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5 Way War Part IV: Super Soldiers
Posted By: Demosthenes<crhutson@msn.com>
Date: 27 January 2003, 9:35 pm

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      Sweat ran down Alvy's neck and horn. He was climbing a rope web. It was 500 feet tall. He was in a race to climb the net and reach the top. The last person to make it to the top was to loose his dinner. He was ahead of most of the other recruits. There were three forerunners in front of him. His fingers were cut and bleeding from the ropes. His grip loosened with every grab he made, for his hands were in burning pain. He reached for the next rung, and his hand slipped from the sweat. He fell back. A couple forerunners climbed ahead of him. His leg was stuck in the rung. He was dangling. He saw the ground 200 feet below him. A drop would be deadly. Everyone started climbing ahead of him. Two forerunners stopped. They helped him up. They were in last now. He continued ahead.
      <Thanks> He muttered.
      < No prob' > said one of them
      < Name's Kog, and that's Sheily. > He said. They continued. Alvy grabbed someone's leg. He held her so she couldn't move. He climbed ahead. The person he had grabbed cursed. She grabbed Alvy's leg, and pulled hard. He fell. Alvy screamed. He reached for the rope. He grabbed it, but the speed he was falling was so great, his arm was pulled out of the socket. He swiftly grabbed with the other hand before he fell. He couldn't climb with a broken arm. He was stuck there, dangling by one arm. He looked up, and saw everyone reaching the top, and sliding down a pole into the river. He dangled until the last person slid down the pole. He still dangled. The pole holding up the structure started going down into the ground. They were lowering him. He was saved. His legs touched solid ground, and the bad feeling in his throat was gone. Chief Petty Officer Shcunc glared at the girl who had thrown Alvy off. He pulled a large whip out. He hit her twice. He then hit Alvy once. He grimaced in pain. His shirt had a large tear in it where the whip had hit, and blood trickled down his back. The blood tickled his skin as it slowly dripped out. Shcunc sent him to the infirmary.
      His arm healed in a week. He was up and back on the training courses. Of course even though he was last he still got dinner. The girl who nearly killed him lost his dinner for cheating and trying to kill her fellow recruits. They all were working for the same goal after all. Defeating the enemies. He was now in a maze. It was pretty much the mouse and the cheese maze, except they were playing capture the flag with stun guns. They first team to retrieve the flag and return it to base wins. Alvy ran through the maze with five fellow teammates. Kog, Sheily, Legoliz, and Jimly. He turned a corner. Two red team members stood there. Red team was known as the Hellhounds. Blue team was known as the Ghosts. He fired two lasers. Blue energy surrounded them. They exchanged fire. The two Hellhounds froze. Kog, Sheily, Legoliz, Alvy, and Jimly outnumbered them. They stood frozen. One of them fell over. He grunted. They continued on. Another corner. Two more Hellhounds. They easily froze them. They turned two more corners. They were in the center of a huge opening. Five Hellhounds were at the other side of the room.
      < Attack, I'll get the flag! > Alvy screamed. They nodded and started firing. Alvy ran to the center. His legs ached. Sweat poured down his neck, soaking his shirt. A Hellhound did the exact same thing. They dove on the flag. They both grabbed it at the same time. The cold metal sent a chill down his spine. It hurt where the whip scar was. He pulled. They both jumped up, and tried to kick one another. There feet smacked each other. Luckily for Alvy, his team was smart enough to attack the Hellhound with the flag. The other team saw them do this, and did the same. The blue energy surrounded Alvy. The other guy let go as he froze. Alvy sprinted away. His partners followed him. Jimly suddenly froze. Alvy didn't look back, though he heard Jimly curse. He continued running. The ache in his legs got so bad it was unbearable.
      < Kog, take the flag, I'll stop them. > He said. Kog nodded. Kog took the flag, and sprinted. Alvy turned around. He dove into the group of Hellhounds. He twisted his body sideways, so he was horizontal. He knocked the whole group of them down. He grabbed their guns while they were still surprised, and tossed them over the wall as far as he could. He ran back toward his group. They made it back to their base, and stuffed the flag in the ground.

      Redo stood inside a covenant base. He was in a small hallway. He and his squad, Senna, Jake, Franklin, and Jonas, came to a corner. They flattened against the wall. He heard gunshots and explosions, covenant screams and strange demented screams. He turned the corner. The flood were locked in battle with the covenant.
      " Spartans, let's turn around, the flood were here first." He said.
      "Contact the others and tell them to turn around." He said. They turned around and started to leave. Five elites and seven grunts had just walked in corridor. They immediately opened fire. A grenade fell on Jonas's shoulder. He screamed. He ran and dove into the pile of covenant. It exploded, sending covenant everywhere. A couple elites hopped up. The Spartans ran forward. They dove on the elites. They started pounding the elites. Franklin and Senna grabbed them. Redo and Jake got behind them. Redo whacked the elite Senna had hold of. Jake was too late though, the elite whacked Franklin in the back. The elite fell on top of Franklin's body. They continued on through the building. Two flood Spartans (Spartans infected by flood) turned the corner. He and Jake jumped up and thrust their legs into the flood chest. They fell over on their backs. Senna threw two plasma grenades on them. They exploded. They ran to the exit.
      Outside there were three covenant tanks. Three other Spartans came out the exit next to them. Redo recognized them, Master chief (Not John 117, the master chief of the game, but the knew master chief. If you haven't read the fall of reach then you might not know that 'Master chief' is a rank.) Commodore Gary, and sergeant Shelly. Shelly pulled out a rocket launcher. She fired. The rocket zoomed toward the tank. The tank turned, and dodged it. It hit the tank behind it though. Pure plasma energy popped out of the tank. The plasma was headed straight for Shelly. She threw the rocket launcher away as she was engulfed in plasma. Redo headed straight for the other tank. It fired purple at him. He dove, and dodged it.
      " You suicidal maniac!" Master Chief muttered under his breath as he picked up the rocket launcher. He fired at the tank. It exploded. Redo hopped on top of the tank. He pulled out a grenade. Blue smoke billowed out of it. He stuffed it in the cockpit. The grenade went off. He could here the elite's muffled scream. He hopped in the tank. Flood and covenant come swarming out of the base. He fired two plasma balls. Master chief used up the last of his rockets; Senna began tossing grenades and running. Jake did the same. Commodore Gary fired his weapons while he ran. Redo glimpsed the silhouette of an invisible elite about to whack Master Chief. He fired the tank and said through the communicator " Master Chief, INVISIBLE ELITE BEHIND YOU!!" Master Chief spun around. He was knocked off balance slightly as the tanks weapon swept away the invisible elite. Senna, Jake, Commodore Gary, and Master Chief ran past him. Covenant and flood jumped on top of Redo's tank, and started hitting it. He turned around and followed them. Covenant and flood still clung to the tank. Redo fired the weapon. It knocked most of them off his tank.
      " Thanks back there Redo, you saved my life!" Master Chief said over the communicator.
      They were a couple hundred yards away from the battlefield. Redo looked back. He saw explosions, and blood flying in the air. He could still here the screams. Suddenly, Redo's tank went soaring through the air. He hopped out. The tank hit the ground and exploded. Redo landed on his feet. Excruciating pain ran up his legs. Three strange vehicles were parked at the top of a hill a couple hundred yards in front of them. The vehicles were of unknown origin. One of the vehicles fired at large beam at them. They dove out of the way. Commodore Gary screamed in pain. He clutched at the stumps where his legs once were. Redo tossed a couple of grenades at the vehicles. They landed on one of the vehicles. It exploded. All of the remaining Spartans tossed grenades at the remaining vehicles. They walked to the top of the hill. They looked down. In the distance they saw an army of flood and vehicles that looked like the ones they had just destroyed. Itinerants, thought Redo.

      Alvy grinned as he received his new badge. He was now a Lieutenant. He had finished training with his team early, he finished after three in a half or so years, and he's been out of training for two years now. He was advancing fast. He dreamed of one day being the highest rank. The forerunner used the human ranks of course. So he dreamed of becoming Master Chief. And now that was his life goal. The forerunner super soldiers, Legions, wore armor similar to that of the human super soldier.
      " Hey Lieutenant, did you not hear the bell? It's lunchtime. Quit looking at that darn badge and go." Said Sheily.
      " Are you mocking a higher rank? You better hope not." Said Alvy. She laughed "Hey you know me. C'mon I'll sit next to you." She grabbed his hand, and walked with him. Alvy had grown attached to her over the years. He grabbed a tray and went down the isle. He sat down at the table, after getting his food. He was about to stuff his mouth with a juice beetle, when the alarm sounded. " What the?" He stood up.
      " BATTLE STATIONS EVERYONE, BATTLE STATIONS!" Alvy pulled out his pistol. The pistol was silver and fired inch long bullets of syjin. Syjin was a rare type of crystal that was extremely sharp and harder than diamonds. It came from a planet that was once inhabited by humans, but was driven out by covenant. All life on the planet was destroyed. It was pretty much a dead planet. Anyhow, the pistol was curved and smooth. The handle held the bullet cartridges. It was almost the shape of a boomerang, but the handle flattened out. It also wasn't a thin as a boomerang.
      The door to the cafeteria exploded in a cloud of blue smoke. Grunts, Jackals and a few elites ran inside. He opened fire. Tables were flipped up and used as shields. Alvy flipped the table in front of him over and ducked down behind it. He popped back up and fired a couple of shots. Alvy popped back behind the table. He popped out the cartridge of bullets, and pulled another out of his pocket, and snapped it in his pistol. He looked to the right, and saw Sheily lying on the ground unmoving. He crawled over to her. He shook her.
      " Wake up, wake up!" He said. She didn't move. He checked for a pulse. She was still alive.
      " MEDIC! I NEED A MEDIC!" He yelled. A medic came crawling towards him. Alvy asked the medic what was wrong with her.
      " She's internally bleeding. I don't now whether she'll make it or not." He said. Alvy wasn't going to let his friend die.
      "Take her to the infirmary." He said.
       " You can't just walk all the way to the infirmary, this place is filled with covenant."
      " I'll escort you." Said Alvy.
       " Are you insane, or do you have a death wish?" Asked the Medic.
      "Just do it!" Alvy kicked the table with all of his genetically enhanced strength. In an instant the table had crushed seven covenant jackals and an elite. Others legions joined in and kicked tables. There was now a line of steel tables smashed up against the wall. Alvy ran out into the hallway, the medic with Sheily followed.
      " Hey Lieutenant, forget someone?" Kog came running up beside him. Alvy smiled thankfully, even though Kog couldn't see through his visor, he knew Kog could tell Alvy was smiling. They turned a corner. Two elites opened fire upon them. The medic fell to the ground. Alvy fired constantly at one of them in the head. It fell over dead before it could move to dodge. The other one curled into a ball and rolled towards them. He and Kog jumped to the side. The elite pummeled the already shot medic, and Sheily. Being that the elites were about eight feet tall, they weighed a lot. The pressure on Sheily's body would surely squirt blood out of the organ fast. The medic was long dead. Kog picked up Sheily.
      " I can take her. You just cover me." Kog held Sheily in one arm. He held his weapon, a pistol like his, in the other. They ran forward. They stampeded a group of grunts. They were squishy under his feet.
      "Squeak" It was his A.I., Elena. Yes the forerunner had their own versions of A.I.s. Elena sometimes got annoying. She always made funny comments. It was funny at first, but after living with her there all the time for three years it got really annoying.
       " That would be amusing if they squeaked every time you squeezed or stepped on them," said Alvy.
      He turned the handle, but the door to the infirmary wouldn't budge. They had sealed it so the enemy couldn't get in. Elena unlocked the door. He ran inside. A doctor ran up to them.
      "What's wrong with her?" asked the doctor.
      " She's bleeding eternally, but don't ask me what organ, the medic who knew died."
      " That's fine." An A.I. floated towards them.
      " I can find out." The A.I. held out is hand. The hologram of his hand formed into a box. He put it in front of her, revealing her insides. The entire inside of her was a mesh of goop at the bottom of her feet. Her bones were all misplaced. Then a fuzzy pink rabbit appeared.
      " Howdy."
      The doctor glared at the A.I.
      "I was joking!" Alvy attempted to push the A.I., but his hand went through the hologram.
      "AHHHHH!!! I'M MELTING!!! AAAAAHHHHHHGGGGGG!!!!!!!!" screamed the A.I. The A.I. hologram began melting, holographic steam rising above him. Alvy rolled his eyes. The doctor and Alvy put Sheily on the table. Tears began streaming down Alvy's eyes.

      Captain Salazar hopped into a hover gunner. A hover gunner was a small, tan floating vehicle with two chain guns attached at the front. He began blasting away covenant. Everywhere people where hopping in vehicles and obliterating covenant. Salazar led a long chain of hover gunners down the hallway. They neutralized every enemy in their path. Over the intercom, a voice said, "Abandon ship. Abandon Ship" He lead his group to the nearest lifeboat. They came into a room with four lifeboats and a large pack of covenant. They opened fire. Grenades rained on them. Another hover gunner knocked Salazar into a wall that had just exploded next to him. Everything went black.

      Admiral Laney stood in the control room. He had a major headache, and was not in the mood to go out and get in a lifeboat. The constant screaming and guns firing would be enough to kill him.
      " Sir we really should find a life boat." Said the ships A.I., Tyler.
      "Get me an aspirin and I'll go." Tyler grunted.
      " Sir! Section 105 has just been destroyed."
      "Ok, fine, I'll go." Said Laney.

      Admiral Laney stared out the window at the burning hunk of metal that was once his ship. He looked away in disgust.
      " I'm sorry." Said Tyler over the lifeboats computers. He and the other lifeboats were headed towards the nearest habitable planet. But unknown to him, it was the planet Redo lives on, in the human base.

To Be Continued