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Explanation Mandatory {part three}
Posted By: dom1<moberly6@pacbell.net>
Date: 6 May 2005, 4:46 AM

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Sorry about the long wait, there's no excuse for being late, I guess. Late nights aren't my forte.


      Kaston loped out of the small, baige med-bay, cursing to himself. He nearly mowed down a group of people walking across his path. As of the moment, though, he was far from caring about any form of sentient life.
      He could hear someone calling his name, and he turned. Munoz had his right hand up, and was running towards him. He sent a death glance in his direction, and Munoz nearly tripped on his next step.

"Hey! What's got you so down?"

      Kaston glanced at him again.

"Erhm. Right. What happened?"

      Kaston waited a moment before answering. When he did, his tone was loathing.

"Did you know that I supposedly had seven broken ribs?"

"S-, wait, how are you able to use those crutches? Or walk?"

"My point exactly. You know that stupid field medic who treated me on the ship?"


"Did you know that I only had two broken ribs?"


"She splinted all of them..."

"Eeep. So what are you gonna do now?"

"Plot my horrible revenge."

"Well, geez, don't go too hard on her, I mean, she's only pre-med."


      The outburst attracted the attention of all the people in the corridor, which had fallen to a hush. Munoz grabbed Kaston's collar and dragged him into a smaller, more secluded hallway as he grunted "Keep walking.."
      After a moment he hit Munoz in the back, saying "Oh get off."

"What? I'm just trying to help you avoid unwanted attention."

"Why didn't you tell me she was only pre-med!"

"Well, I was in an Evil flux. Besides, that's common these days. People get into school, and get the itch to join up."

"Well why didn't she put she hadn't recieved a full education?"

      Munoz gave him a blunt look, half lidding his large owl eyes."There's no 'half-done' spot on the paper. I guess she figured she knew enough."

"Yeah, really." Kaston let the mocking tone linger, along with a few moments of silence.

Munoz piped up again. "Anywho, where're you headed now?"

"'Conference' room."

"Oh, can't go there.

"Why the hell not?"

      Munoz grinned sheepishly and pointed to the front of his helmet. On it, a sticker shone brightly, reading "NEVER GIVE ME GRENADES, EVER".

"Mmmm hmmm. Well, I was gonna go look at the place before hand, but I guess it can wait. I have a few hours. I think we can go somewhere else I had in mind."

      A few minutes later Kaston found himself looking at the the ships along the the launch bay. He marveled at the fluidity of the mechanisms which moved the bay into its working state.

      He moved to the far corner, where the Hunter ships rested. He could see figures moving over and under them, most of them being large.
      As he got closer, he saw more details, and fell in love with them. He regretted not having more time to look at them before.
      They were hued a dark green, with red calligraphy on the sides. Other than that, he noticed small doors and pop-up panels in key locations. He let out a low whistle.
      A moment and a bang later, a small, battered, flame painted ODST helmet came up. The faceplate was down so he didn't have any idea who it could have been.
      A heavily gloved hand reached up and kicked the faceplate open. The face beneath it was almost solid black from grease. They stared at each other for almost a minute. Finally, the other man spoke up.


"The one and only."

      Kaston stood entirely still, a thick grin slowly forming on his haggard face.

"Where in the world have you been?" He was almost stuttering as he teedered toward his old friend on his crutches.

      Kieso tried to jump up and walk, but tripped on a wire and wound up tackeling Kaston. They hit the floor laughing, except Kaston was wincing.

      When they got up, they embraced each other in a crushing bear hug. When they let go, Kaston grunted.

"Man, we gotta lighten that up a little."

Kieso looked him over. "Looks like your a little under the weather."

"Ugh, don't ask. I came here to see these." He gestured towards the ships.

"Heh, these beauties," he nodded his head backwards," belong to a friend of mine." He turned around, cupped his hands over his mouth. "HEY! Chewbacca!"

      Behind him, an enourmas figure jumped down the side of the ship. It slowly lumbered towards the two men. It reeked of oil.

"Kaston, this is my friend, Bocca." The Hunter took a great sweeping bow. It grunted something, and Kieso translated. "He says hello."