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2Frustrating Circumstances
Posted By: dom1<moberly6@pacbell.net>
Date: 28 April 2005, 3:28 AM

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Location: Somewhere on an Istallation 04 chunk.
Time: Who knows.

      Kaston snapped his eyes open, and shuttered at the amount of pain he felt. He was shaking again, but he didn't realize it. He blinked a few times to orientate himself, and recognized the blue and purple color which permeated the room to be Covenant. He let out a slight groan.
      The thing he was resting up against moved and coughed. He turned around as best as his body allowed him in order to view his surroundings. There were sleeping bodies laying hither and tither, with most of them being camo green.There were a few neon blue fiqures also. The air reeked of body odor, and he groaned again.
      One of the bodies tilted a helmet up, and blinked. It was easy to make out the eyes, since the rest of the of the face was coated in soot. "Mornin' sunshine," he chuckled.
       Kaston rubbed his right eye with his good hand and tried to sleep again. The other man was standing up when he opened his eyes again. He stretched, and then cleared his throat. He inhaled deeply, and yelled "HEY! WAKE UP BOYS! Oh, and one girl." A grunt of acknowledgement came from the back.
      One of the figures to Kastons left piped up. "Hey Russman, shut up." He walked over, then kicked the figure in the leg. "Get the f*@k up Tipman!" Tipman let out a yelp. Russman turned around and pulled out a clipboard and took down who was there. "OK, anyone hurt?" Kaston tried to raise his hand. "Yeah, I got you down. By the way, what's your name, son?" "Kaston." "WHAT?" "KASTON, SIR!" He turned over and coughed. "Ehh. Good enough. OK, whose dead?" Someone from the back yelled "I'm Evil still!" "Yes, but your not dead, Munoz. Anyone else?" Tipman spoke up also, " I'm dead from the neck up." "We already knew that, Tipman."
      I need a medic over here to check up on Lietenant Kaston, pronto." There was some shifting in the back. Kaston looked over himself, and saw he was taped up, and that he had a bandage on his chest. He noticed the medic was female. She figured where he was looking at, and said "Yeah, You broke some ribs." "How many?" "Seven." Kaston gagged.
      "We saw you put up a pretty good fight against those nasty shits." "Why din't you help?" She pointed to Tipman and said "guard duty." "What's your unit?" "35th. ODSTs." Kaston let out a low whistle. "Who we flyin' with?"
She galnced around. "Covie rebels." Kaston coughed. "What?"
"Yeah, it turns out they have insurgents, too."
      After another minute or two, the checkup was complete. "Well, your bandages held up, and as long as we can get you to a decent med bay, you should be fine. Oh, and by the way, you owe us 40 bucks." "What for?" "All the metal we had to use as splints for your ribs."

       After another 4 hours of messing with Tipman's head, checkups, light conversations, and filling in, Russman walked out of the pilots cabin. We've arrived at our pit stop, gentlemen, and lady." Kaston began to feel the inertial pull of the dropship decelerating and stop.
       Only after the side door of the dropship slid up was Kaston able to hobble out on crutches to view his ne surroundings. Moving at a slow pace, he was enabled to get a better, longer view.
       There were Seraph fighters in racks against the wall to his right. To his left there was a quadret of Longsword fighters set next to two Pelican dropships. A Scarab was dangling from the cieling. However, one of the most perplexing things he ever saw were set in the middle of the room.
      It looked like a centurion, but without the horses body. There appeared to be two Seraph fighters facing front up, belly to belly, with a thrid facing belly forward on the bottom. On the sides were Scarab arms with grabbers at the ends.
       A man walked up. "You like those? They're the hunter ships. They looked cobbled together, because thay are. These guys are true geniuses. They can make almost anything. Hi, I'm Munoz, but my friends call me Tony, or Owl Eyes." He stuck out his hand, then retracted it, seeing Kastons condition. "Man, something really got a hold on you." "Flood." "Ah, say no more my friend. Hey, if you wanna catch some food, check out the Kitchetorium, or the galley to you. The cook there, he's human, he loves frozen stuff. He had his bunk moved to the freezer, but he's cool. Oh, no pun intended, sorry." "No, that was kinda funny, actually." "Yeah, they say laughter is the best medicine. Catch ya later." As he jogged away, his bandoleer of grenades fell of, and everyone within a 40 foot radius dove for cover.
      Kaston just walked past them, laughing to himself.