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5 Way War Part I
Posted By: Demosthenes<crhutson@msn.com>
Date: 28 December 2002, 5:03 am

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Waking up 30 years later

      Master Chief hopped into the water. He swam down into the mysteries of the deep. He was on a newly discovered habitable planet. He was with a team of Marines checking for any intelligent life. He decided to check the ocean. It's been two years since the Halo Incident. He got air from his environmental suit. He continued down. He could see something shining underwater. When he reached the bottom he found that the shiny things were crystals. "I'm going to begin searching the net for a match" said Cortana in his ear. Yes Cortana still lives in his ear. After the Halo Incident He had become attached to her. The Spartan project had begun being restarted. After what happened in Halo, they realized they needed more Spartans. " No match, it's a new kind of crystal." The crystals were hexagonal prism with pyramid shaped. Master Chief grabbed a couple. They were even heavy for him. He tried to break it. Nothing. He had been able to break a diamond once. Master chief looked around and noticed the whole ocean floor was shining with crystals. " Wow wait till Cap'n sees this!" Captain Locke was young but good at his Job. He was the replacement for Captain Keyes. Master Chief always liked to call him Cap'n because he was so young. Master Chief saw something move. It swam strait for him. It was huge, almost whale sized. It opened its gaping jaws, revealing monstrous fangs. Master Chief dodged it and hit it in the head. The whack cracked its skull. The tail struck his face, shattering the windshield on the helmet. Water filled his lungs. He began swimming upwards. He swam fast. His lungs felt like they were going to explode. The pain was overwhelming. He swam faster and faster. He was about fifty yards away from the top of the ocean when everything went black.

*      *      *

      A grunt walked up to the shore of the ocean. He set his plasma pistol down and sipped the water. " OH MY GOD!" He screamed. A Spartan's body lay on the ground. He kicked at it. It didn't move. " I GET HIS GUN!" " Wait, there are noone who has been able to stole his gun that's mine." " Wait, he has no gun." " Or is it a he?" He poked it face. He poked its eye. " OOO, squishy!" He continued to poke its eye. Suddenly his chest burst open. A few marines came out of the bushes. " YAA, WE GOT HIM!" they cried. Suddenly their spines shattered as a group of invisible Elites whacked them in the back " YAAA, WE GOT 'EM!" they cried. They saw the dead Spartan lying next to the dead grunt. One of the elites walked up to it and checked for A.I.s. He found Cortana in the helmet by the dead Spartans ear. He looked at it. " This is OLD!" he said. He handed it to one of they Elites. " Take this to the ship." He ordered. The Elite ran off.

*      *      *

      Cortana awoke in a strange looking ship. She had been shut off from the world while underwater. She checked the date. It's been 30 years! An elite looked at the human holographic image. It was a female that was purple and numbers all over her body. " Tell us what you know!" It ordered. " No." " TELL US NOW!" She refused. " TELL US OR ELSE." He raised a large plasma sword. Suddenly the door burst open and a group of Marines ran in. " Eat this you, big, evil, mean, uh, what's another synonym for mean?" The Covenant in the room was blasted to their doom by guns Cortana had never seen before. She checked the net. Rapid-fire shotgun/rifle. Two guns in one. AA batteries powered it. Amazing! " YAAA WE GOT 'EM!" they cried. " Help me!" she demanded. One of the marines walked up and grabbed her. He put her ship in his pocket. Suddenly Covenant and human weapons blasted the marines. "YAA, WE GOT 'EM!" cried the flood. Cortana's chip fell out of the pocket. Suddenly the flood fell over dead as burning hot laser beams shot through their chests. The sentinels would have cried "YAAA, WE GOT 'EM!" but they couldn't speak. The Sentinels blew to smithereens. Pieces of burning landed on the ground. A group of Elites cried " YAA, WE GOT 'EM" One of the Elites saw Cortana on the ground. He picked her up and ran off out of the room. The hall was on fire as humans, covenant, flood, and sentinels fought at the same time.
      Jimmy, a marine, fired at covenant elites with his firestarter. A firestarter is a weapon that sends a bullet with an oil on it. The bullet was built to penetrate shields. It would set the oils on the body on fire as it mixed with the oils on the bullet. He set a grunt on fire. " NOHOHO!!!!!!!" It screamed. There was constant confusion and chaos in the long hallway. He felt his body burn, but the pain was nothing. He had more to worry about than plasma burning his skin off. " Help me I'm on fire, I'm on a freckin' fi- UUHH!" Something suddenly Jimmy sight was blocked by blue plasma. " GRENADE!!!!!!!!!!" He screamed, and blew to smithereens. Rad, a marine, was knocked over as a marine fell on top of him. The marine screamed " GET IT OFF ME! GET IT OFF ME!" " WHY DON'T YOU GET OFF ME!" he said, and pushed the body off. A squid-like spore was sucking on the marines back. Rad was using a shield penetrater. It was still a prototype, but this attack was too risky to not use the best weapon they had. He blasted the elites easily with his new gun. A flood in a human body shot him with a plasma pistol. He looked at it to fire, but he froze up. The flood had the familiar face of his best friend Jacob. " NOOO!!!!" He screamed in agony, and blew away the zombie wannabe. He killed an elite. Suddenly, his vision went black, and he could feel his consciousness being sucked away.
      Redo, a Spartan, blasted enemies away with his pistol. He sensed something behind him, and dodged a sword coming down on him. He whacked it in the back. He noticed something on the ground next to it. A human A.I. He grabbed it and put it in his helmet. He was a low level Spartan, and hadn't gotten his own A.I. yet. "Hello I'm Cortana." Said a soothing female voice. " Redo," He grunted, too busy with the enemies. He dodged bullets. " Your not bad." Complimented Cortana. He tossed a plasma grenade on a nearby sentinel. It blew apart. Slabs of metal flew fast across the room, killing flood and covenant on the ground. " Did you plan on the happening, or did it surprise you?" She asked. " Shut up!" he yelled. It was a good tactic, using grenades to make a dying sentinel have even more good. Normally a sentinel sent metal slabs fast enough to kill other creatures below it. He did that more. Suddenly the wall was lit aflame, burning everything up. Fire surged towards him. He ran through a door. He was in the cargo bay. Too many sentinels. The room was filled with nothing but sentinels and dead bodies. " Uh-oh." He ran for a ship. He hopped in the drop ship as millions of laser melted the metal were he was just seconds ago. He flew out of the Covenant ship. There were about 10 Marines in the ship. They were huddled in the corner. " We came in this room, all fifty of us, and..." the marines voice trailed off. " we thought we'd be able to fly this but we didn't now how." Continued another marine. They flew down towards the human base on the planet. "Cortana, can you tell Captain Locke that I'm going to land a drop ship." He asked. Cortana did so. They landed and hopped out. They ran toward a mountain. At the bottom was a patch of grass slightly a different color than the rest of the grass. He lifted up the clump. A keyboard of button was under it. He typed in something. A large door opened. They walked in. The door closed behind them. Cortana checked the Net. Nothing on this base. He asked Redo. " What if a covenant sees you come in?" She asked. " It's hidden by a Hologram." He answered. They walked down a hallway. They continued down large corridors until they came to a door. He punched in a code on a keypad next to it. The door slid open. An old man sat in a chair staring at a large transparent computer screen. " Hello Cortana, Redo, long time no see?" He said. " Redo, why did you come here without permission?" He asked. " Sir, because I found this A.I. that a Covenant had stolen sir!" He answered. " Anyhow, where have you been all this time Cortana?" he asked. Cortana explained. " Marines, get your butt back in that ship, you now your not supposed to retreat without order. He commanded. " Sir yes sir!" they ran off. " Redo, why did you take them. " Well, I ran into the cargo bay and there were millions of sentinels that hadn't even really fought. I hopped in a drop ship a flew off before I realized that there were Marines sir." " Also I might suggest a retreat, there are flood, covenant, and sentinels in there. More sentinels than I've ever seen I might add." He said. " I agree." The old man pressed a button on the radio. " All units retreat, repeat, all units retreat." " Redo, you deserve a promotion. You can keep Cortana. That was a wise decision coming back."

*      *      *

      The Marines ran for the ships to escape. They flew off in different directions, to throw off enemies. The drop ship with the ten marines arrived at the ship. They got in and found no humans. " Uh-oh" they said in unison.

Planets End

      " Cortana I'm going to input all the new information from the time you disappeared to now." Said Captain Locke. He put her chip in a computer. " This will take a while, a lot has happened since you disappeared." Said Captian Locke. Cortana could feel tons of information surge through her. She learned that 343 Guilty Spark had escaped Halo. She learned how he brought a spore with him to earth. He learned how he rebuilt the sentinel army. How 343 Guilty Spark became a universal power. She learned how the Covenant found out about earth, and found it already destroyed. She found out that the humans escaped Earth and settled on many other planets. Redo saw her hologram with an amazed face. Suddenly an alarm went off. They were under attack. Locke opened a hidden drawer, which revealed prototype plasma weapons. He handed a large one to Redo, and grabbed one for himself. " This doo-hickey fires a large explosion about the size of a plasma grenade. This button puts it on rapid-fire mode, and this button-" He was cut-off as the door blasted open. Locke and Redo both fired a large ball of blue plasma at the doorway. Three brutes screamed as they were blown to bits. Brutes, if you didn't know already, were large hairy covenant beasts. They were as strong as hunters, but quicker. They heard explosion above and below them. " Redo, grab Cortana and follow me. I know a secret way out." Said Locke. Redo grabbed Cortana, disconnecting her from her download. " Damn it Redo, I was just learning about Flood anatomy!" She said. " Not now, we're under attack." Said Redo. " OK I guess that's important." He put her in his helmet. He followed Locke to a wall. He pushed on a poster taped to the wall. " Food is to be eaten, not hoarded." Read the poster. The whole wall slid over. The hole where the wall used to be led into a HUMONGOUS room. Inside was a large ship. It was about the size of the Pillar of Autumn. Thousands of humans were running into the room. All the rooms connected to the room with the large ship. " It's called the destroyer. It's the ultimate ship." Said Locke. They walked towards the front of the ship. The front had an opening. The ship alone was ten miles long and two miles wide at the widest. They walked through hallway after hallway. They finally came to the control room. Locke flipped on the main power switch. The computers turned on. He looked at the large, almost wall-to-wall transparent screen. " Computer, are all passengers loaded?" Cortana immediately started checking the cameras in the building. " Yes Locke." Said the computer. Cortana was amazed at the speed of the computer. "Computer, begin launch." The main engines started. They began moving forward. Covenant forces ran in the room just to be burnt to ashes by the huge engines.
      They were in space now. A covenant battle cruiser awaited in space. They opened fire. Large warthog sized plasma beams penetrated the covenant battle cruiser. " Computer activate ship destroyer beam." " Yes sir." Answered the computer voice. A large metal piece slid out of the bottom of the ship. Plasma began generating inside. It was like a giant plasma pistol. It got larger and larger. Finally it flew out. The covenant inside the ship began evacuating, but it was too late. The large plasma beam entered the ship, setting off a massive explosion, setting off a chain reaction. An explosion ring of plasma rocked the ship, but didn't damage it thanks to the largest shield in the universe. " I'm impressed." Said Cortana. Redo looked out the window at the planet. Huge explosions went off. Vast nuclear clouds could be seen. Locke put Cortana in the computer, and continued the download. It was the planets end.


      Locke sat at the chair staring at the computer screen. He was pondering how the Covenant had discovered their base. How was it possible! How could those covenant freaks find out about our base! How was it possible! Then he realized. Of course! Those marines I sent to the ship after they came back with Redo. They must have gotten there after everyone else retreated. They must have told!
      Cortana was sitting down, acting like she was meditating. The download was still going on. She blinked. The download was over. She got board fast and began searching the Net. She found 343 guilty spark. She tried to input a virus. A very, very, very, large virus. It would take months before it was finished. She began watching him. He was building something. It looked like a miniature version of him. Then she noticed there were lots of floating robots. They each looked a little different. She soon found out they were commanders for sentinel regiments. Locke better hear this!
      Redo was in the bunkroom for Spartans. " Hey Redo, what 'cha make o' that last battle?" said his friend, Sam" It was intense." He answered. He lied there on his bunk wondering the same thing Locke was wondering. He was in his Jumpsuit. His armor lie on the ground next to his bed. A woman walked up to him. It was his girlfriend, Senna. It was hard to love in the army, but it was possible. " What 'cha thinking?" She asked. She always seemed to know when he was thinking of something worth thinking of. " You." He answered. " C'mon, be serious." " Alright I was just wondering how the Covenant found out about the base." He answered. " My guess is they were in a battle and hit the base with something strong." Said she. "That could be true." He said. "Probably."
      Cortana focused her attention on something else. She found something that was heavily locked. She easily broke through the first lock. The second was just as easy. She realized these locks weren't human. They weren't covenant either. She checked 343 Guilty Spark's locks. Not the same. The flood could only make covenant or human locks based on the memory of their body. It had to be a different species. But who? She started working on the next locks. They were harder but not impossible. Towards the eighth lock she had a little more trouble hacking through. She made it through the eighth lock. The ninth lock was hard. She tried and tried but couldn't hack through the darnn lock. Finally after an hour he broke through. The tenth lock was virtually impossible.
      Alarms buzzed. Everyone knew to go immediately ran to the nearest escape pod and waited for orders. They saw on a camera what was happening. A large covenant battle cruiser was in view. They saw the many large plasma beams pierce the ship. Then the large plasma beam broke through the battle cruiser, blowing the ship to pieces. A couple escape pods managed to flee the ship. Little plasma cannons that lined the ship blew apart the escape pods. One of the escape pods managed to dodge, and, unknowingly to the humans, followed it.
      Redo headed back towards his bunkroom. He was annoyed. Running all the way out of the bunkroom for almost nothing. He pulled a computer from under his bunk. He began to play a game. Suddenly the meal call sounded. It was an old instrument. A bugle. It was being played across the intercom. The words to the bugle call would be "PIGGY PIGGY PIGGY COME AND GET YOUR SLOP" He closed the game and walked out to the hallway. Signs pointed to the mess hall. He came to the mess hall. He grabbed a tray and walked down the isle. Today's lunch was chicken and mashed potatoes with Dr. Pepper. He had a choice of sides. He chose a hard-boiled egg. He sat down next to Sam and Senna. They ate in silence. " Attention everyone, ATTENTION" They looked up at a commander. His name was Sheen. " Everyone, we're a day away." Everyone cheered. " Which is a month in the real world." They were traveling at relativity. Skipping across time at almost light speed. You can also call it hyperspace.
      The next day passed and Cortana was still unable to unlock the tenth lock. They arrived on the new planet, Bhor. It was very similar to earth but smaller. They unloaded and set up in the hidden base. Bhor had been colonized a long time ago, but was attacked. Now the empty planet is a secret military base.


      Redo spent the rest of the day exploring the empty planet. Senna, Sam, and four other Spartans came with him. He was walking around in a jungle when he saw something large move. He pulled out a pistol. He crept slowly towards it. He motioned for Senna to go around the other way. He commanded the others to do so too. They were coming from all sides. He looked at the strange being. It had yellowish skin that was transparent, revealing a skeleton and many organs. It wore pants that were held up by a rope. It was shirtless. They came in on it. He opened his mouth to say something, when he lost consciousness.
      Cortana finally managed to break through the hack through the lock. She found that the forerunner made this. She found out all the information there is to know about forerunner. She found out that they had a secret base on this planet.
      Redo awoke in a tube filled with liquid. He looked to his right and saw Senna, naked. He looked away. He wasn't a pervert. He looked to his left and saw Sam. Naked also. He noticed everyone in the tubes were naked. He saw covenant along with humans all in tubes naked. Also there were flood. Of course flood don't were clothes, so they were naked. A creature that looked like the one they found in the woods was working on a computer by his tube. Suddenly he fell unconscious again.
      He awoke strapped to a table. He looked to his left, and saw the creatures cutting Sam open, and pulling out organs. They were doing an autopsy. He saw one of the creatures place Senna on the table next to him. Two of them walked up to him with a scalpel-like blade in his hand. He used all of his genetically enhanced strength to break out of the strap. He hopped up and punched out all of the Forerunner. Senna broke her straps. They opened the door. They kicked open the metal door. They were in the tube room. They began breaking open the glass tubes with humans in them. The humans immediately awoke. They ran into the next room. It was filled with piles of clothes. Everyone grabbed his or her clothes. They opened the door to find a forerunner. WHACK! Redo punched him in the face, cracking its skull. The walls in the room were lined with weapons. They grabbed some needlers and pistols. They opened the door into the next room. Vehicles. They hopped in a couple warthogs and ghosts. They bashed through the next door. There were five forerunner with large weapons. The gunners and ghosts blasted them away. The next door was small, too small to fit the warthogs. The ghosts blasted through, only to be blown to bits by unknown weapons. The warthog drove up, and the gunner started blasting them with the gattling guns. A woman was in the gunner. Redo himself was driving. Suddenly a plasma grenade landed on the warthog. Everyone hopped out as soon as they could. Senna and him were unharmed, but the gunner was dead. The warthog flipped in the air. It landed on top of one of the other warthogs, killing one of the people inside it. The forerunner ran in the room, and shot everyone, knocking them out cold, but not killing.
      Cortana was looking on some of the most recent files. She found that they were experimenting on the species. She couldn't take it anymore. "Captain Locke" she said. " Yes Cortana, what is it." " I was just searching the net, and I found out the forerunner are on this planet." " They're experimenting on human and covenant, and flood." " Dear God"

      Redo awoke in his bunk. How did he get here? He sat up. Everything was normal. Maybe he dreamed it up. He looked for Sam. He found an empty bunk. Maybe he's in the bathroom, He thought. Hours passed and no Sam. Tears streamed down his eyes. Weeks went by and nothing happened out of the ordinary. Then Locke called up two teams of Spartans. Him, Senna, and Jason were his team. Sean, Jared, and Zach were the other team. His was blue, the other was red. Locke explained to them their mission. " Cortana has located the exact location of the Forerunner base. I want you to get in unseen and kill everyone of them you can." " Any questions?" " Sir, they have captured me before, and I must warn that they have cameras." " Taken care of. Cortana will be coming with you. She'll take out the power." " We'll have backup waiting for you. If anything goes wrong, Cortana will be able to tell me. We have another backup A.I. in case something goes wrong and Cortana is destroyed." " Get your weapons and anything else you'll need." " You'll be dispatched at dawn."

      Redo took a necklace of the cross out of his trunk in front of his bunk. Every bunk had a trunk for the Spartans. It had any personal belongings in it. Redo had never gone a battle without it. Maybe that's what's keeping me alive, thought Redo. He took a battle rifle and a pistol with him. Senna took a pistol and a battle rifle also. Jason took a shield penetrater and a battle rifle. Team blue was ready. They were going to take two ways in. Cortana had discovered an entrance that wasn't heavily guarded. It was only used for scouts bringing in things to study. The two teams would go in there and split up. They would go down two hallways. Blue team would go to a room with the weapons storage. Red team would go and save any human prisoners. Then Blue team would go into all the rooms in attached to that hallway and kill all of them. Red team would do the same. Red team would then take a prisoner. Blue team would rendezvous with red, and give the word to the army to come in and finish anything off.

            5:00A.M.: Dawn

      They dispatched and traveled through the forest. They traveled in warthogs. Redo kissed his cross necklace. They stopped at the entrance. It was hidden as a large rock. The base was underground. Cortana gave them word that the power was out. Cortana patched in their network and opened the door. Two forerunner waited inside. They aimed small rifles at them. They could tell it was plasma based. Redo and Jared smacked them in the head, killing them. They ran forward. A two hallways split off of the one they were just in. The forerunner dressed in foil-like clothing. They were like mirror. They had a horn-like crest on the back of their head. Their skin was yellow. Redo kicked open the door to the weapons storage. There were hundreds of weapons lined on the wall. Red team had followed them to take some of the forerunner weapons. They weren't supposed to. They took some small balls with them. One of the red team members took a Forerunner rifle. They separated.

      Red team turned the corner into the next corridor. They kicked the door open to the prison chambers. The A.I. with them opened the prison doors. Technically they were plasma shields. The prisoners ran out. They were dressed in the same foil clothing as the Forerunner. Some of the red team soldiers had taken Forerunner weapons with them. They handed some of the prisoners the Forerunner weapons. They left the room empty. They opened the door to the tube room. Forerunner guarding it fired their rifles at them. Jared took out one of the balls he had stolen from the forerunner and through it at them. Big mistake. It sent supersonic waves out. It shattered all glass. All the tubes opened. Flood, Covenant, and humans alike were awakened. The Spartans of red team were killed by the supersonic waves, which had knocked them into the walls. They smacked against the cold metal walls so hard they had been killed. The forerunners in the room were instantly killed also. All the beings in the tubes didn't die though, thanks to the tubes. An all out battle began. The elites in the tubes ran around whacking humans around. The flood overpowered the covenant. Carriers exploded. Spores infected and took the covenants and humans. The flood escaped the room and attacked the entire base.

      Blue team kicked the door open to a room. Ten forerunner were at computers, apparently trying to fix the power. " The Computers have backup batteries." Cortana said in his ear. They screamed for mercy as the Spartans took them out. They left the room to find flood running about. " What the?" The Flood that had taken forerunner as their host had the tip of the horn look like it was chipped off. Chunks were missing on their shoulders and legs. They looked vulgar. Some of them ran on to other rooms. Others stopped and opened fire on the Spartans. Redo pulled out his pistol. They were more effective against flood than Battle rifles. A large flood ran and up to them and whacked Jason away with a single blow. It roared. It was a brute that had been infected by a flood. There were a few patches of hair still on it, but otherwise bald. Redo tossed a grenade at it. It was a plasma grenade of course. It stuck to its head. A good way to kill any flood was to get rid of its head. Power came back on in the building. Forerunner turned the corner. They used Fuel-rod cannons. Huge green explosions went off. The Spartans ran the opposite direction the flood was running. They made for the door they came in on. Two forerunner with fuel-rod cannons stopped them. Redo and Senna tossed grenades at the two forerunner. They were dead before they could get a shot off. " Locke, abort mission. Repeat. Abort mission, the flood have escaped and have taken control of the base." Cortana told Locke. Redo and Senna found the door. Cortana opened it. They hopped in the warthog. They drove off. Part of the mountain opened up. Two cannons popped out. They lowered and aimed at them. Cortana tapped into the Forerunners computer. She stopped the cannons from firing. They headed for the base.


      A fleet of Covenant headed for the planet. The elite in the escape pod that had followed the humans was awarded one of the highest awards possible. Three battle cruisers and hundreds of little pods and other miscellaneous little ships headed towards it. They had but a few days till they made it to the planet. A covenant scientist was on a computer. He found himself in chatting with an unknown being. Suddenly his computer went crazy. VIRUS DETECTED! The computer warned. Uh-Oh. The entire battle cruiser messed up. It shifted, and then stopped entirely. The covenant in the other ship asked them what the heck was going on? They were about to answer, when the power went out. It went back on, and then went out again. The scientist looked back at the screen, and saw files being opened. The being that planted the virus was looking at their files. He tried to close them. It wouldn't close. He tried shutting it off. Nothing happened. Suddenly a face popped up on the screen. It was a pink bunny. HA HA HA HA HA HA!" It continued to laugh the monotonous laugh. The being was finding out everything about them. Their plans everything. It may be their end.

      Cortana laughed as she read their files. She saved them into the bases hard drive. " This is great!" she said. She found out all of their plans. Suddenly she read something that worried her. They had found out of their base on the planet. She had to tell Locke. She called him up. " Sir, I have implanted a virus into one of the covenant battle cruisers. I have some good news and some bad. The good news is we now know all their plans for the next year. The bad news is they found out about our base here on this planet. They've sent a vast fleet of ships here to destroy us." " We're going to have to flee the planet." He replied.

      Cortana was messing around on the net, looking at information not covered by the download. Suddenly she detected a virus. A forerunners face appeared on the screen. " F.Y.I.You broke into our files and the locks you broke had a virus implanted in them. Ha ha!" Her eyes would have widened. All the files not saved on the hard drive were destroyed. What a horrible coincidence. The power went out. She detected the hard drive being corrupted. Everything was changed. All the files were written in a different language. Suddenly her consciousness blacked out. All the A.I.s in the human computers went out.

      Weeks passed and the Captain Locke's face was red with anger. All the A.I.s were gone. The power was still out, so they couldn't sort out the files. The alternate power source was corrupted. They were completely vulnerable to enemy attacks. The flood were trapped in the forerunner base, and all the forerunner were dead. Suddenly Cortana was back. The virus was wearing out. No wonder it took so long to be downloaded to the computer. It was that powerful. She wondered how long it would take for the power to come back. She was in the net. The net was a psychic connection of all the computers in the universe. It was the most amazing discovery in the universe. There are a lot of strange things about it. It is very complex.

      The virus finally faded away. It had been a month. The covenant fleet was almost there. It would arrive by nightfall. She told Locke. He readied the army. They went into battle stations. Hundreds of cannons popped out of the ground. Ships flew up into space, and readied for battle. A fleet of ships and the Destroyer, plus another battle cruiser called the Bulldog was in space awaiting the arrival of the covenant fleet. A huge hole opened in the void of space. The covenant had been traveling using relativity. They opened fire. Ships exploded. The Destroyer began charging the battle cruiser destroying beam. Two battle cruisers popped out of the opening. Captain Locke fired. One of the Battle cruisers exploded. It set a chain reaction, which killed thousands of little pods. The little pods then raced forward. There was a huge battle going on. Pods zipped around blowing each other pods apart. The Bulldog was firing hundreds of little lasers at the covenant. The remaining battle cruiser clashed with the bulldog. The side of the bulldog exploded. People inside were sucked in the hole. A marine ran down the halls of the bulldog. Suddenly, the wall exploded. He was blown away and smacked the wall. He started getting sucked away. He grabbed the side of the wall. His lungs felt like they were going to explode. His fingers gave way, and he was sucked into the abyss.
      A hatch opened. Jacob, a marine, ran into the nearest escape pod. The door closed. He sat there shaking. Alarms buzzed in his ears. The seat started shaking. He kissed his cross necklace, and held it in his hand. He saw through the window the burning ship. It got smaller and smaller. A person in the center of the pod piloted the pod. Plasma zipped passed the window. His wavy brown hair was damp with sweat. Explosions went of on the Bulldog. He saw the Destroyer fire the largest plasma beam he'd ever seen. The entire covenant battle cruiser exploded. It set a chain-reaction, with destroyed half of what was left of the covenant fleet. The covenant pods fled. The Bulldog was done for. Its debris would float through space for the rest of eternity.