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6 Way War Ch. 3: Bloodshed continues...
Posted By: Demosthenes<Weskhutson@msn.com>
Date: 11 March 2003, 2:28 AM

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6 Way War
Ch. 3: Bloodshed continues...

Blue plasma burst the stainless steel door open. A floating monitor, one of 343's "children" barked orders at the sentinels. They opened fire upon the covenant forces. The monitor robot turned around and retreated. He floated through battle-scarred hallways. The stench of rotting corpses would have filled his nose, if he weren't a robot. He opened one of the doors that had been closed due to lockdown procedures. A team of jackals and one elite stood on the other side.
"CRAP!" yelled the monitor robot, and flew past them at top speed. They covenant squad fired blue and green plasma at him. He fell to the ground. The plasma had heated him so much that his hover engine over heated.
"C'mon, c'mon" he chanted, frantically trying to get up. The elite ordered the jackals to cease fire, and the elite walked up to the monitor robot. He picked it up, and fired multiple plasma bullets up the hover engine. Suddenly, the blue light that was the monitor robot's inside turned off. The elite thought he could take out the hover engine. He stuck his hand inside the robot, and grabbed the monitor's hover engine. The lights flicked back on, and the hover engine started again. The elite screamed, and so did the monitor robot. The elites hand melted off by the hover engine, and the monitor robot screamed because the hover engine was malfunctioning, due to the elite's hand. The monitor robot exploded. Blue flame balls rained on the jackals, burning them to crisps.

Inside an Itinerant base 1400 hours...

"So, if you..." said an Itinerant soldier to his friend, when suddenly a bomb exploded, and forerunners came running in, firing crystalline bullets and plasma. The Itinerant forces ran and covered, and fired back. Suddenly, a Forerunner supersonic grenade went off, and all the forces in the room were smacked up against the wall, dead. More Forerunners ran into the room, and continued into the next room. They walked around in the halls while alarms buzzed in their ears. Itinerants came out of rooms just to be blasted by plasma and crystalline bullets. The team of Forerunner legions busted open the door to the central power core. Hundreds of flood creatures began attacking. All formation they had had was broken up. One soldier tossed a couple of timed bombs on the core. The bomb stuck to the shield. He tossed a few more, and then was killed by the constant waves of spores and bullets. Almost all of the soldiers were dead, and one of the few remaining soldiers tossed a supersonic grenade. It exploded, killing everything inside the room. One of the timed bombs went off. It set off the shield, and the other bombs, destroying a large section of the base, and the core.

Outside an Itinerant base 1405 hours...

Captain Salazar looked through his electronic binoculars. He watched the base explode, and looked for a team of Legions to come out of the base. He watched for a few minutes, and then gave up. He radioed for his bombers to go in there and destroy the rest of the base. Four bombers flew out from behind the trees. They began dropping bombs all over the base. The anti-air turrets, and any turret, were unable to fire due to the destruction of the core. They dropped hundreds of bombs right on the base. The bombers, finished with the base, turned around and headed back towards the transport ship.

The marines waited at point red hill for the evac ship. Corporal Rain looked at her watch. They had been waiting for about 20 minutes. The covenant team would be catch up with them soon and slaughter them all if the evac ship didn't hurry. The marines were assembled in a circle at the bottom of the hill. She and a few others were at the top, and some snipers were located in the bushes, ready to take out scouts or anything like that.
"There!" called one of the marines up on top of the hill. He pointed up at a pelican with smoke billowing out of the engines. She frowned.
"Hey, at least it's here in one piece, a little smoke couldn't be that bad." Said a marine. Suddenly, the engines exploded, and the pelican became a giant fireball.
"It's headed straight for us!" yelled someone. Everyone began getting out of the way as the pelican smashed into the ground. It erupted in a huge explosion.

A large ball of fire erupted not far in the distance. The elite spotted it, and ordered his men to head towards it. Three wraiths, four ghosts, and 50 grunts and jackals headed towards the fireball where the humans were.

" All right, is everyone alive?" Yelled Corporal Rain sarcastically. Most people just moaned back.
"Corporal Rain, we got some covenant scouts headin' our way." Someone said over Rain's COM channel. A sniper began knocking out targets. The other snipers joined in.
"Ghosts!" yelled someone else on Rain's COM channel.
"Tanks!" screamed another. Tank fire began raining on them.
"Scatter!" called a marine. Marines began dodging hot balls of plasma. Plasma bullets began flying out of the trees. Grunts and jackals hopped out of the bushes. Marines returned fire. Rain ducked behind a piece of burning wreckage left from the Pelican. She spotted a marine on the ground with a huge hole in his gut. He was holding his gut shaking. Rain bent down and began tending his wound with the few things she had in he pockets. He began muttering something with his blood stained lips. She heard something about momma and bright lights. She shook her head. Suddenly, the soldier's eyes went dull; he loosened his grip on his gut, and fell back. She stopped, frustrated, and went back to killing things. Suddenly, a plasma bullet smacked into her shoulder. Blood squirted out. She screamed in pain. She fell back behind the piece of wreckage, and opened her pockets to get out a med kit. Dangit! She thought, I wasted my med kit on him! Suddenly, her life was taken away as a large ball of hot tank fire landed right on her.
The elite ordered some jackals to check for survivors. They walked around looking at the human bodies. After a while, the elite called his men back. His gold armor shined from the suns rays. He grinned with satisfaction at another mission complete.

The sword elites ran into the crowd of frantic covenant soldiers and the strange newcomers. They began slashing these strange beasts with their swords. One of the sword elites, Shar, tripped over a grunt that had run in his path. One of the beasts jumped on him and bit into the back of his neck. He screamed. Blood streamed down his neck and stained his armor.
Cro, a golden sword elite, sliced another of the new creatures heads off. Blood sprayed in his face. He severed another beast's arms off its torso. Plasma bullets smashed into his shield. Suddenly, he was knocked to the ground by one of them. It bit his arm. He screamed as the metal armor on his arm was crushed, and purple blood spewed out. The sword went out. Cro lifted his legs, and kicked upwards. The Pahc flew off of him. Another Pahc began firing plasma at him. His shield's power went out. Cro dodged out of the way of the bullets, and bumped into a grunt's body. A Pahc lifted it's head after chewing the grunt's body. The elite, worried, swung his leg into the Pahc's face. The Pahc flew away form the body. Plasma smashed into his back, bending the armor. Blood poured all over himself. The Pahc jumped at him. Cro closed his eyes and waited. A body knocked him over. He opened his eyes to see blood pouring all over his body. He pushed the body off of him. The half body plopped onto the ground. One of his friends, another sword elite, stood there. He held out his hand. The elite took it, and his friend pulled him off the ground.
" You look like crap, you better go find a medic." Said Cro's friend. Cro nodded. Suddenly, blood started pouring out of Cro's friend's neck. Cro's friend's eyes went wide, and he fell to the ground. Cro screamed, and smacked a fist into the Pahc that killed his friend in the face. The Pahc fell to the ground, dead.
A few hours later the battle was over, and the covenant came back from battle with victory.