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5 Way War Part VII: Redo's new life
Posted By: Demosthenes<weskhutson@msn.com>
Date: 8 March 2003, 4:08 PM

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5 Way War Part VII: Redo's new life


Being that Redo had lost the most important thing of his entire existence, the only thing left to do was to dedicate himself to the UNSC. He focused only on his job at saving the world. Soon he was advancing in rank and gaining medals and awards. He won great battles for the human race. His enthusiasm increased with every battle, for every battle was sending his mind away from the thought of Senna. He did not get any new relationships with women, nor did he want to. His only friend was Jake. He cared for nothing but the fate of the human race.
"Sarge, two bugs at 12:00,"screamed a Spartan. They dove down as two Itinerant flyers passed overhead. Redo stood up. He looked around himself. He saw some leafless trees. He also saw other trees with lots of leaves.
"Cortana, give me some info on those trees." He said.
"The leafless one is the Sapamaxous Lefiless."
" The other is Lefilous lottomous" "The leafless one has tons of sap in it, if you were to break it in half, it will spray sap out like a shower. And the other one just has tons of loose leaves." Redo thought about it for a moment. He stepped up to one of the leafless trees and knocked it down. Sap began spraying out.
" Bathe yourselves in this sap." Said Redo.
" Sir, why?" asked a marine in full armor. Redo, rubbing the sap all over himself, said, "Just do it, and make sure it's ALL over you, and no part, except your face, is not covered in it." The marines and two other Spartans began bathing themselves in the thick, sticky sap.
" Now that we are as sticky as possible, cover yourselves in these leaves." Redo walked up to the tree with tons of leaves, and shook it hard. Leaves began raining down upon them. They were now covered in leaves. It was the perfect camouflage.
" Team Green, move out" They began running through the trees. Red dots appeared on Redo's motion detector. Redo made a hand signal, and the Green team dropped to the ground. Redo pulled out a sniper rifle. He ordered a few others to get out their sniper rifles. They aimed past the shrubbery. There was a patrol of about nine Itinerants and spores inside a large cage. Redo made another hand signal. The soldiers opened fire with their sniper rifles. The nine Itinerants fell to the ground. Redo signaled for them to get up. They stood up. They walked out, and continued in the direction of the Itinerant base. The NAV points on his helmet got large. He stopped. He signaled for his team to drop to the ground. They began crawling forward. They spotted the base. Hundreds of Flood were guarding the base. Redo called for air support. Two jet fighters flew overhead and dropped a couple of bombs on the base. Two anti-air turrets popped out of the base, and fired upon the fighters. One of the fighters swooped upwards. The missiles of course followed it. The other fighter was hit. The blue shield appeared around it. The other dove for the base, and then arced upwards. The missile, lagging a bit, slammed into the shield surrounding the base. Redo waited for blue team and red team.
" This is Red Leader, repeat Red team is at the base and ready for combat. Over"
"Roger, this is Blue team leader, I read you loud and clear. We have also just arrived. Over"
"Roger, this is Green team leader. Seems we're all ready, lets go!" They ran towards the base. Jerry, green team's demolitions expert, placed a bomb right in front of the door. They ran back into the bushes. Jerry pulled out a remote, and pressed a button. The bomb went off, wiping out the door. They ran into the base. They all pulled out shotguns. They turned a corner, and five covie-floods were standing there. They turned around and immediately attacked. They three teams opened fire, and easily killed them all. Redo pointed upwards. There was a vent shaft. Redo ordered Jerry to go up there. He followed.
" The rest of you stay here. If we need backup, we'll call you. I don't think the vent shaft could hold anymore weight." Redo led Jerry silently through the vent shaft. Redo was careful not to let his armor scratch the vent. They came to a fork. Redo silently asked Cortana which way to go.
"Right." Redo moved to the right. They continued moving through the vents.
The rest of green team, red team, and blue team sat in the hall. They waited for orders. One of the soldiers looked up and sighed, then spotted something. A camera.
"OH SHIZER!" He yelled.
" What is it?" Asked his team leader. The soldier pointed up. A camera was watching them. The team leader grabbed the camera and crushed it.
" Green team leader, we have a problem." Said blue team leader.
"What is it?" asked Redo.
"You're going to have to get out of there, they had cameras and spotted you climb the vent"
"CRAP!" Redo banged his fist on the vent. The vent lurched.
" Crap." It lurched again.
"Go, GO, GO!" Redo yelled at Jerry. Jerry nodded, turned around, and crawled backwards. The piece of vent behind them fell, setting a chain reaction. They crawled as fast as possible. Vent pieces fell right where they were just a second ago. Bullets then began to spray up into the vent.
"Crapcrapcrap!" Muttered Redo. His shield deflected bullets. Spores hopped up into the vent.
"Cortana, display vent map on HUD" requested Redo. Cortana did so. He was close to the entrance to the base. A covie-flood whacked the piece of vent Jerry was on. Jerry fell through. Spores engulfed him on the ground below. Redo hopped across the vent, just as the one he was on collapsed. He landed on the other vent. It collapsed. He fell to the ground. Redo landed on his feet, like a cat, and took off. He began running at full speed. To the floods, he was a blur. He was at about 50 miles per hour. He pumped his muscles. Sweat began dripping down his neck. He burst through a door. The others were under attack.
"RETREAT!" Redo screamed. The others ran outside. Bullets and plasma alike rained on them from vehicles and turrets. Redo called for air support, and a drop ship. Three fighters came in and fired their chain guns. A pelican landed on the ground in front of them. They hopped inside. The pelican took off. Three Itinerant fighters followed them, firing plasma at them. One of the human fighters took them out. Anti-air missiles began filling the sky. The fighters exploded, but the pelican managed to escape.


To be continued in 6 Way War