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1Are you completely maimed in the brain!?!?
Posted By: dom1<moberly6@pacbell.net>
Date: 25 April 2005, 3:19 AM

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Location: Installation 04
Time: A freckle past a hair. READ!!

      'Keep running, just keep running. They might not be able to catch up.' Even as he thought this, Lt. Kaston knew it was a lie. He heard the gutteral barks, followed by the expected woosh. The alarm in his brain went off. He turned and spent four shells of his shotgun, which resulted in the ultimate destruction of the Flood combat form following him.
      He neared a large gap in the ring. Despite the pain growing in his legs, he pushed harder, and leapt into the air. Just as he landed on the other side, the atmosphere sheared apart between the two broken sections.       He turned to check on his pursuers. As if on cue, the distorted figure of Seargeant Crespin landed at the edge.
      He knew it wasn't really him, after all, Flood didn't make people uglier than they already were. The Green Gut Machine tried to jump after him, but got caught in the gap of vacuum. Slowly it began to turn into inconstituite atoms. Kaston made the sign of the cross, then returned to his present goal.
       Only hours prior to this little excursion, Lt. Kaston had noticed a way off this godforsaken hunk of crap, a Covenant Phantom. Knowing this was his only chance for escape, he bolted for it. Unfortunately, he had disregarded the fact it was about 2 miles away.
       As of now, though, he was only 40 feet from it. But then, the Big rubber stoppers of space-time continum opened up, and he was confronted with around 100 Flood comabat forms, with them a handful of infection forms. 'Bigotous little bastards'
       He managed to get through the bulk of them, until he got to the ship itself. Almost immediately, they all became human based Flood forms. Worst of all, he recognized most of them.
       One of their arms flew off and tripped him, so he tried to crawl backwards the rest of the way. He was wasting much of AR rounds and would soon have to swith back to his shotgun.
       By now he had started crying, completey letting his eyes drain, because of the onslaught of his own friends attempting to kill him. He was screaming out their names as he dropped them, one by one. "Thompson!? McCain?! Evans!?!"
       His rounds had all run out in his weapons, and he couldn't reload, so he restorted to bash them to death. After every kill a hammertone struck his mind. He could feel his limbs begin to go numb. One of the Flood grabbed his rifle, so Kaston pulled out his 7 inch blade and begun hacking and stabbing.
      His blade found soft flesh to enter, and that was exactly what it did. The results weren't instant, but the end result was acceptable. Familiar faces came and died at his feet, and the resulting strain became a dreaded thing in his mind. It became an entity. His view became red hazed, his fingers caliced and bleeding.
      A combat form slung a punch at his face, and he could feel his nose break. He immediately cut the arm free from where it originated, and it landed square on his lap. He recognized the ring on it's stubbed finger. He reached down, removed it, and then swallowed it. He realized what he had done, and didn't care.
      A infection form appeared, and he swatted with his shotgun. It flew, hit a carrier form, exploded, and took four more with it. One of the combat forms was crawling towards him. He sat on his knees, landing blow after blow upon it. The shock was completely enveloping him. He was shaking, his teeth were chattering, his pupils were needle points, and he was losing blood from hundreds of minor wounds.
      His back touched the side of the dropship, and he whipped around with such force his already weakened arm dislocated. His sobbing had reached the point of not even making any more noise. As he looked up, he saw hundreds of combat,infection, and carrier forms rushing towards him.
       He tried to stand up and face his foe properly, but discovered his right leg was broken and his left ankle sprained. He sat, holding his shotgun like a baseball bat, and closed his his eyes waiting for the end. It never came.
       The dropship door opened just before the tidal death wave reached him, and he was pulled inside. He went completely berserk at the touch of another being. His weapons were stripped from him, and he felt himself being held down. He flailed around in vain, recovering nothing from his surroundings except pure agony.
      He felt a needle being inserted in the side of his neck, and his body went limp. His mind was on the verge of breaking, and the only thing he could do was scraeam through his teeth with his eyes closed.