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5 Way War Part VI: unwelcome neighbors
Posted By: Demosthenes<weskhutson@msn.com>
Date: 8 March 2003, 4:03 PM

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5 WAY WAR PART VI: Unwelcome Neighbors

Corporal Smidt led a team of grunts, Jackals, and a few more elites through the jungle. They spotted four sentinels. Immediately his blue shield raised around him. He opened fire with his plasma rifle, immediately disarming and destroying the sentinel. The grunts and jackals took them down easily too. It was easy to take out a shield less Sentinel. Only as long as you used plasma. Plasma was the most effective weapon against the sentinels.
" Man down!" screamed a grunt. He ran towards the grunt, and spotted the four grunt corpses on the ground. He scowled and turned around. The grunts were dead and numerous enough. A few dead grunts were nothing. A Jackal or and Elite, that was something.
He continued through the foliage. He put his Plasma rifle away and pulled out a sword. Smidt held his hand up. The others halted. He bent low. So did the others. The soft hum of a sentinel could be heard. A grunt was whimpering. The elite looked at the grunt, and made an odd zip your mouth thing. The grunt took that the other way. He screamed and ran off. There was a bright light and a grunt screaming "UFF!" The sentinels then flew right into them. They immediately opened fire upon the oncoming sentinels. They exploded and fell to the ground. Three of the sentinels though survived due to shields. Smidt threw a grenade on one of the sentinels. It exploded. Grunts were screaming and running around. Jackals began running as the burning laser from the sentinels de-powered their shields. Smidt growled and jumped on one of the sentinels. He began tearing at it, smashing his fists into the metal. He punched so hard his hand went through the metal and into the weapon generator. His hand disintegrated. He screamed at the top of his lungs. His blood mixed with the hot laser generator. The sentinel lurched and exploded. Pieces of the corporal began flying everywhere, a few landing on grunts. Their team was eliminated.

The alarm sounded within the building. Redo stood up from a game of checkers and grabbed his pistol.
"This is no freckin drill, battle stations everyone!" screamed a crewmen over the intercom. A few Spartans began getting help getting their armor on from others with theirs already on. Redo ran into the halls, and ran for the nearest battle zone, which according to Cortana, was in the cafeteria. He ran inside, and flipped up a table. Plasma and crystal bullets zipped overhead. Redo popped up from the table and fired at a forerunner soldier. A blue shield popped up around them. They fired back crystal bullets at him. He ducked down under the table. He popped up a tossed a grenade. It bounced, and then exploded, killing two forerunner soldiers. A forerunner Legion tossed a grenade at him. It exploded in front of the table, sending him and the table back into the wall. He smashed into the wall, and lost consciousness.

Senna tossed a grenade on a Legion. He screamed and started running towards her, but exploded before he got even close. She heard a gunshot behind her and saw her shield go down a little. She turned around to see a Legion. The Legion fired a few more shots. Senna tossed a grenade and dove to the right. The legion dodged it a fired a few more shots. Senna's shield was out. She ran over to the left, firing as she went. A few crystal bullets smacked into her left shoulder, disabling her left arm. She was behind a pillar. A grenade landed next to her, sending her into the wall, knocking her unconscious.

Alvy fired at a couple of Spartans, then dove to the left behind a pillar. He popped out from behind it a fired a few more shots. A Spartan that he had just killed, or so he thought, stood up. She fired a few shots at him knocking his pistol away. He ran at her. She continued firing, knocking down Alvy's shield. He grabbed her pistol and smashed it under his fist. She swung a weak punch with her weak arm at Alvy. He ducked under it, put his arm between her legs, and threw her over his shoulder. She smashed into the wall, breaking one of her vertebrae, and tearing her spinal cord. She fell to the ground dead.

Redo woke up and readied himself to fight. There was no one left in the cafeteria. He walked out into the hall to see a Forerunner Legion pick up Senna and throw her into the pillar, killing her. He screamed and ran at the forerunner Legion. He dove on him, sending them into a door. They smashed through the door and ended in a storage room. He swung a fist into the Forerunner soldier, smashing his iron fist into the helmet. The legion rolled under, getting Redo pinned. Alvy smashed a fist into Redo's face. Alvy grabbed Redo's throat. Redo kicked a leg up, shoving Alvy off of him. Alvy popped up off the ground, as did Redo. Redo and Alvy ran at each other. Redo jumped up, sending his legs into Alvy's chest. Alvy flew ten or so feet backwards. Alvy stood up. Redo was already running at him. Redo smacked his fist into Alvy's helmet, shattering the HUD and denting the metal. Alvy tossed the helmet off, as another fist entered his face. Alvy felt his nose break. Alvy grabbed Redo's waist, and threw him into the air. Redo fell; and hit the ground on his legs. Alvy thrust his leg into Redo gut. Redo flew back. Alvy ran towards him. Redo grabbed Alvy's fist in mid-punch, turned behind Alvy, and thrust Alvy's arm up. Alvy's arm popped out of the socket. Redo lifted his leg, bent it towards him, then thrust it straight outward into Alvy's back. Alvy flew forward and smashed into the wall, breaking a few ribs. He fell to the ground. Suddenly Redo couldn't move. He fell to his knees and grabbed his head as a group of forerunners invaded his mind. Redo tossed his helmet off and grabbed his head.
"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed. One of the exquisitely robed forerunners said to him suddenly the memory of Redo's dream from years before popped into his mind.
" GET OUT!!" Redo screamed.
" GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!!!!" He screamed. Said Shniel. Alvy stood up and started walking towards Redo, ready to kill. said Juan in his COM channel. said Alvy, confused. answered Alvy, still confused. Alvy ran and did as he was told, while Redo still screamed at the Shoguns. He walked outside, and began checking all of the human Spartan corpses. He found the one of Senna and carried it back into the room. Redo was still on his knees, no longer screaming, just weeping. Redo looked up at Alvy
" No, don't take her, her body is all I have left" Redo said weakly. Alvy saw the anguish in Redo's face. His cheeks were red from the tears that had streamed down his face. All around his eyes were bright red and swollen from Redo trying to wipe the tears out of his eyes. Redo feebly looked at Alvy, staring pleadingly into his eyes.
"Please..." said Redo. Alvy choked. Alvy began to walk away.
" No, please, let me just see her face once more..." He said, holding out his hand. Alvy placed Senna's body in front of Redo.
"Senna, my love, why'd you have to go... why couldn't you have stayed, then when our time in the UNSC ended we could have started a family, raised children and grow old together," Redo's voice trailed off. Tears of loss fell onto Senna's sweet face. Redo didn't even realize his hands were balled in fists. said Saurov in Redo's head.
"Shut the hell up" Redo said. Alvy picked up Senna's body and began to walk away. Alvy looked back at the human. Redo stared pleadingly at Alvy. Alvy felt a lump in his throat. I don't want to fight anymore. He thought. I never want to see that face again. I never want to hurt someone so much ever again.

Redo wept there for hours. He never moved. Jake and a few other Spartans came running in the room
" WE WON!" Jake said. He looked at Redo, seeing the pain and anguish in his face.
"No, we did not win, that was the greatest loss of this entire war," said Redo. Jake looked confused.
" Hey where's, oh, oh! Redo, I'm... I'm sorry," Tears welled up in Jake's eyes. He wept too.