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5 Way War Part III: Covenant revenge.
Posted By: Demosthenes<crhutson@msn.com>
Date: 8 January 2003, 11:36 pm

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      Locke was holding a special celebration for eliminating the covenant base on Thor. Everyone was dancing and having fun. Everyone except Senna. Senna sat quietly at a table at the corner with noone. She was fighting back tears from the loss of Redo. She knew it would happen, but she didn't think so soon. Senna's long golden hair hid her face. Tears blocked her royal blue eyes. "May I have your attention please? I need a couple pilots to go back to Thor and recover two soldiers missing in action. We just got a radio message telling that two Spartans were left behind by the name of Redo and Jake." People cheered. Two pilot Spartans stood up, and saluted. " At ease men. Go get a pelican, and head for Thor." Said Locke. They ran off.

      A covenant prophet ordered a huge army to attack one of 343 Guilty Spark's bases. It had three monitor bots made by 343 Guilty Spark on the base. It would be pretty easy. They were plotting the ultimate revenge on 343 Guilty Spark. 343 had ten "sons" which were little floating balls like him that he made. Some say it's the only thing he really cares for. He treats them like real children actually. The covenant knew that the best way to get revenge on 343 Guilty Spark was to kill his prized "Sons" They were going to go one at a time from "Son to Son" and eliminate each of them. It would be the ultimate revenge.

      A forerunner battle cruiser floated graciously through space. The forerunner had decided to give the universe a taste of their power. Two forerunner soldiers walked up to the captain of the ship, Captain Shorn. The soldiers saluted.< Permission to speak sir! > Said one of the soldiers. < Speak freely soldier. > < Sir, we are nearing a desert planet sir! The flood occupies many parts of this planet. What should we do? > < We'll attack at dawn. > < Thank you sir, I'll ready the troops. > The Forerunner soldiers all wore the same foil as most, and two helmets with a pointy tip. The visor was a tented computer screen. The helmet itself was a computer. The foil was actually a plasma proof armor. The Forerunner soldiers also wore shoulder blades, with their ranks written on it. The soldiers ran off. Shorn sat down on a seat in the center of the control room. He sighed, pressed a button on the arm of the chair, and a drink popped out of the arm of the chair. He sipped it, then put it down. He stared into the deep void of space.

      Redo and Jake had been living in the covenant base for about a month, when they heard a loud sound. Redo had a beard growing on his chin, and his sideburns had connected to his beard. A space shuttle waited outside, but it was no human ship. It opened up, and flood ran out. " WHAT THE!" He yelled. He and Jake ran back inside, and grabbed a couple of weapons. Jake took Sharon' gattling gun, and Redo took a pistol. They ran outside and began attacking the flood. Two carriers blew up in front of them. Spores came flying out the top of its head. One of them landed on Redo. It exploded in his shield. He continued to fire. His hearing stated going out. Every sound seemed distant. It sounded like he was underwater. A flood jumped up, and landed on Jake. It knocked him to the ground. The flood began whacking him in the head over and over. Redo blasted it off of him. Jake's shield was out. A spore hopped on him, and began infecting him.

      Jake was in an infinite blue void. There were billions of bodies all over. Some of the people he recognized, others he didn't. All of the people he knew or had seen were all infected people. They moved and talked and could do anything normal people could, they just where trapped in this void. So this is what happens when you get infected. Jake then noticed his legs weren't in the void. He wasn't fully infected. He started getting sucked out of the void. " What the?" he thought. Then he was gone.

      Jake woke up back on the ice planet Thor. There were shreds of a spore on his armor. The one that had infected him. Redo had killed it before it had finished. He immediately stood up, grabbed his mini-gun, and stated blasting the flood. There was a huge explosion. Flood flew in all directions. A Pelican landed on the ground, and was shooting mini-guns, and rockets. They killed the remaining flood. Redo ran to see if there were any left in the ship. A creature that wasn't flood fired a plasma rifle at him. He dodged it, and shot him three times in the chest, and twice in the shoulders. He fired a few more shot at the legs, and the thing fell to the ground. He walked up to it. It lies on the ground, breathing heavily. " Who are you, where did you come from?" He asked. " I am frob of the Itinerants." " What is your business with the flood?" " We domesticate the flood and use them for our own purpose. We take them from planet to planet, killing everything there. I am but a scout, investigating this place." Redo saw the bullet wounds suddenly miraculously heal. The Itinerant jumped up and kicked Redo to the ground. He pulled to blades out of sheathes at his thighs. " Now you will die. I've dealt with your type before. Do you know how many of you have died at these blades?" he raised them high to kill, but was stopped as fifteen bullets flew into his chest and legs. They instantly healed. He threw a blade at Jake, who had shot him. It stabbed him in the chest. Jake fell over backwards. Redo took this chance to kick Frob. Frob fell over on his side. Redo kicked with all his strength. Frob flew through the ship, and out the windshield. Redo chased after him. He hopped out the window and landed on top of Frob. Frob screamed in pain. Redo grabbed him by the leg, witch had thumbs, like a monkey. He spun and tossed him as hard as he could into the ship. He smacked against the hard metal, denting it, and breaking Frob's backbone. Frob couldn't heal bones of course, and was paralyzed. Shards of glass were stuck in his skin. They popped out, and the wounds healed. Redo left Frob there and ran to Jake's help. One of the Pelican pilots was already helping Jake. They had removed the blade and were treating his wound. Jake was in a hover stretcher and was being carried into the ship. Redo ran back, and grabbed Frob. He took him into the ship, and locked him in a closet. The pilot started the ship, and blasted off.

      Redo reported back to Captain Locke. " So that's how the flood have been traveling through space, and to believe we thought they just floated through space until they landed on a planet." Said Locke. "Keep up the good work Redo." Redo went back to his bunkroom. He lay in the bed staring at the ceiling. He just started wondering if anything else would join this war. At least the Itinerants were on the side of the flood, and aren't starting a six-way war. He didn't know if the humans would survive this five-way war.

      The covenant armada arrived at the base. A hole opened on the meteor, and a cloud of gray popped out. " IT'S A CLOUD OF SENTINELS!" cried a grunt in a covenant battle cruiser. A hole opened out of the side of the covenant cruiser. A cloud of banshees popped out. It rained plasma and fuel rod cannons onto the sentinels. Hundreds of sentinels exploded. The sentinels fired their wave of lasers. Banshees exploded and fell onto the sentinels. Explosions occurred everywhere. A wave of covenant drop ships popped out of the hole in the ship. They landed and dropped hundreds of units onto the ground. The sentinels were busy with the banshees, and where slaughtered by the troops. Then, when all hope for the sentinel base was lost, hundreds of new sentinels popped out of the base. They fired huge beams. Banshees exploded, setting huge chain reactions. The wave of banshees didn't last much longer. The troops fired all of their weapons onto the new sentinels. Blue energy popped up around them. The shields were strong and protected them from the rain of lasers. They fired the huge red beams at the troops.

      A covenant grunt screamed as the onslaught of plasma rained on him. The plasma burned his skin. Before he died he looked at his comrades. They were all suffering the same fate as him.

      The troops were slaughtered. The covenant were left with one choice. The Covenant powered up a huge plasma beam. The red plasma got larger and larger. The shield went down. The beam fired down. At the same time the sentinels fired their new weapons. It hit the front of the ship. The covenant immediately moved. The beams hit the side of the ship. It shattered. The whole ship rocked under the feet of the covenant. At the same time the sentinels melted under the hot plasma. A side of the base was left wide open. Same with a side of the covenant ship. Banshees popped out of the ship and flew into the aperture. Drop ships also flew into the hole. Troops and banshees navigated through the halls of the sentinel base. They eliminated troops moving through the halls. They came to a locked door. The banshees fired fuel rod cannons at the door. It demolished open the door. Three monitors where in the room along with a lot of the new sentinels. They opened fire. The computers in the room exploded engulfing them in flame. The handful of covenant in the room died, along with the monitor robots. Five new sentinels came from behind the covenant. They opened fire upon the awaiting covenant. They all turned around and fired at them. Banshees flew forward, some unintentionally killing covenant grunts and jackals. They all continued to explode. The hallway was charred pitch black. The covenant managed to eliminate the sentinels attacking them. They escaped the base and back to the ship. The ship fired more plasma down onto the base. Half of the base was nearly dead. They covenant left, satisfied at the death of three of the Monitor robots.

      Locke and five other people were in a room. They could see through a window into an empty room. Frob, the itinerant, was strapped to a chair. There was a light cast on him. They could speak through radios in both rooms. The five people in the room were at computers with headphones on, some recording the conversation Locke was about to have with the Itinerant. " How do you know the human language?" He asked. Frob's head was held low. He lifted his head. He looked at the window, he couldn't see through it though; it was a mirror to him. He looked with tired, weary eyes. " We have been studying you humans, and covenant too, and now we can speak both languages fluently." He sighed. " Why do you take the flood from planet to planet, killing everything?" Locke asked. Frob just stared at the mirror-window. " I asked you a question now answer it!" He yelled, and then barked an order at one of the people in the room. He pushed a button. The Itinerant screamed, and he was shocked by something on the chair. "We kill all on the planet, then use up all the resources. The flood is just our instrument." " Where are your bases?" " I'll never tell the likes of you!" Frob yelled. ZAP! He was shocked. He just stared with his weary eyes. He was shocked again and again. He still said nothing. Frob started sweating. He breathed deep breaths. He started hyperventilating. " Kill him tomorrow. He can do an autopsy and learn more about them."

      The forerunner ship dispatched their troops on the flood planet. They hopped out and immediately fired. Hundreds of little ships came out. They looked like silver eggs with markings on them. They entered the atmosphere and immediately fired. Plasma rained down upon the flood. The ships flew low and arced upward. They turned around and rained plasma down again. Some ships fired missiles. Flood exploded everywhere. The flood began firing fuel rod cannons, and other weapons. The ships began exploding. When the ships swooped down low, the flood would jump and grab on or whack it. A forerunner in a ship was flying around, firing at flood on the ground. Suddenly a flood elite jumped on his ship, covering his vision. It whacked the windshield. It cracked. The forerunner cursed. The window shattered. The flood elite hopped in and whacked him in the head, twisting his head around and snapping his neck. The ship crashed into the ground. The forerunner continued with their swoop and arc technique. This was going to be easy. They continued on. A large vehicle marched into the battlefield. It had a large cannon on it's back. It aimed upward, and fired large rockets into the air. They followed the ships every move, until it exploded. It continued to fire the little rockets into the air. Now the forerunner were more worried about the rockets. They swarmed around. Ubiquitously ships exploded everywhere. The vehicle on the ground ran out of rockets and began firing large bursts of plasma. The forerunner battle cruiser dropped out huge amounts of drop ships. Captain Salazar opened fire on the incoming flood. He had two small plasma weapons. They were almost a mix of a plasma rifle and plasma pistol. There were to settings; rapid fire or power up. He had the setting on rapid fire. Carriers and spores popped all around him. Ships overhead continued fighting, though now there was no order to it. The troops ran toward the vehicle that was taking out the flood. A small squadron hopped inside. Captain Salazar was one of them. Inside were two creatures he'd never seen before. They each tossed blades at them, then pulled out two plasma rifles stolen from the covenant. They opened fire. He dodged the plasma, and powered up to blast. He fired. One of them he hit in the head. He fell over dead. The other fell on his back. The forerunner dove on it. They hopped out and opened fire on the flood. They ran back towards the ship. Already drop ships were coming out to pick them up. A spore jumped up on Salazar. It hooked on to his shoulder. He slowed. Another forerunner took it off and tossed it away. He continued on. They made it to the drop ships. He hopped in. He fell onto the seats. The drop ships looked like eggs also, but without the fin thing on the back. Only after they had left the ground did he notice the pain. He had a bullet wound in his side. He asked one of the medics next to him to help. There were five medics in the ship and twenty soldiers. The medic took out a tube. She injected a heeling liquid into the wound, then took another tube out and filled the wound with foam. The liquid was made of forerunner D.N.A., and could get into any wounds and seal them up. The foam was to stop any internal bleeding while the liquid took its effect. Suddenly the whole ship rocked. He fell forward out of his seat. The co-pilot checked the many screens on the window. The window was actually a computer screen that could put transparent images on it. One was an image of the ship. It was flashing red all over the bottom of the ship. The whole screen was suddenly filled with one message. WARNING! It flashed over and over. Smoke billowed out of the ship. Everyone inside grabbed a jetpack off the wall, and hopped out. Five wounded soldiers were left in the ship. The window popped out of the ship, and two seats with forerunner in them hopped flew out. The forerunner scattered. Salazar looked beside him. There was a medic right next to him. On the other side, his friend, Jaro. His hearing popped as something exploded right next to him. He looked where he had heard it. The medic was gone, and ashes floated in the air next to him. His hearing restored, and the cries of pain continued. He knew he wouldn't make it to the ship on the fuel jetpacks had, so he called to everyone remaining to follow him. The forerunner followed him. He soared downward, dodging incoming plasma bullets and lead bullets. He flew about a mile away from the battle, and found a small structure. The forerunner landed. Salazar tossed his Jetpack off, and collapsed. He stood back up. Everyone looked at him, waiting for an order. He motioned for them to follow him. He made for the structure, which was a small building. He knocked on the door. Suddenly he was knocked back, and the titanium steel door burst open. He stood up and immediately aimed at the doorway. His troops were already firing, and he started firing too. He heard screams, and his troops stopped. Two bodies that looked like the ones who had helped the flood lie on the ground. They ran inside. Five Itinerants waited inside. They immediately began firing pistols and plasma weapons. They fired back. He heard a scream next to him. Blue energy shields popped around the Itinerants. They tossed grenades. They hopped out of the room. They windows above them shattered, and supersonic waves flowed out. The titanium walls dented outward. They stood up and went inside. Everything was shattered or thrown against the walls. There was another door. A soldier kicked it open. A blade sliced through his armor, popping out of his back. He fell backward. They immediately fired inside. They ran inside. Blades flew through the air. Ten Itinerants were tossing blades and firing off weapons. The forerunner scattered, firing at the same time. Salazar pulled out an explosion grenade. He tossed it. It exploded, and killed three. He powered up two shots and blasted two Itinerants heads off. They finally finished them. Captain Salazar ran up to a computer. " Their called Itinerants, and they are using the flood for universal domination." He told the soldiers. Salazar turned on the radio in his helmet. " We need an evacuation at these coordinates: 32 degrees longitude, 102 degrees latitude." He said. " Okey-Dokey!" responded a forerunner. He flipped it off. Okey-Dokey, what the hell does that mean? He thought. A door opened. Two Itinerants popped in and began firing. He flipped one of the computer desks, and hid behind it. He popped up and fired a couple shots. He then powered up the two guns. He popped up and blasted them both to heck. He heard a loud sound outside. The soldiers ran outside. A drop ship waited outside. They ran inside. The ship rocketed off the air. They rendezvous with the battle cruiser.

To Be Continued