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Yabbagooch :the arrival
Posted By: Dr Nlok
Date: 10 November 2004, 7:38 AM

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"When are we gonna get off this piece of junk" Robla asked the quivering Grunt, "Were landing." Yabagooch replied. "oh.". Soon after they got off at the beach on Halo they bagan setting up defensive postions to welcome the party of marines that were supposed to be landing there. "All right ya useless lot!" Qwert the Elite in charge of the unit yelled, "Needlers at the front, I want half the jackals at the front as well! the rest of you up the hill!" Yabagooch waddled up the small bump to the shields as the marine ships arrived.

Almost ammediatly three grunts were torn apart by lead, another two were sent flying by a grenade. A spartan soldier came out of one of the ships and killed six more grunts under seven seconds. It then went up to a jackal whose plasma pistols projectiles just made the soldiers armour glow. With the butt of his rifle he smacked jackal brains over the floor. Yabbagooch suddenly realised how close the marines were and blew guts out of the nearist ones stomouch. The Spartan soldier shot Qwert a couple of times then smashed his gun through Qwerts chest, pulling out a lump of purple blood. Robla with a crie of "He's Killed an Elite! RUN!" ran into the ocean. The Spartan soldier stood over Yabbagooch arm raised ready to crush his head.The Spartan soldiers arm fell and Yabbagooch jumped under the Spartans legs and followed Robla into the sea.

Nine hours later the heads of two grunts resurfeced from the water. Useing one of the less damaged talking things... they called for a covenant dropship to pick them up. In the mothership Truth and Reconcilliation they told the Elites asmuch as they could about the battle as Grunts sweeped the halls after the battle on board.

Later they were put on patrol for bridge x-ui. It had two banshees and was naturally constructed (well as natural as Halo places can be). After several games of Boulder, bag, plasma sword Yabbagooch stood up. "Did you hear that..." "no I..." "shhh gun shots." soon the doors opend and the Spartan soldier came out and shot rounds of bullets into the Elites and Grunts. The Banshees flew up into the air and shot him only for one of them to be blown up with a couple of bullets. Yabbagooch and Robla ran to the attacked side as the soldier threw a grenade jumping out of the way Yabbagooch shouted "Robla get away from the grena!.!.!" with a loud bang Robla was sent flying off the bridge half of his body melted away and then his head sliced off by the Banshees sharp wings that was below and finnaly the rest of him squashed into a blob of blue blood on the ground. "Dang." Yabbagooch sighed. Suddenly a pain in his foot occured and out of the bullet hole blue blood oozed. Falling off the bridge he grabbed hold of the Banshee and landed on the field below. The Banshee flew back up to the bridge and soon an Elite fell down followed by a Banshee. Yabbagooch ran into a small corner and waited. Soon the Spartan came through a door killed all the Elites, Jackals and Grunts blew up ghosts and tanks then went up the pyramid out of Yabbagoochs sight.

Vzfd the healer sealed up Yabbagoochs wound with a sticky grey goo, gave him a wallypop and sent him to the Sergent Squiop. "So..." Squiop began, " you are the survived two major attacks on covenant forces virtually all of are soldiers in those fights died." "So what do you want me for?" "Boy, you seem to be able to survive most things so Im a sendin you into a human ship." "But ..uh ..I don't..." "Oh and soldier you dont have to were that orange armour any more your movein up in the ranks and dont worry you wont be in a human ship yet first im sendin ya to the rainforest."

" I never knew how useful human weopons could be!" Yabbagooch yelled to Gtres. The Grunt snorted as they blew out the brains of charging flood, their hands unuesed to the shotguns grip. Gtres looked up quickly and saw a round object floating above them. " Whats that?" he said "Im not sure." Yabbagooch replied as he blew a flood apart in midair. suddenly a roar of rifles firing came from their left as some marines and the spartan soldier exterminated the flood. "Stay quiet and dont shoot them." Yabbagooch whispered."Why?" Gtres said. The spartan turned but saw nothing but shadow. "Good thing we got these dark costumes" Yabagooch thought. The Spartan went up to the orb and talked to it then he dissapeared.

On the Dropship Yabbagooch and Gtres arrived at the far reaches of a small human colony. Braking the neck of a guard of the ship "The Scent" they snuck onboard.