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6 Way War: Ch.2 Mechanical Humanoid Robot Suit?
Posted By: Demosthenes<Weskhutson@msn.com>
Date: 9 March 2003, 4:20 PM

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6 Way War
CH. 2: Mechanical Humanoid Robot Suit?

Inside the Forerunner committee of shogun's meeting place...

"At last we've found someone." Said Saurov. The forerunner shoguns put one of their hands on the dying person. Then, they put their other hand on Senna's body. The dying forerunner's energy was transferred through the shoguns, and into Senna's body. Senna coughed. Her eyes fluttered. She tried to sit up, but did not have the strength to. She doze off.
" She will be weak like this until we find the another person to give his or her energy to Senna."

Inside the human research facility "Hope" 0700 hours...

" So, how far are you on project Robo-doom?" Asked Admiral Commonhiemer.
"We've finished the prototype, but we haven't built any weapons that aren't built in. We're trying to build rocket launchers and sub-machine guns." Replyed Proffesser Sarmt. Admiral Commonhiemer nodded, and lit a cigar.
"Well, let's see it." Asked Admiral Commonhiemer. The proffesser nodded, and pushed a button on the cold metal wall. Spotlights in the garage flashed, and from the balcony above, was a giant humanoid robot.
"As you can see, we haven't painted the MHRS, Codenamed: Metal Death."
"Couldn't you at least think of a better name than that?" Asked Admiral Commonhiemer, looking off the balcony at the metal robot. It glistened in the large spotlights. Admiral Commonhiemer grinned.
" What's that big black thing on the right arm?" asked Commonhiemer. The Proffesser pressed his glasses up on his nose.
"That's a built in submachine gun. Actually it's four submachine guns.They're hidden underneath that black bump" Answered Proffesser Sarmt.
"Well, let's take it for a test drive." Said Commonhiemer.

Human research facility "Hope" 0800 hours...

The human pilot opened the door to the MHRS. He stepped inside. The door closed behind. He was in a room that look like he were outisde. It was as if he were the robot. If he looked up he could see the roof. If he looked down he saw the floor. Suddenly, holes opened up around the walls. Wires with pads attached at the end popped out and stuck themselves all over the pilots body.
"The computer now can read his brain waves, and however he moves, the robot moves the same way. I'm quite impressed myself, actually." Said Sarmt. Commonhiemer nodded, looking at the video screen of the inside of the MHRS. Commonhiemer tossed his cigar on the ground and stomped on it, crushing the ashes and what little tabacco left into the cold, metal ground.
" Um, you know your going to have to clean that up, sir." Said Sarmt. Commonhiemer looked at Sarmt like Sarmt was an idiot.
" Of course I could do that for you, if you want, sir" Said Sarmt weakly. Commonhiemer nodded, and looked back at the screen. The pilot moved his arm, and the robot moved it's arm in the exact same way. Commonhiemer grinned at his wonderful creation.

Battle field outside "Hope" 1200 hours...

Humans and covenant were engaged in battle. Suddenly, they stopped as a shadow fell upon the battle field. They looked up at a giant robot. Over the speaker it yelled, "ALL UNSC FORCES GET OUT OF THE BATTLE FIELD PRONTO" The marines obeyed and began running behind the robot, and away from the battle field. Covenant began to follow the humans, but the robot lowered it's arm and fired hundreds of large bullets onto them. The robot began stomping the defensless covenant soldiers. They screamed for help, tried firing back with fuel rod cannons and tank fire, but only succeeded in staining it with black burn marks. The robot began firing vulcan cannons from it's head, and bullets rained upon the covenant soldiers. The covenant soldiers began retreating and flyers began circling the robot. There were three bombers among the cloud of flyers circling the MHRS. The began firing missiles at it. A large hole appeared in the chest. Suddenly, on all of the marines COM channels said, "Give me some backup" The marines began firing at the banshees and bombers. The robot swatted his arm right through the cloud of flyers. The banshees exploded on his arm, slightly damaging it. The vulcan cannons on it's head opened, blowing a few flyers to smithereens. Anti air missiles began destroying the covenant flyers. Finally, the covenant flyers were all dead. What was a long harsh battle had ended in a few minutes by the MHRS. Rockets in the MHRS's feet and back flared, and it jetted into the sky. The marines stared in awe at the remnants of what was once an entire covenant regiment. Someone began clapping, and they all cheered, screaming, "IN YOUR FACE YOU BASTARDS!!!"