sir, I understand that you are to lead the invasion once on the planet. I am honored to fight alongside you sir." said the Sarge.

"I appreciate it Sergeant, but all I am doing is following orders to my best potential. Although my Spartan status does help in carrying out those orders." said the Chief.

The Chief then proceeded to the Spyder. He walked to the cryo chambers, stepped in the tube marked "Master Chief" and pushed the button. He would wake up in orbit around the Covenant home world. The fate of Humanity might lie in what happens when he wakes up. The roar of the Spyders engines came to life and he felt the push against him. Many marines then proceeded enter the cryo tubes as they were done prepping the vehicles. He felt the sleep vapor enter the tube and he fell asleep instantly.

(To Be Continued)