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Attack Plan
Posted By: Dispraiser<dispraiser@netzero.com>
Date: 7 February 2003, 12:58 am

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      "Just a few more seconds!" barked the commander, waiting at the cannons controls as the Covenant ships swarmed above.
      "She might not hold out sir, she's been under quite some stress!" said an English man, his accent greatly reminiscent of Scotty from Star Trek, though he looked to be Russian...
      "She has to hold out... If my hours of combat training are correct the enemies next attack pattern will be a diagonal line, descending directly at us firing randomly."
      "Combat training?" asked the English man.
      "God yes..."
      "Wait, wait, just a second!", said the gunner, clearly much younger in this flashback.
      "Alright." Said the English man, who had a face dotted with as many pimples as a starry sky night. "But just a minute longer, this place is dark and scary... I think the next giant leap for mankind might be to destroy whatever that thing is in the corner."
      The gunner to be looked over his shoulder at the quivering, bloated mass. "That? That's just little Jimmy" quickly the captain spun back around to play Galaga some more on the outdated arcade machine.
      "That's human? I thought it was some mold that managed to hit the next stage of evolution."
      "Oh, no, Jimmy is a good guy. He just lost Tetris... He was on Level eight too."
      "Well... I got dibs on Galaga next!"
      "Ah, those were the days..."
      "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" the station nearby to the gunner lit up, exploding into a fireball and instantly incinerating the operators.
      "You don't truly expect them to... Oh my god..." the Purple dots began to align themselves into a huge panel, sorted by size.
      "Prepare for death superior alien scum!" yelled the gunner as he fired a volley of artillery shells upwards. He eliminated the first row of enemies and grinned in awe as the flickered from existence.
      "Sir, look out, they're firing on us!" the cart, which was mounted with the vertical cannon slid off to the side behind a magical floating barrier. "We're safe!" the barrier disintegrated. "Or not." The cart burned out, zipping away as the area behind it exploded. The Covenant craft hit some kind of invisible barrier, and decided on a new attack plan, their former one crushed.
      "Reverse direction!" the ships accelerated in the opposite direction, floating directly over the guns firing range. Another set of ships sparkled from view and a jet flying overhead, labeled 'Bonus' (not the best thing to write on the side of a jet flying over a battlefield) was ripped to pieces. Now moving at a much quicker pace, as if losing dead weight (eg, the first rows...). The gunner fired into the air, though most of his shots now missed. The surviving fleet regrouped, assuring that they were still within the firing range of the cannon (damn superior aliens). The sole surviving ship, deciding that he could do what his other fleet could not, accelerated and descended towards the tank. They were ripped to shreds and confetti fell, congradulating a high score and a win...
      "Whoa!" the English man sat up in his bed, awakening from the dream. "What the hell does that mean?"

More than likely not the end, but who knows!