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3rd Marines in Harvest.
Posted By: Dude<andres_vera2000@yahoo.com>
Date: 25 December 2004, 10:37 PM

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14 February, Year 5519.
United Nation Space Command.
Planet Reach, Reach System.
Marines Head Quarters. Britannia Island Chain.
Camp Peleilu, Marine Basic Training Facility.

"Welcome to basic ladies and gentlemen. You have made the biggest mistakes of your life singing for the corps!". Gunnery Sergeant Anders said with a happy yet angry voice. "You are now cattle, I'm the freaking cowboy. If you meet my expectations you will not be send to the slaughter house. Left face!". Ordered the Sergeant. "Double time, march!". Said the Sergeant.

The requites hadn't even met, as soon as they signed the contracts for their enlistments they had been injected with something, taken into a cargo vessel, put in cryo sleep and navigated from earth to Reach in slipspace. They woke up in a Pelican breaching the planet atmosphere, they landed on a Base the size of a complete island, they were thrown out by DIs were they met Anders, a short annoying brown haired men.

"Left, left your left, right, left, your left right left. Give me that old Marine corps spirit". The Marines repeated the cadence. "It was good at Iwojima", the Marines repeated, "it was good in the third world war", the Marines repeated, "it was good at the pilgrim rebellion", the Marines repeated, "it was good at the Jericho battle", the marines repeated, "It was good at the Malcolm system", the Marines repeated more tired this time, they had been going on for seven miles right now, "and is good enough for me!", the Marines repeated.
"Marines you are to get a M2A training rifles, class A battle gear and PT gear. Two line, if anyone talks every single one will run back and again here. Is that understood". Said Anders. "Yes Sergeant" or "Yes sir". Said the boots.

"What did you say?!. It's a hoorah!". Said Anders, the marines responded accordingly.

Recruit Vera stood in the line, back next to him was recruit Thomas, Behind him Cruz and at the end of the line Mackal.

When he entered the office a Lt. approached. "This is one of my M2A rifles, you will Take care of it, if you graduate it will be yours. The same here with your standard issue battle suit and helmet. Take care of since I'll be checking it constantly, now get of my office". Vera looked at his new battle gear, this was not the standard issue M2A rifle, it had no optics, nor the set up for the integrated battle suit of the land warrior technology. It had only full auto or single shot fire modes, the only thing digital was the display that told the ammo capacity. The suit was a standard issue BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) with green camouflage pattern, a basic helmet and two pair of boots, made out of leather.

"Lets move ladies, we have six month vacation plan for you. Lets go!". Said Anders as he marched them to their barracks. "Get some sleep. Tomorrow will be tough".

They walked into the barracks, fifty bunk beads were there. Thomas sat on the top from Vera's bed. "I'm Thomas, I'm from Troy, a planet in the Peloponnesus system in the outer colonies". Vera was too tired for a chat, but he ha to be friendly with his bunk pal. "Earth, never heard of the System". Another recruit joined them, Mackal. "I'm from Coast, a system not far from here. The planet name is Wake". Lights out, they sleept.

28 August, Year 5519.
United Nation Space Command.
Planet Reach, Reach System.
Marines Head Quarters. Britannia Island Chain.
Camp Pilgrim Rebellion. Advanced infantry training course.

"Don't move". Said Cpl. Percy, the squad leader, they were in the last test for graduation. They had to take a hill held by an enemy squad. They were in full battle gear, the M5AB rifle had an ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gun sight), with and Thermal Imager System. The rifle interfaced with the SBS (Standard Battle Suite), a backpack that had a small computer that coordinated the different gadgets the marines had, a camera in the barrel so they cloud aim through corners, a GPS and a personal computer.

"We have two .50 cal on the ridge, once they are out. We will move low, take cover in what you can, we will hit the top with grenades then assault". The Marines acknowledge the orders. The Jackhammer launcher, Pvt. Monique crawled forward, the Cpl. Showed the both targets with his hands. The target was a hill, there was a grassy field between the hill and the bushes they were hiding.

"Once he takes them out, crawl forward, Dominique will run to the right, he'll make them think he's alone here". Percy tapped the head of Dominique, two training rounds exited the missile launcher, streaking to the two machine guns, a puff of smoke detonated. Five "enemy" Marines stood with their rifles held high, they were dead.
Dominique ran right, bursts of rifle fire emerged from the hills, none hit Dominique.

The Marines crawled through the muddy terrain. They stopped every thirty seconds as their training dictated, did a head count and took a look for enemy targets, the hill was twenty meters away. With hand signals Perry ordered two of the Marines, Juliet and Ford to get their grenades ready. Vera and Thomas had to cover them as they, Perry signaled forward. The Marines stood, Vera and Thomas aimed at the hill as Juliet Ford ran to the hill, two marines stood in the hill Vera and Thomas pulled the trigger as both Marines throw their rifles to the ground in anger, someone manage to shoot Juliet however he stood and put his rifle up, Ford throw his grenade detonating in a puff of smoke, the rest of the Marines charged, the ground had been taken.

3 January, Year 5520.
United Nation Space Command.
Planet Reach, Reach System.
FLEET HQ. North Continent.
UNSC Fleet Command C3I Station.

0403 hours, Commodore Jane Mathews sat in the watch chair of the command, control, communication and intelligence station of the USNC Fleet. The station were to asses incoming transmissions, analyze it and report if necessary to higher command, the fleet was divided into fifteen major sectors, each had an assigned fleet varying size depending of the sector. There were also Eight Major Fleets and five Marine Expeditionary Fleets, each carrying a division of Marines. Each system has an "territorial" force, the force was a "Army" of part time Marines, way bellow average standards.

Harvest was discovered five years ago, once discovered that some of its planets cloud support human life the decisions was made to colonize it. So far, so good thought the Commodore, she would love to see that one day. A red light appeared on the large screen in front of her.
"Ma'am, something is wrong at sector fifteen". Lt. (Jg) Coral said. "Contact with Harvest is lost". The Lt. ran system checks, everything was "green". "Any warships in the area?". Asked the Commodore. "No ma'am, we lost contact with everything in that system. And there are no technical problems on our side".
The Commodore grabbed the phone. "This is Commodore Jane Mathews at FLEETCOM, get Marshall Edmonds on line... wake him up, this is a priority Alpha".