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Earth: Combat Evolved Chapter 2
Posted By: drexx<animo47@hotmail.com>
Date: 09 March 2002, 2:50 pm

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     As he sped out of the damaged Longsword, the Master Chief noticed something odd. There were covenant ships attacking each other. Could this be a covenant rebellion, or rouge faction, of the covenant military, or perhaps other humans had hijacked the ships, well at least they weren't attacking him. He switched on his suits Trans-com beacon so that he wouldn't be shot at by his own side. After a few simple dogfights and the destruction of a covenant troop freighter the Master Chief docked in, what seemed to be the lead ship. It was the USS Nevada, a relatively large vessel with tons of firing capabilities, it was the only ship undamaged.
     The Master Chief climbed out of the banshee and exchanged salutes with the crewman on deck, he then headed toward the bridge to find out what was going on. As he entered the bridge he almost fainted, there were two elites working side by side with human pilots. He immediately lifted his shotgun and proceeded toward the closer elite. "What the hell are you doing soldier?!" screamed the captain
     "What the hell are you doing working with these covenant bastards?!" The Master Chief responded. He was then amazed to hear the elite start speaking, he told of a rebellion in the covenant. The Elite explained that the covenant were losing too many lives in their war with the humans, so they decided to genetically construct a warrior race of beings to assist in the fight. These warriors were fitted with plasma weapons that connect directly into thier nervous system, which allows them to shoot better than any real covenant soldier. They were also very strong, and most were fitted with a cloaking device and shield generator. Naturally, this was against the beliefs of most of the covenant, however, many believed that the benefits outweighed the risks, those who opposed this protested, but to no avail, they were forced to leave. The elite explained that, while he did not like the humans way of doing things, this was not a reason for war, however the gross incompetence of his own race was. So he explained that himself and others like him left with hijacked banshees and drop ships headed for Earth, with the help of a mysterious human that they received transmissions from. "So you see, we are here to help you" the Elite continued, the master chief reluctantly lowered his gun, but kept his finger on the trigger... just in case.
     "That's why there were covenant ships attacking one another out there." the captain pointed out. "We have forged an alliance with the covenant rebels. Congratulations Master Chief, you are now in command of 2,600 elites, 3,000 grunts, and 2,000 jackals. You will be able to tell the difference between the good and bad covenant soldiers by their colors, all friendlies will be white." The Master Chief nodded. "Your first mission is to lead your forces to fight the covenant threat down on Earth, don't worry about us up here, we can handle ourselves. Watch this." The captain pushed a button and a Covenant cruiser blew up. "Haha, I never get tired of that! You will be briefed on your first mission down on F-deck" the Captain said while pulling the now very silent Cortana out of the Master Chiefs head, Cortana Will brief us on your adventures aboard the autumn
     This was nearly too much information for him to handle at once. The Master Chief stumbled out of the room in total disbelief, it was time for him to be outfitted for some new weapons and a nice, long shower.