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5 Way War Part V: The Trip
Posted By: Demosthenes<crhutson@msn.com>
Date: 2 February 2003, 5:10 am

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      Redo strained to lift the weights at six gees. He was tired. He walked out of the gym. He walked down the long familiar hallway. Posters were taped all over the walls. He walked past the cafeteria, turned the corner, past the armory, and came to his bunkroom. His wife, Senna, was waiting for him.
      " So, what's up hon'?" She asked. He sat down on his bunk. He sighed. He was tired and sweaty.
      " I'm going to sleep, that's what." He said, and closed his eyes. He fell back in the bed.
      "Spartan numbers 11012, please report to captain Locke ASAP". Said a woman's voice over the intercom. He growled. He stood up and walked out of the bunkroom.
      He stood in the bridge.
      " Spartan, I need you to rally a team of experts to go to planet Zaon. A base of ours is under stress. The planet isn't far from here. We'll use slipstream instead of relativity, even though relativity is cheaper."
      " Sir, first I'd like to say, why me? And second what will we be fighting?"
      " Covenant. You'll be briefed at 1500 hours."
      " Yes sir!"
      "But, you didn't answer my question." Redo said. Locke could see the weariness in his eyes, and knew he shouldn't lie when he's in a bad mood.
      " Because I want the best of the best. You may not be a high rank, but that doesn't make you good. If you succeed this mission I'll promote you." Redo turned around to leave.
      "And Redo, don't fail me. This trip is expensive, and I don't want that money, and lives, wasted." Locke said. Redo nodded. He wiped sweat off his forehead. The cold metal froze his skin, sending a shiver down his spine. How could his armor be so cold and he be so hot at the same time? Each of his steps sent a sharp pain up his ankle. His arms ached.
      " Cortana, what time is it?" Instead of answering him, she displayed it on his HUD. Two hours 'till he had to go to the briefing room. It was beginning to be a long day.

      The covenant priest, Azakuv, stretched his long neck until he was face to face with the Prophet. Azakuv opened his eyes.
      " The Gods have given word to me to destroy the new threat. According to the Gods, they built the ring we lost our entire armada at. They are called forerunner. They must be stopped at all costs, if not," The priest uttered a high note that sounded like an entire orchestra playing.
      The prophet puked. That was horrible. How could the Gods do such a thing?
      " Lets declare war. Send a ship to find and destroy them. We'll send the old recording we sent the humans."
      " I'm afraid you're a bit late. We kind of accidentally destroyed one of their ships already. We thought it was human." The priest said. The prophet glared.
      " You killed another sentient species ship that wasn't even our enemy yet. You IDIOT SON OF A" The prophet hollered another symphony.
      " I'm sorry, we didn't know." The priest whimpered. Veins popped out on the prophet's forehead. His face turned bright purple, since his blood was purple.
      " Hell yes you didn't know!" the prophet stormed off, yelling in the prophets orchestra of a language. Only priests and Prophets had the vocal cords to speak it.
      A grunt was sitting on the ground crying. The priest walked up to him.
      " Why are you crying little fella?" (Author's note: I just had to put this in.)
      " What you were saying was beautiful. I am crying from joy." The priest was disgusted, to think the bad things they said was beautiful, is just... Then he remembered the grunts don't know the prophet language. The sound must have been beautiful to him.
      He shuddered at the thought.

      Redo held a Fire starter II. The fire starter II did instead of burning the oils on the outside, it burned the blood. It literally set blood aflame.
      Redo's secondary weapon was a pistol. Redo put the fire starter down. He began waxing his armor.
      Senna, another member of his team, had a shotgun and a pistol. She also began waxing her armor.
      Jake, another member of his team, bore a pistol and a shield penetrater.
      Mike had a fire starter II and 2EM115.
      Winston had a 2EM115 and a battle rifle.
      Marge had a JN117. The JN117 was a rapid-fire plasma weapon with a plasma generator that was worn on the back. It was designed specifically for Spartans because it weighed a lot.
      They hopped in the back of the ship. It took off. Redo watched as Cron got farther and farther away. Then zap! They were in slipstream. He'd arrive in a minute. He tightened his grip on the rifle. The pilot said over the intercom.
      " Go into the cargo bay and get into the pelican inside. I know you Spartans can pilot them things." Redo stood up, as did the other Spartans. They walked into the cargo bay. Redo hopped up into the drop ship, and walked to the pilot seat. He strapped in.
      " Everybody ready?" said Redo.
      " Yes." They all said in unison. He started it, but did not turn the thrusters on. A big door opened, like a garage door, but huge. They were sucked into the vacuum that was space. They drifted for a second, and then he turned on the thrusters. He headed straight for the mostly green planet. The entered the atmosphere. They entire ship was rumbling as the atmosphere attempted to burn it up. The shaking stopped. Redo moving gracefully above the surface.
      " The base is at 45degrees Longitude 15degrees Latitude." Said Cortana. Redo turned autopilot on and set it for those coordinates. He leaned the seat back and sighed. Finally he could get some rest.
      " REDO, COVENANT SHIP 1:00" Cortana screamed in his ears. He growled. He fired the chain guns. The Banshee swerved out of the way, and fired a fuel-rod cannon. Redo shot downward. The fuel-rod cannon smacked the roof of the ship. Luckily the Pelican's were so strong the fuel rod cannon didn't heavily damage it. He locked-on the Banshee and fired a missile. A bit of blood from the pilot of the banshee spattered on the window as the Banshee exploded into a million pieces. He wiped it off with the wipers.
      He spotted the base, and headed for it. When he came close he rained missiles and bullets onto the armada. Redo landed the Pelican. The Spartans hopped out and immediately opened fire. Covenant began exploding in balls of flame. Two Goliaths fired at the Spartans. They dodged the rain of burning plasma. Redo tossed four grenades on one of the Goliaths. It exploded into smithereens. The blue shields popped up surrounding the elites as he fired his FS2. He popped a cartridge of ammo out and stuck another in. Marines started coming out of the base to help. A marine pilot hopped into the Pelican and started it up, firing the chain gun down onto the onslaught of covenant. Warthogs started coming out of the base. A few ATV's even popped out. Now they were putting up a fight. A few crewmen with pistols even joined in. Suddenly a huge explosion blasted out of the top of the roof. Redo motioned to the Spartans to follow him. A few Spartans that were at the base were fighting alongside the marines. Redo ran down the long hallways. He came across a few covenant. The group of Spartans easily neutralized them. They continued down the halls. The hall suddenly came to a halt. Piles of debris blocked their way through. He began grabbing pieces of debris and throwing them away. The others joined. The pile of debris collapsed and he hopped over it. The others followed. A group of marines were lying on the ground wounded.
      " Look, it's a Mach 5," said one.
      " We're saved!" Said another.
      " Winston, you stay here with the marines." Ordered Redo. Winston nodded. Redo continued forward. A large sign on the ground said "Bridge" and had an arrow pointing straight ahead. Redo headed there, hoping he'd find someone in charge.
       He kicked open the door to the bridge. The metal door smacked the ground. A group of covenant patrolling turned and aimed their weapons at him. They gargled something at him.