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What Comes Around, Goes Around
Posted By: DJ<deanero@home.com>
Date: 1 February 2000, 9:20 p.m.

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It had been a few hours since we have recruited a new member to the 88th. Actually, he comes from the 109th, but since last week, the 109th had been wiped out.

"Yeah, we'll help you take revenge against those covey bastards. But first, we need to secure a base for our division. We have alot of wounded. They're about seven hours behind us. Which gives me a great idea. Hey Mike!" I called to Mike, who was setting up camp after scanning the area for coveys.

"Yo!" he replied, covering our tents with desert camouflage to match the bottom of the canyon.

"I need you on top of that ridge and see if you can get a signal to our troops. I think we found a base. But we're gonna need some firepower and a hacker."

"I'm on it," Mike replied. He checked his gear and weapon, then started off to the ridge above us. It was about a 200-yard climb.

"What's your plan?" asked Conrad, who started to change the dressing on his wounds.

"We need to take the facility in this canyon for our base, then take revenge on the coveys that wiped out your division."

"What about reinforcements? Won't other coveys be comin' when they don't check in?"

"I don't think so. That facility is at the bottom of this canyon, which makes communications very difficult. Furthermore, I think this particular battalion is on the move, not establishing a base. Hopefully they haven't been in communication with others for awhile. The facility looks like it's just a staging area to move on. We've been scouting them for a day before you came, and they haven't moved in any equipment to stay. And they haven't gone up to communicate with anyone. My guess is, they're on their own, and they like to keep moving. But there is one problem..." I took a breath, then a sip out of my canteen. The water here tasted different than on Earth. What I would give to have a beer.

"They'll have this facility logged in their database systems," Conrad replied. He was finishing dressing his wounds.

"Exactly. Which means we need to wipe them out completely and post false coordinates for their movements should their disappearance be discovered." I put my canteen away and began changing the dressing on the wound on my leg. At least the energy knife's cut had cauterized its mark.

"Which brings me to another problem," I continued, wincing as I pulled off the old dressing. My leg was looking like beef jerky. It also had an ionized smell to it, probably from the energy knife.

"Finding a covey base to post those false coordinates," smiled Conrad, who was now warming up to the plan, "The base of those damn coveys that attacked my division!" Conrad now had the sparkle of bloodlust in his eyes, and started to clench his fists.

"Yup, we hack their systems, then wipe them out. When their friends come by to investigate, they'll download their data and search the area for the attackers. They won't even think about the other group we'll take out first down here. And if they do, they'll follow our planted coordinates. Hopefully, we'll erase any indication of the existence of this canyon and the facility, and use it as our base."

"Finally!" sneered Conrad. His eyes were cold, staring at his weapon.

"What comes around, goes around." I said, finishing the dressing on my wound. We then began to break our weapons down to clean them. We were going to use them alot in the next few days...