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Earth: Combat Evolved Chapter 1
Posted By: drexx<animo47@hotmail.com>
Date: 01 March 2002, 12:15 am

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     As the Master Chief and Cortana left what the remains of Halo in the longsword, Master Chief pondered what happened to 343 Guilty Spark. If his shotgun at close range wouldn't make a scratch , maybe he could have escaped Halo. However he had much more important things to think about than what happened to a stupid floating ball, He had to worry about how to get home.
      "How many light-years form Earth are we?" he asked Cortana.
     "We are approximately 26 light years away."
     "How long 'till we get there?"
     "Um, about 12 days at maximum speed."
     "12 Days?!" He barked. "Well at least I can get some shut-eye" He explained as he pulled Cortana out of his head and placed her in the proper port. "You keep an eye on things and wake me when were 10 hours from Earth." The master Chief then climbed into the ships slightly cramped, cryo-tube.
     After the 12 days Cortana had calculated, the cryo-tube was opened and the Master Chief defrosted. "How'd things go while I was out?" he asked.
     "Well, aside from a few escaping banshees, nothing much." Cortana said smugly.
     "Banshees!" The master chief yelled. Cortana put her hands on her holographic hips, then pointed to a corner. He looked over and there were seven dead elites piled up. "How the hell did you-"
     "No time for a chat now chief, were closing in on earth, we're 20 minutes away."
     "Didn't I tell you 10 hours?" the chief said angrily.
     "We've arrived ahead of schedule." She replied "Why don't you get your things ready?"
     "Did you phone ahead"
     "The com-system is down, those damn parasites were shooting as we escaped, remember?" The Master chief grunted slightly then went to a locker where he'd kept his weapons. He reloaded his shotgun and assault rifle and slung them over his shoulder, he then placed four plasma and four fragmentation grenades in his pocket-like side compartments. "Five minutes until arrival." Cortana muttered from the speaker next to him. He checked his shields then proceeded toward the bridge. He was suddenly knocked off of his feet by something colliding with the ship. The chief hurried to bridge to see what was going on. He arrived to see Cortana staring outside with a look of terror in her holographic eyes.
     "What the Hell just happened?" Cortana didn't answer "What the hell just happened?!"
     "They found us" She managed to mutter, pointing outside. The Master chief looked out and saw something he'd never expected. Huge Covenant warships were obliterating the human ones, while their drop-ships zoomed toward the planet. He could see that banshees were coming at human fighters and warships from all directions.
     "Oh my god." He said in a whisper only he could hear. "Dock this ship!" He suddenly screamed to Cortana who sprung into action.
     "I cant, take one of the banshees." she offered.
     "What banshee?" The Master Chief asked.
     "I used the tractor beam to get a few of the escaping banshees while you were sleeping.
     "Why not use the longsword?" he said with a puzzled tone.
     "We were hit by a stray missile, the reactor is going to blow." He suddenly grabbed Cortana out of the panel and placed her back in his neural interface, and rushed to the docking bay on the lower level.
     "Well" He said "here we go again." as he was entering the banshee to help fight the covenant once more.